What I Wore Today: The Only Thing Lacking Is A Ruffled Apron

This is more of a costume outfit of the day post. It seems appropriate for yesterday's events. Read on... :)

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know that I got offered a job as a marketing manager for a new fashion retail establishment. Their line doesn't appeal to me much but still, it's in fashion and a pretty good position too. I was supposed to have a final screening yesterday afternoon. When I mentioned it to Dennis, he wasn't enthusiastic about it at all. Then, he later admitted that he prefers to have me at home with my daughter and himself.

Some of you might probably be put-off by such old-fashioned thinking. I know that personal feminine empowerment is the in thing nowadays. For me, however, I thought that his suggestion to just stay at home was sincerely sweet. I am not a fantastic homemaker after all. Just average, but the fact that he likes me being around further confirms in my heart that we are partners in life who are lucky enough to be each other's best friend as well.

Still, I couldn't help but ponder on the thought of being a fast-paced, ultra-chic career woman. Then I remembered how much it saddens me that my daughter, now four going on five, is growing up too fast. I am by her side almost every single minute but still time seems to just fly by and I miss her being a little baby in my arms. All sweet and pink, soft and helpless. With these thoughts, I realized that maybe I am no longer cut out for that lifestyle. I just wouldn't be able to bear being away from her for such long hours every single day. I would miss all her little innocent and funny anecdotes and I don't think I can ever live with that.

So this Lent, I am very grateful for all the blessings I have in my life. I am truly grateful that God has blessed me enough to stay home and be able to witness every single milestone and every single fumble my daughter goes through. To have a man beside me through it all who totally understands and supports me is the cherry on top of my wonderful sundae. <3

Hence, the 1950's style outfit! LOL :)

PS. I made "Look of the Day" on the new Bakers website. You can check me out HERE and if you like, vote for me so I can be "Look of the Week". :)

Thank You! MWAH!


cryskay said…
cute shoes! love the turquoise bow. xx
just stay with your daughter na lang heheh it's hard being a working mom and you're lucky you have all the time in the world to be beside her always. kisses! love the outfit especially the skirt.
Chyrel Gomez said…
awww. sana naman i can find my own dennis para i can stop working and be a fashionable mom/wife like you. don't get me wrong, i have twisted point of views if it's considered twisted. i like to be called an empowered career woman but sometimes i just wish someone comes into my life and tell me to be with the family and focus on being a wife or mom.

ang drama ko naman. haha! great post and good decision. :)
Burning Skies said…
Aww..that's so sweet! Have you decided yet if you'll accept the offer or just stay at home? I do think it's hard being a working mom, based on my friends' experience, coz you won't have enough time or you'll be too tired to really be with your daughter when you get home. :)
Love the outfit btw!
Anonymous said…
cute outfit! i understand your dilemma. i'm going through something similar now. been working straight for the past 10 years. now that i have a one year old who is growing up so fast, i'm contemplating on slowing things down so i don't miss out on the good stuff.
My mom used to be a stay at home mom then she got a job and I missed her terribly. I think you're making the right decision dear. :)


Hazel said…
so you didn't accept the job offer? i guess if being a full time mom is what makes you happy, then so be it :) love the 50's look ;)

and you're look of the day in that site :D and i just registered too :D
jeanne said…
Happy for you that you can stay at home w/ your daughter ,enjoy every moment that you'd be w/her and so nice to know that you also thankful for all the blessings and privileges that you have!
God Speed :)

and oh! btw luv your sandals!
Aww your hubby is sweet! My hubby also thinks the same. Well, kinda either way, whether I wanna work someday or not, he's happy :) But I think he's more happy with the "home" thing too haha!:)

Cute shoes!! been wanting a pair!!:)
Tessa said…
the outfit reminds me of some "past women"... especially you've mentioned that the only thing lacking is an apron :D
you look sweet here... and of course, a cool momma :D
you're lucky to have a good family. good luck with your new career :)
Unknown said…
awwww, makahanap nga ng dennis para sa akin!
Cherie said…
you're husband is so sweet... and i love that you're with your daughter always.

ps love the shoes!
Michelle said…
This outfit is beyond cuuute!!!
Aya said…
Love the outfit! I'm sure you won't regret your decision :D
love the outfit. i think it's nice to hear women being out in the working field considering that there are many men who still would want the woman to stay at home.
such a cute look.
Congrats on the job offer in progress.
Funny I would prefer to stay home with the kids but my husband prefers I work. Yours is the opposite.

really like your blog, especially this post :)

I am your new follower,visit my new blog and be my follower if you like it :)

Caro P. said…
Both choices were the right ones! Being a mom and a wife its a full-time job too... not always pay with money, but it is truly full of joy.
Enjoy your family! u r such a lucky woman!
btw... i think that outfit is beautiful! :)
ash said…
i love that you have fun w. fashion! lovely outfit!!

✗✗ said…
AHH That is such a cute outfit! I love the turquoise bow!
Unknown said…
I love this outfit! The bright colours totally modernize the silhouette!

I totally hear you on the Stay at home mom issue. No one ever says that so and so was so successful at raising a good kid, instead they praise the "breadwinner" for having a great job. I get a little frusterated taking the back seat!
Tricia said…
I'm in love with your shoes!!