What I Wore Today: BW + Shoe Etiquette Launch!

Sorry about the sub-standard photos! We didn't have time to check and take a lot of pictures cause we were rushing to make it in time for our daughter's fitting. You can't really see the pocket detail of the shirt and this shirt isn't really asymmetrical, it just got caught in my bag during the rush. It's just an oversized tee.

My daughter's gonna be wearing the cutest outfit! All baby pink and tulle! I'm so excited! They'll be modelling the new collection of Kiddo by Rustan's. Fashion show will be this Saturday, 4pm at the Shangri-la mall. I can't wait!

Look what I found in the kids section while waiting for her to finish:
I got it for only P300 and I find it really cute for summer. Great to pile on with other necklaces :)
I will try to make better outfit posts in the coming days. Just soooo busy lately with not much time on my hands for fashion.

On to some more exciting news! If you're as shoe obsessed as I am, then you will be elated to know that fellow blogger Denise of denisekatipunera.blogspot.com just opened her online shoe store today. You can visit it HERE!
Her shop is called Shoe Etiquette and her shoes are just gorgeous, as seen in the photo above. Cheap too, so head on over there cause I have a feeling these babies are gonna go real fast!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Don't forget to bring your own shopping bags! :)



Nelah said…
what a simple yet very chic outfit. You look comfy and stylish.
Hautepot said…
Can't wait to see pics of Nikola :)

oomph. said…
cute necklace! still loving the color of that bag!!

hey lana, if you guys aren't doing anything on sat, you should come! :)
love your outfit dear, and those shoes are just gorgeous! :)

Michelle said…
Love the necklace you got in the kiddie section! :)
lovely bag ! I like a touch of colour

Anupriya DG said…
Did I tell you how I've my eyes on that satchel of yours??? Gorgheous shoes, by the way... :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
the outfit made you look taller.

btw, the nude booties are also on sale in people are people sm cebu branch. it cost less than 2k but haven't really bought them since i'm on a shopping hiatus.
Lauren said…
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment! I look forward to reading yours! And that necklace is really cute :)
Very cute outfit. Loving the boots with mini skirt. Oh your daughter's outfit sounds dreamy. Pink and tulle are so my thing.
I will check out those shoes...
Unknown said…
i love your shoes!
Dee said…
I love the casual chic-ness of the outfit and how the teal bag brings a pop of color to it!
D said…
I love the whole outfit. Very edgy! :)
✗✗ said…
Great outfit, love the white top!! Those shoes are amazing!! I will have to check her shop out!!
Carla said…
those shoes are killers. i'll make sure to check out Denise's shop... Awesome! and you look fab!! despite wearing basics.

Aileen Kim said…
not crappy at all! Love the outfit...it's so casual chic. BTW, i sent the info you've asked reg the jacket through Facebook! hope its alright.
Sarah said…
Love the outfit - the bag is beautiful too!
X Sarah
i love your outfit dear! :) such a chic!
Emz said…
I like your style -- simple but very chic! :)
Tricia said…
I love those shoes! Going to check out the site now! :-)
Caro P. said…
Cool outfit! love the pop of color with the turquoise bag!
your girl's must look super cute in pink and tulle! hihi :D
Dilan Dilir said…
lovely outfit :D <3
Khlaren said…
You're so pretty!! I love your shoes <3 Will you post pictures of your daughter?? i wanna see :)
Buky said…
I'll definitely be visiting!
Look at those shoes!
omg omg omg
Thanks for the inspiration.
Meri said…
You look great! I love your turquoise bag!
Catherine said…
this bag is amazing! totally love it xxx
steph said…
diggin' those shoes...are they heavy? i totally went to shoe etiquette too...i don't think i need to feed into my shoe collection, but WHY NOT!
GretchTM said…
Cute outfit! I loves those shoes and your purse is super adorable!
Unknown said…
very cute laidback look

BLEURGH & Xisses
Lex said…
Lovely shoes! I will have to check out the site. I am sure your daughter will be adorable at the fashion show
Anonymous said…
You can never go wrong with B&W! Great look!
p.s. you dd is adorable!!!

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