What I Wore Today: Easter

Yesterday officially marks our last day of randomly driving around the city from north to south without any concrete plans in particular. I'm gonna miss it.

diy cami, forever21 trousers, vintage belt and necklace, La Manilla maryjanes

An example of our random day:
Dropped off laundry somewhere in San Juan. Hmm, what to do? Wanna check out Little Tokyo? Sure!
(at Little Tokyo)A little too early for dinner? Kinda....What you wanna do? Burgos? High Street? Eastwood? Okay, Eastwood.
Then church in Santuario. Can you imagine the traffic from Greenhills to Makati to QC on an ordinary day? I wouldn't dream of travelling to and from these places in a single day. My whole mood would just be altered by the time we get to our destination.
The beauty of Holy Week in Manila...I'll miss you! Now, back to reality.

Hope you all have a nice a day! Hope I do too!
oh, and I need to find me some affordable, bright colored trousers. any leads? :)



GretchTM said…
You look great! Happy Easter to you!
Melai said…
I love what you're wearing here! Simple yet really sophisticated :) Love it! Cute shoes!

Melai of Style and Soul
I love those maryjanes! :)
Great outfit by the way.
Aya said…
Yeahhh, back to reality :/
Burning Skies said…
Happy Easter! I love your trousers! And yes, holy week traffic is the best :)
Issa said…
happy easter! i sssooo like your trousers!
Mode Junkie said…
loving your mary janes!! :) and i miss our careless, fun road trips in the philippines too. :(

xoxo Mode Junkie
I looove the outfit Ms. Sarah!the trousers looks great!:)
Caro P. said…
Love those trousers, they look so comfy!!
happy easter! :)
LittleMissLee said…
super cute outfit, love your trousers and shoes


ugh i really need to get my hand on pants like this!! it's super cute and i love the fit
steph said…
i love that outfit; totally chic yet casual. lovin' how the pants fit on you - i'd look terrible! :)
Tessa said…
You look extra gorgeous with this outfit. I don't know why. the outfit really suits you well. ^__^

you have beautiful shoes btw :)

have a nice day :)
Hi guys! Thanks for all the comments. Been quite busy lately, haven't really had the time to do my usual daily blog walk lately. I promise to visit your blogs as soon as I have some free time on my hands again. Thanks again for making it another great morning for me. Have a nice day :)
Dreamy Princess said…
Your shoes is ssoooo gorgeous!!
Happy Easter!(:

Dreamy Princess
Cool pants. Love their cut and fit.

Chyrel Gomez said…
love the trousers and the shoes! :)
Molly O said…
I love your trousers! thanks so much for visiting my blog!