What I Wore Today: Lust For LIfe

Wooh! A lot more me! Haha, it feels refreshing to dress as myself. It's weird how clothes play a great role in your over all well-being and mood. It definitely feels liberating snaking myself out of those "corporate clothes" from the other day. Definitely not for me, I find it a tad bit suffocating and uptight so here I am again, sort of rebelling against myself. LOL :)

The weather was weird yesterday, I was expecting to be really warm but it ended up feeling quite a bit like December so I had to cover up with my favorite jacket of all time!
This what what I wore yesterday, I'm still thinking of what to wear today for my daughter's fitting. We're headed to Shangri-la after lunch for the first fitting of an upcoming Rustan's fashion show that my daughter was chosen to model in. I'm so excited! :)

ps. Don't you just love Iggy Pop???


this is pretty much a cool outfit!! looks so comfy :] and good luck for your daughters fitting! :)
iamjillyace said…
cool daughter! :) i'm eggzited for her as well ;)
GretchTM said…
This outfit is adorable! I love your top! It's super cute!
Aileen Kim said…
love the vintage print on that shirt...can't wait to see photos of the little darling!
Melai said…
Wow I'm happy for your daughter, I tend to forget that you're a mom :)Haha! And I love how carefree you seem to be, yes wearing that distressted short, tank top and rocking leopard boots :)Sexy! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
danielle said…
those leopard shoes are to die for. and if that is the only jacket you need in "december" like weather, i officially hate you :) i am in puffy coat mode during the philadelphia decembers. shorts don't come out around these parts until may :)
Gessyl said…
your style is cool. like it!

btw, I passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! :)
Mrs Vintage said…


Mxx said…
I agree. It feels great to be so dressed up!
I love this outfit.
I agree that the way you dress effects your mood.
I love the casual cuteness of this outfit.
oh and I wish I could wear this outfit in my decembers! haha so warm!

your leopard booties are adorable!
Michelle said…
This outfit is soooo adorable!!!! :)
uhooi said…
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D said…
I love the vintage inspired top and your leopard wedge! :)

✗✗ said…
Great outfit!! I am in love with those shoes!!
Nice outfit, love the contrast with the shoes ;)

disco in moscow said…
You look great, amaizng shoes!
and i just LOVE Iggy Pop:)

Burning Skies said…
Your leopard wedges are <3! Loving your rugged outfit too!
@gessyl: thanks for the award! :)
Lisa said…
OMG!! I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT!!! the victorian dress is so pretty :)
Christine said…
You look so pretty, LOVE your shoes <3

Xo Christine
Luxx Mint said…
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I hope you stop by again soon.

Im now following you :)

The doll on fashion
lala said…
love your casual outfit!! :)
i want the tank! lol

Oh my Dior! said…
your tshirt is just too cute!!

Miki Gumia said…
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Roma is Love said…
I know i know..my comments are sort of too predictable already but I just so love your "shoeseses"!!!!
Hazel said…
aww like mother like daughter! i hope you could post your daughter's photo from the fashion show ;D and cute top!!
wwow congrats to your daughter and good luck with the fashion show!!:) love your shoes!
marjorie rose said…
This is so casual and retro.. the distressed shorts remind me of a pair I had in the 80's..

Congratulations on your daughter modeling at a fashion show.. so fun!
Anonymous said…
I love the shoes
and it looks so good with the shirt and belt :)

Wow, congrats to your daughter! That is great.
I love this outfit. The addition of animal print platforms is just so hip and it actually looks cooler with a jacket I think.

Sam said…
Love Iggy Pop, love those shoes!! Lust for life!

Chyrel Gomez said…
wow! so happy for and for your daughter! like mother, like daughter talaga! :)
mikenbecca said…
I really love your shoes!!!
Unknown said…
very hippie chic!