What I Wore Today: DIY Bandage Skirt

Good Morning Everyone! Woke up in a great mood! Woohoo, cheers! :)
Here's the bandage skirt I made yesterday:

I love it! For all of you requesting a complete tutorial, I will be doing that in a couple days. Just need to buy me some more fabric in a light color so it's easier to follow. You won't see the stitches on black on black fabric :)
ps. If you want a skirt like this one, I can make one for you for only P900, just drop me a comment or email :)

Have a great Saturday! Woke up with this song in my head...



Joey said…
It looks even better worn! Awesome! Nice job! Can't wait for the tutorial :)
I really like your rings here, by the way
oomph. said…
looks great...wish i could see more detail!

Looks great! Love that watch, too!
Unknown said…
am a fan of this look.

can i say hype?
@joey: thanks! i promise to post it soon! :)
@denise: hahaha, thanks for the "hype". so lazy to update my lookbook. hate the tagging part, takes so much time! :)
i love how you can wear just one color and still look awesome!:)
Nettie S. said…
I LOVE IT! I shall order once I get my allowance...which will probably be on May since I already spent my April allowance for some clothes online D: But I really really waaaant iiiittt !
@nettie: yahoo, thanks, looking forward to that! hehe :)
Lily said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog ! Cute skirt and love your watch ! Where is it from ?

Nekiah Torres said…
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I really love your shoes and hat. All of your rings are cute too! Kiah
disco in moscow said…
you look great, amazing shoes and rings!

Unknown said…
Hello! First off, thanks for visiting my blog and the comment :) Got the maxi skirt at Freeway; the necklace from Ethnic Ventures in Cebu :)

GREAT DIY skirt! :) and GREAT BLOG! :)

-Nina :)
Emily said…
Very cool, and such amazing shoes!

ice pandora said…
Wowie, you made this skirt?
I'm impressed haha, you are talented!
Also cute rockin look :)
Those shoes are killersss

Rand T said…
omg!!!wow this is so amazing!:)love it xx
Pau Villafuerte said…
Hi! Thank you for dropping by my blog! I recognize Anagon's accessory on you, haha. Love love love your outfit! Especially those shoes O_O totally following you now! :)

<3 Paulyn from
uhooi said…
"I enjoy your blog so much!
You have beautiful pictures!"
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Love your bandage skirt! And your shoes too. Great look :)
Corrina said…
Gorgeous, can't wait for the tutorial!
Hollie said…
You are totally rocking those shoes!
btw, I hope your husband will like my spare ribs recipe...hehe
Signe said…
Love your hat :)
Michelle said…
Ohmygoodness!! I am in love with this one!!!!! :)
Caro P. said…
Can't wait for your tutorial! i loved that skirt!
MG said…
Love your cross ring!
NLR said…
Really cool outfit :-)
LOVE your boots,
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Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your style!! You look great!

GretchTM said…
so cute! i love that top and necklace!
Anupriya DG said…
Ooohh! How cool is that? You made such a lovely skirt... :)

Loving all your rings too!!
The Cat Hag said…
I think its amazing that you made that skirt!

Thanks for dropping by my little blog. :)

The Cat Hag
sunny said…
I love your DIY bandage skirt and love even more the way you've styled and accessorized it. Those rings are so cool! You look so pretty and charming!
Laura said…
Super cute skirt, it turned out so well!!!!
Boutzie' said…
Where did you get those shoes they are too high and too amazing I need a pair of those.

The play was so much fun. :)

And you look gorgeous!! Really pretty and the outfit is awesome.
Joanna Louise said…
The shoes are amazing! x
✗✗ said…
The skirt looks amazing!! I love it. Your rings are so cute too!! : )
Cylia said…
this is such a great look!:) love the hat.
Chyrel Gomez said…
another lovely shoes! haha! love the diy bandage skirt. blogging and earning is really a great idea.
Chyrel Gomez said…
i should have said, earning while blogging.
@chyrel: i have to start earning a little, fashion blogging can be quite expensive! lol :)
@bootzie: i ordered them online thru chickflickcollection.multiply.com :)