What I Wore Today: Deodorant

Wow man, the heat, I can't take it. I hope I never get too old to wear short-shorts. It's my summer saving grace. I was never a fan of deodorant because I never really needed it, ikr? Lucky me, but with the heat lately, I'm thinking I need to buy me a nifty roll-on bottle.

Went out for a few drinks with my BFF last night and she gifted me with the most awesome little things. I'll share with you on my next post.
Also, I finally managed to sew me a turban last night which I will also share on my next post because I haven't had the chance to take photos yet.
Good luck with the heat everyone! Bring bottles of water with you, I hear it's gonna be another sweltering hot 36C/96F day.




Tessa said…
Oh Wow! You look so good. It fits your long legs. You really look good. You don't look like a mom too :D

Love the combo :)

have a nice day ^__^
Jody said…
Pretty legs, and the shoes are of course awesome!
Aya said…
LOL at the title :D
Mary Ann said…
U'l never be too old to wear em short shorts Sarah, ^^ I wish I had ur gams! ^^
Oh-thanks for dropping by my blog, ^^ I love the Nivea Face SB too, try it, ^^ uber sulit sa panahon ngayun, ^^
Unknown said…
What a funny title :))
Oh my goodness 96 degrees! That a hot summer day for me in Ohio. At you looked fabulous!
My Heart Blogged
danielle said…
hilarious post title. and shame on you for never previously needing deodorant. this is me hating on your fresh pits. :)
try the secret "prescription strength" stuff. it works miracles. not like you'd need it if it's your first time sweating :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
hahahaha! so hilarious but i lurve it! ang ineeeetttt talaga sobra! whew!
Caro P. said…
I couldn't stop laughing when i read your post's title! lol!
Great legs btw... they look amazingly long with those shorts. I wont get tired to tell u that style is beautiful, its so fresh and wearable! I LOVE IT! :)
Ha! The title of this post cracked me up! I hope it cools down a bit for you (and gets a little warmer here in Chicago)! Love the casual look!
✗✗ said…
Sooo cute! Love the jean shorts and shoes!! I wish the weather was heating up where I live.
Loving those wedges!

Can't wait for all these photos...

Jeanne said…
So true ! EXCRUCIATING HEAT + LACK OF SLEEP=dont feel goin to work today!!!!

But I love the wedge and the shorts

Envious coz i wish i can wear something like that:)
amalie said…
great outfit, i loove your shoes!
I wish we had that heat here :) Love the shoes, so sweet!! Wish you a great day!! xx
P.S. thank you for your sweet well wishes!! I appreciate them :) I will share baby pictures as soon as he/she arrives..(I don't know yet what the baby is - a surprise) xx
FashionGirl said…
looks amazing !
i love the shoes !

xx FashionGirl <3

Check out my new Post :
Roma is Love said…
legs that do not seem to end... *sigh* sorry...can you hear my jealousy from here?
Aya said…
The wedges are to die for! Deodorant really does help though, I use men's deodorant for that extra strength and smell! xoxo
A Fine Balance said…
i love the shorts :)
fit you perfect
Christine said…
You look so pretty, i really love this outfit and your shoes are so pretty :)

Xoxo Christine
Andrea said…
great shorts!

I can't take the heat either! Haha.

Love your shoes and shorts! Super cute.

lala said…
simple yet adorable, dear!! :)

You look so cute. I love those wedge booties.
Hazel said…
woah lucky you indeed! :) deo are lifesavers for me (more on the whitening part haha). and goodluck with the heat as well :|
gorgous pics love the shorts x
love your necklace!!

Unknown said…
lucky you for not having to wear deo, but oh man the heat is just too crazy! super benta ang legs mo, ikaw na talaga ang pinakaHOT na nanay!
Essiefashion said…
Very nice outfit :D!!!
Jeroen said…
I just discoverd this blog... Nice!
This outfit is wonderful
galatea. said…
super cute naman ang shoes mo xx
I very much wish if was sweltering hot here. so Jealous
Little Miss
Unknown said…
You're so pretty and love your style!! specially in love with your shoes...so cute.

Thx for the comment on my blog and let me know if you want to follow each other.

rosapelsblog said…
love your outfit its perfect and your shoes !!!
wow, that sounds hottttt! love your denim shorts!
nice post!
like youre blog!
I'm following now!
wanna follow me?
Issa said…
OMG, i love evrything about your outfit!!!!
Shasie said…
Yea I live in Houston, TX and the weather is crazy. The humidity kills my hair!

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