What I Wore Today: Lucky Charms

Good Morning Everyone! :)

Busy day for me today, gotta go do some fabric shopping. I can't wait to start working on some orders for my singlets/camisoles/tank tops (I don't really know the appropriate term for them). I'm really elated that people are trusting me with their everyday wardrobe! :)

You can order yours too (pardon the shameless self-promotion. I need extra money! hehe) for only P400 in any color you like in sheer or jersey. Just leave me a comment with your email.

top: treasure trove
shorts: bazaar
bag: my mom's
shoes: gold dot

LOVE my new "Love" connector ring! :)

Thanks for all your responses regarding my JC Lita dilemma. Turns out you guys are just as lost and confused as I am when it comes to fabulous footwear. LOL! It's really such a difficult decision! I'll probably just wait for them to reach SM so I can make my decision there instead. Thanks for your suggestions. I'm leaning towards the glittery ones, camel, nude or black. :)

Have A Nice Day! LIVE GREEN.


oomph. said…
absolutely love the colors...and the polka dots....LOVE!!!

Jody said…
Great look and it looks good with the yellow background. Very good choice!
Aie Corpuz said…
In love with this whole outfit! =)
GretchTM said…
Super cute! I love the colors!!
aiken said…
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aiken said…
cool shorts! :) and oh btw, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Endlessly Chic said…
Love those shorts! What a great color for spring!
Anonymous said…
I'd like to order the camisole/tank tops. Can you please send me your fabric swatches? (fadlook@gmail.com) I wanna know which colors are available. Thanks :)
Hazel said…
cute polka dotted top! :D
Oh, I can't tell you how much I love your blouse and short combination. Especially the color of the shorts.
So, you make/sell clothes!? I need to check that out. Love your boots too by the way. I tried to google but does not look like there is a website for 'gold dot'
your ring is stunning !

Roma is Love said…
love those outfit and definitely that 'love' ring! I want!
Michelle said…
This outfit is sooo fun!!!
Azhezha said…
i love the color of your short!
Burning Skies said…
I love your polka dot top mixed with the green shorts!
oh you look fabulous, right out of a vintage movie.
lala said…
your ring is adorable! want to have one for sure! :)

✗✗ said…
This outfit is awesome!! I love the color!! Great ring.
Jing Ocay said…
i so love the colors!! :D
Unknown said…
Oh I love how fresh and youthful this outfit is. The polka dot blouse is a breath of fresh air!
This sounds redundant, but I love your LOVE ring! hihi :) cute shorts too..like the color!
Christine said…
You look so amazing in these pictures and that ring is super cute :)

Xo Christine
You look so yummy :-)
I'm sucker for polka dots.
Like this outfit a lot.

P.S Thanks for the comment.
I'm your #485 follower.
Have you followed me yet?

Pau Villafuerte said…
Love the colors! You pulled this off beautifully!

<3 Paulyn from
iamjillyace said…
cute shorts and tote! love the ring!
I love this outfit! So colorful and flattering! Nice choices!
disco in moscow said…
you look so cute! great colors!

another fabulous color to wear. the blue looks amazing with your dark brown hair. but i love the shape of the shorts, they have the right length. the combination with that bold red bag looks amazing
Nice combo of color and fab the red-orange bag
love the shorts! nice color!

Such a great outfit. Love the colors on you and that tote is awesome!!
daisychain said…
LOVE those shorts!
Audrey Allure said…
Cute shorts! I really love the color :)
Vale ♥ said…
Love your blog ! Your shorts are awesome ! :)
Greetings from Italy xoxox

Caro P. said…
Hey Ms. Eggplant! first of all thank u for your lovely comment on my blog!
This look is adorable, so colorful! I really like the bag!
Caro from TheFashionImaginarium
Wella said…
I lovveee this outfit. The colors are so cool and summer-ish, so candy-ish. Looks very good.
Kezzie said…
I absolutely LOVE those turquoise shorts and the combination of rainbow and polka dots is fabulous on the top!
Ellinor Forje said…
Where did you finds these things, that match so perfectly? Love the bag and shorts! Thanks for sharing the spread and drop by me too,soon.

this outfit.
i am in love!
love those shorts!!

as for litas, i have the black ones, they go with everything!
but at the same time i would love a fun color!
Chyrel Gomez said…
i covet the shorts and top.
Treasure Trove said…
Thank you for showing me this! The top looks gorgeous on you :-)
Lisa said…
OMGOMOMGOMG I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! the bright polka dots on your blouse.. and the bright color of your shorts.. everything is so cute!
Sarah said…
Those shorts are amazing - the cut, the colour, just everything about them is killer!

x Sarah

Ps - Love your blog too
Lydia Armstrong said…
This outfit is so fun and fresh! I love that ring also. Thanks for your comment!
Anonymous said…
Love that ring. So unique and makes such a wicked statement to your whole outfit and vibe. Thanks so much for your comment and visit.

Positivity is everything in life. Love that. xoxo