What I Wore Today: Reelin' In The Years

I guess summer is really here, weather's been boiling hot specially around the hours after lunch. It's getting extremely difficult to wear jeans. Just all small talk for now, don't have really much to say....

DIY black jersey cami for sale - (brand new P400)
vintage high-waist shorts and leopard belt
Jessica Simpson Dany's
LV Neverfull

Planning to visit Mamita today so I gotta run. Thank you all so much for loving my DIY. I promise to put up the tutorial soon! :)


Oh my Dior! said…
cool shoes!!

I love the shoes on you. I wear flats and I don't know if I could handle those. Your legs look super long.
My Heart Blogged
Kikay Morena said…
Nice outfit Ms. Eggplant! :) You're definitely a one hot momma! ;)

lovely outfit !
the shoes are stunning !

ciao ave

new post by me
those shoes are insane. and i really really love. them.
the outfit in general is amazing and i love it.
you always wear the best though! :)
Those JS platforms under the shorts make your legs look miles long. Forgot what part of the country you were from. It was warm here (San Diego)thu and friday in 80s. but cooled back down to low 60s for the weekend. Go figure.
Dolce Gabanka said…
Great bag! :D You have legs like a model :)
Yna Amores said…
the shoes are the exclamation point in this lovely outfit!

Anupriya DG said…
Really like your shorts......& those shoes are just WOW!! :)
forever love your shoes! nice shorts too :D
Sarah said…
Wow, those shoes! Just woww! Gotta love the whole outfit!
disco in moscow said…
you look so pretty, amazing shoes!

Love your short and platform shoes.Very pin up!
ninasayshello said…
the shoes are great!! Love!! :)

a new follower here
Nettie S. said…
Pretty shoes!! <3
sartob said…
adorable heels! heart it!
Anonymous said…
thanks for popping by my blog!
love love LOVE yours :)
now following :D

helen turnbull said…
amazing shoes. lovely ensemble.

Helen, X
Tricia said…
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Tricia said…
I love your dany's!
✗✗ said…
Great outfit!! IN ABSOLUTE LOVE with those shoes!!
Lola said…
Great outfit, you have amazing legs-jealous! xx
krissy ♥ said…
Oooh I love the shoes, the over-all look is so polished! =)
Christine said…
You look so pretty :)

Xo Christine
Michelle said…
LOVE the shoes!!!! :)
Sam said…
Love your shoes!!!! (even the ones in the previous post!) following back! :)

X said…
lovely shoes!!
Unknown said…
I see Jessica Simpson Dany's often nao!! well, from fashion bloggers! nice outfit! :)

BTW, yes, he should've visited Abaseria too!! they have nice accessories!! I'll try to make a post about the items I got from them! :) They're all gorg :))

Shall follow you now :)) Thanks for the comments! See you around blogger! :)
Oh my Dior! said…
really cool shoes love them

Caro P. said…
i love your shoes!! :D
Hope u had a great weekend!
ching said…
i love how the shorts lengthen your legs. :D
Anonymous said…
OMG the shoes!!

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xoxo, Lauras.
Becca. said…
love your shorts!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
GretchTM said…
Great outfit! Your shoes are fabulous!
Anonymous said…

started to follow u baby
it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33

Jennifer said…
love the danys paired with these jean shorts!
Ann. said…
You look great. Amazing shoes :)) Kisses
Anonymous said…
I love your shoes! xx
Really cute shorts and you have amazing legs! Your shoes are fabulous! xoxoxoo
Chyrel Gomez said…
i'm so in love with those shoes! parang hanggang wish list na lang siya.
Teresa said…
What a sweet and simple outfit. Love the belt and those shoes!

Ooh those shoes are crazy awesome (pleasantly surprised by Jessica Simpson). Ahh I can't imagine wearing jeans anywhere in SE Asia now!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
@chyrel: they sometimes go on sale, just keep surfing the net. these black ones i got at regular price but i have plum dany's in transit which i was able to buy at 50% off :)
I'm happy to meet you here specially to
my fellow pinay.

P.S Thanks for the comment.
Please follow me, I will follow you back!

Hazel said…
i don't if it's because of your heels but gooshh you look so tall! love the long legs too :)
@hazel: LOL, it's the shoes! I'm only 5'1" i'll probably wear these everyday form now on! :)
Anonymous said…
I am loving the shorts!