What I Wore Today: Safari

Sorry, it was really windy outside yesterday....LOL :)
Had dinner at Mamita's last night. I swear she serves the best food. Better than any resto I've tried. Food is always best in grandma's house <3
I made this DIY scarf/neckpiece with tassles. I'm not sure what I should call it but I really like it, adds oomph to an outfit. It's really light for Manila weather too.

I'm so overwhelmed by everyone's daily niceness that I'm planning to have a thanksgiving giveaway for my 500+ followers. Still planning, but I hope to have it all ready by next week.
Again, I'd like to welcome and thank my new followers but most especially those of you who take the time everyday to leave me a sweet message or two on a daily basis. It's weird how I feel really close to some of you even though we've only met through the blog by comments.

Blogging has certainly become a very therapeutic and addictive past time for me. I look forward to it each morning like my first cup of black coffee.

Enough of the cheese, thank you thank you thank you! :)



Sam said…
Thanks!! i know! it's a great turn around from my past weeks that have been nothing but stressful! Congrats on your 500+ followers! that's insane!!!

Piril Maria said…
What a great post. Simply greatness! =)

♥ Love,
jeanne said…
neck piece with tassles Love it!
@sam: ikr??? never expected my blog to grow this quickly. it really surprised me but i am sooo grateful :)
Madeline Weber said…
gorgeous outfit! love the pants and the shoes

dotie said…
I really adore this tough/tomboy-ish look...those pants and boots are perfect together :)

eclectic du jour
Gloria Zaytsev said…
Love love love this look!
Perfection! <3

Chyrel Gomez said…
hahahaha! congrats in hitting the 500 followers mark! :)

i covet the shoessss!!!
Aya said…
I like the neck piece you made :D
Love this look- Safari style is very haute right now! :)
JanandJill.com said…
This look is so cool and I really like that style of pants and your DYI scarf goes perfectly with the whole look. Great post and thanks for your comment. I really like that movie "I love you Man"

GretchTM said…
You look wonderful!! Nice job on the scarf. It looks great! Congrats on having 500+ followers!
danielle said…
my favorite outfit of yours so far! really like how the pants fit with the shoes.
You are gorgeous Sarah!I super love this safari inspired outfit!:) the boots and the pants are awesome!:)
D said…
I love the DIY scarf and tassels. I want one!!! :)
Burning Skies said…
Love the outfit! Really nice shoes and scarf! And i do agree, blogging is really therapeutic. Altho sometimes, I find it hard to write about something new :)
Michelle said…
LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!! The wind effect worked well with the photo!
oh wow! 500 followers...<3 that's just amazing...:D

ps. love the tassle on the scarf..definitely gave the outfit more oomph!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
Aie Corpuz said…
i love your pants babe! =)
oomph. said…
cute DIY scarf. i love tassels on anything, lol! i also like the wind blown look!

Issa said…
i love the pants! where did you get it? so excited for the giveaway! congrats!
@issa: would you believe me if i told you that i bought them on sale for P400 only if i remember right, in glamour studio greenhills? :)
oomph...tassles on anything??? sounds naughty! lol! :)
thanks, thanks thanks again! glad you all love my "mahangin ba salabas" look! haha :)
@nicole: i'm so flattered! dyahe :)
LittleMissLee said…
great outfit - love you DIY scarf


Fab outfit, looks comfortable and relaxed!! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving some lovely words..I appreciate it! I hope you are well & have a great week, you are welcome to my blog anytime :) xx
Meream said…
You look super awesome! I wish I can pull off a look this fantabulous! :)
Unknown said…
Loving your safari chic look, especially those trousers!
you look amazing i love the boots with the pants.. and the scarf just pulls it all together..
pee ess that elephant necklace is to die for. ive been looking for one just like that!!!
great blog

fashion provocateur.
Vinda Sonata said…
tres chic outfit!
the combination, the scarf, the cargo pants, everything looks perfect !
this is very inspiring !!
A Fine Balance said…
I love the pants! and your style is great :)
disco in moscow said…
love the pants! great outfit, dear!

Great sense of style you have girl! Really enjoyed your blog - no wonder you ve got 500 followers:) So cool - following you now!
Hugs from Australia
Marusya V
Roma is Love said…
a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper and some blog entries over the net... *sigh* that's a wonderful morning! if only I don't have to go to work and do sneaky routines just to check my sites... *haha* You're blessed! I'm happy for you! :)
yiqin; said…
you wear the pants really well.
Tessa said…
good to hear that you're enjoying blogging. I think you get to know a lot of nice people in the blogosphere :)

love your shoes. does it have heels? how many inches? :) not quite sure though if its a boots or a clog. :) oh, would like to thank you btw for visiting my blog back. really appreciate it ^__^
Issa said…
wow, that's a good buy!!!
Anupriya DG said…
Sweetheart! I can never fail to check up on your outfits everyday!! :)

Likey like the tassels! And the trousers are looking great too!!
Unknown said…
anothery DIY? you remind me of maegan (lovemaegan.com).
and i cant wait for your giveaway!
Andrea said…
love your outfit..great pants!

I really like your pants. Thanks for visiting my blog!

- Meredith
Love the pants and boot combination. Great smile too.
maggeygrace said…
Girlllllll, your shoes are way too amazing. I love them so much! And I would never think to wear them with those pants. You look amazing. I love it! And that scarf is so cool!
Michaela said…
So cute! I love the shoes (:
the trousers and shoes are awesome!
Love the entire look! The pants are fabulous and so is the scarf :)
the pants are sexy. i want to find something like this!
Aileen Kim said…
you make great diys and am a fan. For some reason some of the comments in my posts dont get published...good thing i was able to read yours in my email. I would love to meet up when you come for a visit...love love this outfit!!!
@tessa: yup they have wooden heels, sort of a marriage between a clog and a bootie :)
@polka princess: thank you sooo much! i really appreciate it :)
liezyl: you got me curious, gonna go check out lovemegan.com
aiz kim...so excited! been bugging my husband to go up since summer started. just so busy with work right now but i'll be sure to let you know when we do visit :)
thanks again everyone! good morning :)
I totally agree - blogging is so fun and therapeutic. Love your scarf.
My husband has a lot of family in Manila and we've gotten to visit a few times - Christmas dinners with the family are awesome!

Chic 'n Cheap Living
E said…
Those pants are incredible! I love those lace-up boots with them, too!
Tessa said…
oh love the shoes ^__^ I don't know what's with wooden heels... but I love them. :) any suggestions for brands that have the same design such as yours? ^__^
Hautepot said…
Congrats Sarah :) This outfit looks great! Hope the sponsors come next!
i'm totally diggin your jumper pants. would love to wear the exactly same one. check out our pants, think you'll look awesome in them!


geez i like this site eh very fashionable..
Suyen said…
This outfit rocks! :D