Which Shoe???

What's your favorite? Top 2? :)

BTW, just uploaded several photos in my "closet sale blog". You might wanna check it out. Thanks! :)

I'll be uploading some new pairs of shoes that I haven't worn yet later in the day. Gotta give up a few pairs. Hope to see you there later! :)


Maan Munoa said…
the first 2 are my favorite! :)
I vote for the first and the last! :)


Venus said…
I also choose the first two... the last one is lovely but too much for my taste.
Mimi said…
second and the last :)
Melai said…
yes, first and last too! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
Roma Agsalud said…
first and last! I love them!!!!!
excSHOESme said…
first! and 2nd :).... and the last too :p
I love the 2nd and 3rd pairs! Gorgeous!
so hard to decide! i really like the first and last but there's something about the third that i really like. just not sure if i'd use it as much... :)
the 2nd(its simplicity) and the 3rd(its summer look and uniqueness)one..
Aya said…
The third one for me! :D
Michelle said…
Love the last two! :)

not my style .....but ...may be the first one


new post by me
CHANNIE ♥ said…
I love the first one!
Issa said…
i love the first and third one!
the firts is our fav!

Lee Oliveira said…
The 3rd one for sure..
Ps. I am so sorry if I haven't been able to read your blog lately.. I was on holiday.. but I am back now!
Lee x
Ashley Tiernan said…
I love the first 2 but i love the 2nd one so much I want now!!
after much deliberation, i think i'm getting the first and the third! but i really, really love the last one too! ugh! :)
thanks Lee, that's so sweet of you, no need to apologize :)
i'd love to have that floral wedges<3
Christine said…
Love the second pair, gorgeous shoes :)

xo Christine
Dreamy Princess said…
I like the first and last one. The last one is so unique. Wish there is a store that sell one here((:

Dreamy Princess
disco in moscow said…
first and the last one - gorgerous!

Aya said…
Definitely the 1st one and the last one!! I LOVE everything floral and I just bought a pair of foral wedges myself! :) xoxo

the third one! :D so fab!
Gillian Uang said…
First and last! :)
Sid said…
i love the first ones! you could wear them with anyhting
Black Pearls said…
I love all of these shoes!! They are soo cute.. omg the first ones are my favorite. Neutral is a hot color and can go with anything!!
thanx for your comment on my blog! Now following!!
xoxo asiahlynn
yiqin; said…
the floral ones are so cute.
Celine said…
I like the floral wedge best :)
GretchTM said…
This is tough, but I would say the first one!
Jody said…
Love the third photo and then the first.
Caro P. said…
aaaaaaaaaawwww shoes!
Love the first two!! wish i had them! :)
thechyrelgomez said…
without blinking, photo number one!!!! :)
thechyrelgomez said…
and photo number four! so it's photo number one and four!! go na! bili na!

btw, incubus is coming back to manila on july 28!! i wanna watch it this time. :) hope to see you on that day, hopefully. :)
Nina said…
I love the 1st, 2nd, and last photo! I wanna snag those shoes!

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