What I Wore Today: Slow Ride

Still feeling and looking a bit tired from yesterday's show. Decided to keep it pretty low-key this particular Sunday. Just a laid-back day with the kids, dogs and Dennis's shiny new toy.
I wore this initially, but I eventually had to change my shirt so I could rough it up with my bulldog, Coco. She can get quite frisky :)
  • cheesecloth top from a bazaar
  • belt from Lucky Brand
  • american eagle boyfriend jeans
  • converse chucks
  • alexa mulberry

meet my baby Coco:
say hello to "Porky" (Porky belongs to Dennis and is the mother of Coco)
you all know Nikola...we live in a condo so she doesn't get the chance to run outside and play with bubbles often.
Dennis with his new toy:
I love it but it also scares me a bit...

downtime with my dog :)
Sometimes, the simplest of days can be the best! How was your weekend? :)

BTW, does anyone know how I can disable an automatic debit from my credit card in the iTunes appstore? Nikola just bought a barrel of Smurfberries and I'm getting charged $25 for it on my mastercard!!! Help? Thanks!



Dale said…
This outfit is so cute, I really like the 70's outfit at the top. Nice post

Unknown said…
love that shirt and cute bag!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
Meesh said…
I adore your belt! Lucky Brand always has cute boho items, but sometimes expensive :/ And I love the purple converses :) I'm afraid of animals but your dog is such a cutieee!
Caro P. said…
That outfit is just perfect for a sunday!
U have a beautiful family, God bless u :)
D said…
Nikola is such a cutie! :)

@meesh: i agree, they can get really expensive but i bought my belt during a sale. i think it was 70% off. still a bit pricey with the sale but i couldn't resist. love the embroidery on it :)
Roma is Love said…
yes I agree...sometimes the simplest of days can be the best! :) my family's usual trip -- dvd days and junkfood! :)
GretchTM said…
Aww...what a sweet family. Cute outfit!
Michelle said…
Cutie doggies!!!!!!!! :)

Love the outfit too!
Unknown said…
first, REALLY jealous of that cool bike! I have always wanted one ;) love your outfit, the top is definitely my favorite! you styled it so well :)

Rah said…
chucks is an all time classic. I have 10 pairs. :)
Gessyl said…
totally agree! we watched movies, cranked up the AC and eat ice cream. joy!
Burning Skies said…
Cuute dog! I love your top and bag too :)
Unknown said…
oh coco is so sweet. maybe coco a future playdate with my boxer koffy?

and your baby daughter looks so cute. napangiti nya ako upon seeing her first photo. she smiles like you and she has beautiful eyes.
FBJ said…
I love the Alexa Mulberry bag!! Just saw your daughters fashion show photos what a cutie!!!

Melai said…
aaaw, nothing beats family days :)

Melai of Style and Soul
Unknown said…
hello dear! you're really lovely! cool bag! :D

wow big bike!!:) and what a fun family you have, sarah!:)
@roma: that's my favorite past time! junk and dvd's. that's pretty hard to beat, except maybe if you add some stuffed crust pizza to the mix! :)
@denise: sounds like fun! sana we can schedule one of these days :)
@ava: yea, i was soooo against it! pero he bought it behind my back. when i found out, it was delivered na to the office! accept nalang and pray real hard! kaka-praning! pero in fairness, i got something nice for accepting the bike into our lives. hahaha :)
thank you for the really sweet comments everyone!!! appreciate it :)
Love the casual look! Motorcycles also scare me a bit, too. I was in an accident a while back, and since then, I'm pretty nervous about being on a motorcycle. Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet, or I might now be writing this right now!
thank god you're ok. praying real hard that nothing like that happens to us. dennis is really careful but you never know...
ninasayshello said…
what a cute dog!!!! :)
disco in moscow said…
nice outfit, love this casual look:)

Gillian Uang said…
Your bag again! <3

Grysh said…
Totally loving your bag. :)

You should bring your daughter to the par or something if you live in a condo. :D
Thanks for your comment!
So lovely photos!
Emz said…
lovely top! XD
really lovely photos :) love your belt!

Aya said…
AWWWW doggie! :D

Love the top! :)
Burkha said…
Aww that belt is so cute!!! I loved this outfit!
hahha cute dogies! i love your stripe top and the shoes, so cool. perfect for a weekend! kisses!
Chyrel Gomez said…
yikes! sorry to hear about the cc. :(
Kay said…
Thats my prob too,sara.. Itunes charges me when an app updates and i cnt remove my card info.. :(
Issa said…
hi, love your cheesecloth top! very casual look for summer! very nice style!
@kay: hassle right? i tried fixing it but i don't know how. :(