What I Wore Today: Vegan Slacker

Don't you just despise tax season with a vengeance??? There's nothing to love about taxes. I had to go to KFC last night to meet with the CPA who fixed our papers for filing with the BIR. Well, actually Dennis did and I just sorta hung out at the adjacent 7 eleven while waiting for their meeting to finish. Sarah and numbers just don't jive very well. LOL :)

I just want to take a moment and pay tribute to my most under appreciated pair of shoes, my vegan Toms. I don't remember how long ago I purchased these. I just remember I bought them soon after they hit Manila shores.
I don't own a lot of flats because I'm quite height challenged but there are just some occasions when heels aren't appropriate...like when going to a KFC in a gas station...and my Toms are always my go-to shoes. They are also my favorite shopping shoes. I live about a block away from Greenhills shopping center so I just usually walk to get there instead of taking the car. They are the comfiest shoes ever and they just let your feet breath effortlessly even after an entire day of walking around in them.
And lastly, I'm happy that somewhere out there, a kid has a new pair of shoes because I opted to buy myself a pair of Toms. <3

on a side note: Vegan Toms are extra special because the soles are made from recycled bottles and other plastics plus the interior cushion is breathable cotton as opposed to the leather ones :)

Have A Nice Day! :)



Hautepot said…
Great TOMS! I love the tribal print on those. The ones available in the stores right now are just too plain for my taste.
You are so lucky to live near Greenhills shopping center! I've always dreamed about living there. Hahaha! Love the vegan toms! :)


Endlessly Chic said…
I like your outfit! That ring is really cool!
Caro P. said…
awwww... the ring! i fell inlove! hihihi
where did u get it??
Here we have the PAEZ, they are like the argentinean TOMS... they are really comfy and come in tons of prints.
Tanya said…
Thank you for the blog love! Very cute outfit too, I love the shoes.

I want to see a picture of your sister in-law now :]

Your from Manila? Very cool! My mom is from Palompon Leyte. K.I.T.

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Unknown said…
i love your bag and accessories. my look is totally christina aguilara, i didnt even think of that!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
Cute necklaces and love the 'bambi' ring!

danielle said…
eeek- those tom's are awesome. i don't own any, but i love love love love the print on these. and a big fan of your color scheme too :)
GretchTM said…
I love your ring!
i love your outfit! (AS ALWAYS) it seems very comfortable! really cool! especially your TOMS! LOVE!
Michelle said…
Loooove your accessories!!! And I've always wanted them Toms but I couldn't afford them :-(
@pineapple monsters: it's super hard on my bank account living next to greenhills but i guess it's better than living beside rockwell! lol, a little lighter on the budget :)
@caro: i got the ring in greenhills. i think it was only P100 :)
@TA: ill ask her permission to post a photo on my blog! you smile the same way too! :)
@steffy: that's the first thing that entered my mind! you pulled it off great though. seriously rocked the look! :)
thanks for all your lovely comments. they really make my day. excited to read each and every one of them :)
Anupriya DG said…
Luurrrvvvee your keys neckpiece & deer ring! :)
Plami said…
Love the colors!!! Gorgeous bag!!!


Gessyl said…
you are height challenged? i swear you look 5'6"-ish! and yes, tax season suucckkss!!!
Yvette said…
love the satchel and the bambi ring!


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Phily ☆ said…
I think my friend has this bag? Damn you both because i love it! haha. And i also love your toms, i didnt know they did such ethical footware, will definately be checking them out!


LittleMissLee said…
i love love love that rings - its gorgeous!


Rosie Savage said…
I absolutely love your necklaces, and that ring is so so cute.

Rosie x
Aya said…
They look so comfy, indeed! :D
LA said…
Cute casual!
Nice bag!

hazel said…
i have a go-to shoes also! your toms look chic! and i didnt know you're near GH lang din pala:)
disco in moscow said…
love this look, colors are great!

Ivonne said…
Love your casual outfit! and your vegan toms are pretty cool. I actually didn't know they made vegan toms. Pretty cool idea! :D

x, I
Emanuela said…
love the bag n the ring is so cool! Thx for the comment, follow each other??? Let me know :)

xo Emma

A Fine Balance said…
I am loving the bag...
Andrea said…
great bag!!!!

misslikey said…
casual and so cool..love the details
Anonymous said…
♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥
What a cute outfit and the ring is nice!

H&C from Amsterdam
i absolutely love your casual outfit very cute and on the go. i love the bag definitely in love with the bag! vegan toms.. never heard of that beforee. wow they are definitely cute though!
Chyrel Gomez said…
I'm still thinking on buying the JC shoes though. Haha!

I hate that I don't get my money's worth when it comes to my tax contributions.
kookie kulasa said…
aaaaaaaah I love your ring!!