What I Wore Today: Brown Sugar

Yup, I do have a lot of blog posts using titles of different songs by the Rolling Stones.

Love the new shoes I bought during The Script concert, so worth it! I was in greenhills for awhile yesterday and I noticed that CMG is still on sale. Go girls! lol :)
this is a maxi dress worn as a skirt with my mamita's vintage necklace and my friend's loose-knit top.
We had our yearly "pabasa" tradition last night. The maids do most of the singing and we do most of the hidden snickering. There are some really words in that book and half the time I don't understand what I am reading. They also use the word "gago" in there. I was so surprised. Never noticed that before. Still, I think it's a pretty nice tradition to have during Lent. The whole family gets together to pray and have a nice big lunch and dinner since we have to finish the book in a day.
I'm actually looking forward to some rest this Holy Week. It has really been quite stressful lately or as my sis-in-law says it, "Stress Drilon!!!!" LOL!

I think gay lingo is hilarious! We should publish a gay dictionary and put it in the comedy section.

Have a great day! LIVE GREEN.


i love everything esp the shoes!
Tessa said…
love your shoes... want to buy shoes such as those. I fell in love with clogs this year.

beautiful outfit. it has that vintage feel. ^__^ the outfit goes well together ^__^
Love the maxi as a skirt! The print is gorgeous, too!
iamjillyace said…
love the shoes? Is it on sale? how much is it with discount? :) love it!
@iamjillyace: yup it's on sale, 20% off, P2300-P2400 :)
danielle said…
love the skirt and especially love the last picture. so pretty!
Aya said…
Loooove those shoes <3

I tagged you Sarah :) http://ayanagrace.blogspot.com/2011/04/tag-10-things-i-love.html
@aya: yay! i'll take a look :)
theversastyle said…
i looove this skirt! insane...

cute shoes! will definitely check out CMG now!!


Anupriya DG said…
Really like the fall of the skirt/dress.....& those shoes look as smashing when worn as they were looking in the earlier post! :)

Have a nice week ahead...take care..
D said…
This is one perfect outfit. I love your shoes! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
haha! natawa ako sa stress drilon! love the shoes your wearing and i wanted to buy my own pair but i kinda hesitated cause its clogs and kinda heavy.

love the maxi dress though.
Tanya said…
LOVE your shoes <3

A.n.E said…
Mmm loving this 70's midi skirt, the print is beautiful.
ps.:) thanks for dropping by, I think I took some photos of those croissants, which i'll be processing soon.. I'll have to share some with u!
Great skirt and shoes. Lovely poses in the wind as well.

Jacquelyn said…
awesome skirt!!

Mani said…
Thank you sooo much for your comment! Fabulous shoes!

hugs and kisses by Mani.
Anonymous said…
I love the silhouette of that maxi skirt!
Sarah said…
I love the print of your skirt, it looks fab on you! Awesome shoes too, i need some clogs for this year, i loved mine last year but they were so uncomfortable!! xx
✗✗ said…
Gorgeous!! Love the outfit adore the skirt!!
Michelle said…
I LOVE your skirt!!!!
i love your shoes! :)) you look beautiful! :o
Chichiloves... said…
GREAT OUTFIT! love the skirt!

The Perpetrator said…
woah those look hella high! are they comfy? looking good!
disco in moscow said…
nice outfit! great shoes.

Anne Garais said…
nice shoes!!! :)) love your blog.

it'll be great if we'll give eech other a follow. :)

Anonymous said…
This dress is a beautiful vintage-y piece! You're stunning!
AlbeeLucky said…
What a beautiful skirt. There's always movement to your photos, I think it gives them charm and appeal.
I just gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog. Stop by for details.
fabulous combination,love the mix of the textures and the prints. that skirt looks so interesting, love the movement. the shoes look smashing and they are perfect with this outfit
Bella Donna said…
hi girl,

i'm back and i have just gave my blog a new name with the same url. i hope you'll enjoy reading just the same.

the shoes are to die for, by the way. hahaha. i just splurged a few pairs since my last post. i'll share them one by one :)

more love to life,

maris :)
GretchTM said…
You look wonderful in this outfit. I love that maxi dress as a skirt! Those shoes are beautiful!
Styl'yn said…
Very cute!!
xoxo asiahlynn
Elise said…
Love love this outfit! The shoes are especially amazing :)
this outfit is to-die-for! especially the shoes! love it <3
Thank you for your comment : )

Love the shoes!!!!
this skirt has got to be my favorite piece that you've posted. love it. maxi skirts ftw!
Issa said…
i love the shoes! :)
Burning Skies said…
I love your shoes! And i agree, gay linggo is hilarious :) my gay friends use haggarda versoza haha
Mulika Harnett said…
Congrats on making look of the day @ shoeternity ;} Deserved for sure x

audrey marie said…
beautiful colors - i love the entire look!
Caro P. said…
Love love love that skirt and the shoes!
How many do u have!?
i really like your style, it is so fresh!
kookie kulasa said…
I wouldn't have even guessed that your skirt was really a dress! :)