What I Wore Today: Not Stripes

Fashion blogging in the Philippines just got a lot more challenging with the arrival of one of our hottest summers ever. I find it difficult to blog when all I really feel like wearing is my underwear, which is not acceptable, or just loose white cotton tops and short-shorts. Even high-waist shorts are sometimes too warm for me, which sucks, since I just recently purchased a few pairs for summer. Seems all I ever talk about is the weather...

Okies, the outfit...old camisole from grandma's closet, forever21 shorts, navy and white printed scarf from greenhills, parisian sandals and a bunch of bracelets which aren't visible in the photos.
Good day to you all! I'm gonna try to stay away from all the malls this weekend, my credit is suffering and the sales are sooo tempting! Good Luck to me! :)



Caro P. said…
Good luck to u Ms. Eggplant! Try to enjoy summer, im missing it so much here in the South Hemisphere!
Roxy Heart said…
Great outfit! I love that scarf!
Shasie said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this look the scarf if chic!

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Melody said…
Very cute! I love love love those shoes!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
good luck with the credit crunch and love your shoes! i so agree with you. it's so effin' hot and dress like gaga and not wear any pants in public. haha!

i'm really hoping to watch incubus and 30 seconds to mars this july. :)

i'll be staying in makati and i have no idea if malapit lang ang araneta.
Melai said…
I chuckled a bit when you said you wanted to just wear your underwear because I feel the same way too. hahaha. It is getting challenging! I know right :)

Melai of Style and Soul
@chyrel: good luck sa traffic! makati to araneta shouldn't be that far away from each other pero the traffic is terrible! we should meet up when you come visit! :)
@melai: hay naku, super hard, sometimes nakakatamad! it really takes all my willpower to get dressed on certain days, especially hard pag may period + hot flushes! :)
@chyrel: were you able to catch incubus the last two times they were here? it wasn't worth it for me, but that's just my opinion :)
Great outfit! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel
You look great! You have a great figure and look good in almost everything!! I'm so jealous!
Unknown said…
wow, I wish we had a bit of your heat over in rainy seattle, washington USA! these shoes are AMAZING, love your look!

Oh my Dior! said…
I really like your shoes!

Lisa said…
Omgosh your shoes are so cute!! I really want to add some strappy wedge shoes like yours to my wardrobe but I can never find ones as cute as yours!
wow you look stunning!love the shoes Ms. Sarah!:) hope to meet you soon!:)
Hautepot said…
Hi Sarah! You look super cute as always. Very summer ready. Yeah, the weather's unforgiving. Even dressing up to go out breaks me into a sweat. Ugh, I got sick on vacation and yeah, I need to let go of salt and eat those vegetables! So sad.
Hautepot said…
Oh by the way, I am staying away from the malls too! My bank account has been wiped out from the recent holiday as well!
super hot! i'm loving this summery outfit.
Nici said…
Those shoes look great!
Anonymous said…
Great outfit, very casual :)

I V Y said…
lovely scarf and hot legs missy!

zebra and meerkat shop
perfect summer outfit!:) can't wait to see more colors from you!~
Kaleido Mind said…
my bf is filipino and he told me about how hot the summers get:( hope you stay cool over there!!
Tessa said…
you look hotter than the weather ^__^ you really look good.

love the shoes ^__^

have a nice weekend
The scarf and sandals are the best of a great outfit.xoxo
Laura said…
I can relate to the horrendous heat it gets so hot here in Fl. All I want to do is wear the lightest fabrics that I can find that breathe really well.

On another note, I love your outfit! It's refreshingly simple and the colors are so nice. My favorite parts are your shoes and scarf, they add the perfect pop!

<3, Laura
Anupriya DG said…
You shoes are awesome!! And you are right....the summers are becoming more & more unbearable each day!
Hazel said…
i agree!! sometimes i don't want to go out anymore because of the intense heat :(

but anyway, you pulled this outfit naman :) love the addition of scarf :D
Unknown said…
nakakaloka talaga ang init, kung pwede lang talaga mawalan ng sweat glands!
em.me.ma said…
adore your scarff!!
sugar sugar said…
you look fab! lovin' the sandals! :)i wish i could look as cool and comfy as you do haha! =)

RYC: you can purchase the facial mist from any etude house store. i got mine in SM manila. :)
Nekiah Torres said…
Your legs look incredible in those shorts! I love the scarf. It is so hot and humid here in Dallas today! Thank you for your sweet comment. Kiah
@liezyl: hahaha! you're so funny! your comments always crack me up :)
@nicolethedressupdoll: would love to meet you too!:)
@sugarsugar: tnx for the lead, i'm going searching now :)
thank you for the comments everyone! MWAH :)
Tricia said…
The heat is indeed getting almost unbearable! Love the shoes! :)