Celeteque Event + Win Forever21 GC's

A few days ago, myself and a few other bloggers were fortunate enough to be invited to the launching of Celeteque's latest offering for skin aging prevention, the Celeteque Advanced Trio. The event included a generous offering of various dishes prepared by the Linden Suites Azurro restaurant, some games, and a very informative talk with renowned dermatologist, Dr. Nenita Alberto of The Medical City and Capitol Medical Center.
It was also a great opportunity to meet new blogger friends:

Krissy, Hazel, Ann, Me, Kim, Anagon, and Mimi for When Chic Hits the Pan
When it comes to skincare, I am very particular. Being in my thirties, I am at that age when the horror signs of skin aging become quite visible and anything I can do to help prolong it is a blessing. Dr. Alberto was kind enough to explain the causes and preventions of skin aging and in this post, I am happy to share a few, easy to follow but very practical tips to help prevent sking the appearance of the much dreaded fine lines and wrinkles:
  1. Price does not matter. The key to prevention is to moisturize daily. Twice for those with dry skin. All skin aging products are basically moisturizers. Added ingredients are usually just a marketing ploy so make sure to read the label. First ingredient listed makes the majority of the project and the last listed consists the least of the product and so on.
  2. For those with T-zone problems. Apply moisturizer on other areas of the face avoiding the T-zone area.
  3. To avoid getting crows feet, make sure you sleep flat on your back with your head resting on your pillow rather than sideways.
  4. Always use sunblock, especially when commuting. Apply 30 minutes before leaving the house.
  5. And of course, avoid smoking and sun exposure between 10am to 4pm.
For her age, Dr. Alberto's skin is remarkable so I trust her pointers and will follow them to a T.
happy to have finally met Anagon :)
anagon, ann, krissy and me:
They were also kind enough to provide us with a gift pack containing their latest line. I was totally psyched by this since I have always been a fan of Celeteque. I have been using their products on and off since they first appeared on the shelves of Watson's. Their products are mild enough to use on sensitive skin like mine but equally effective as any other you will find in the market.

celeteque advanced break-off caps, celeteque advanced cleansing oil, celeteque advanced facial moisturizer:
The team behind Celeteque was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway so you too can enjoy the benefits of having beautiful skin plus an amazing wardrobe from Forever21.

To join, just write an honest review with a minimum of 100 words of ANY Celeteque product in your blog. Aside from your balanced review, you should also include the link of the blog where you saw the contest. Posting it in your Twitter or Facebook page is optional, just please make sure to tag @Unilab if you did.

Submit the details of your review to unilab.fb@gmail.com with your full name, email address, link to your blog post, and link of the blog where you saw this contest.

Criteria for judging are: substance of the review (50%), bloggers' favorite (30%), Celeteque Advanced team favorite (20%), and additional 5% if you shared it in Facebook/ Twitter.

Two bloggers will win the ENTIRE Innovitelle product line plus gift certificates to Forever21 worth P2,000. Don't forget to recommend my blog! ;)

Contest will run from May 12 to June 12. Winners will be announced on June 15.

for more information on Celeteque, visit and like their page on Facebook


Mary Ann said…
Taob tlg ako s skirt! ^^

Yen said…
Great tips for skin care. :) And oh, I like your skirt and scarf. I can only wish to pull of that off.
Hazel said…
so nice meeting you and the rest of the bloggers there :)
I think that this is an interesting way to present products!

have a nice day


new post by me
You look fab! Really like your outfit, and your skirt is great. x
rochelle said…
thanks for the post! :) hope to see you in future events!
Unknown said…
i am so tamad when it comes to trying out new skin care products. I've been using The body shop for years now, but i guess it's never too late try new ones.

have a happy monday!
Issa said…
oh, what if I am not a blogger? can I join the giveaway too? looks like you had fun!...how do you get invited to those events? hehehe....kainggit!
issa: i just get emails :) ill ask them how to join if you're not a blogger. although im thinking you can probably do it on fb? ill double check :)
Unknown said…
im totally gonna keep those skin tips in mind!
zhencire said…
love to join. by the way what does it mean?

most number of unique entries

hi issa, just spoke to the celeteque team, im sorry but only people with blogs can join. why don't you start your own blog? you might like it. thanks! can't wait to see your entry :)
Issa said…
thanks for taking time to verify with the Celeteque team...oh, to tell you honestly, I've been wanting to start a blog before but i just don't know how and i don't know if i can sustain it because i am not really good in expressing my thoughts.... :)
issa: you can start with this giveaway:) afterwards, you can just begin maybe by adding photos that inspire you and then slowly work your way from that. this is actually my 4th blog. i've had blogs before but never stuck with them until i finally found my niche :)
Tessa said…
very nice giveaway :)

got a glimpse of you from hazel's blog too :) you look beautiful. :)

its really fun to join events like this :)
Issa said…
oh, i am slowly being convinced to start a blog...yup, you are right, i can try then I can also stop, hehehe ... no harm in trying....
true! let me know if you do decide to start one :)
Bachuchay said…
Hi.. I joined your contest.. hope I win.. hehe.. here's my entry..

a. Full name - Marinette Nama
b. Email address - huggie0109@yahoo.com
c. Link to the blog post - http://peacelove-etc.blogspot.com/2011/05/bachuchay-review-celeteque-advance-anti.html

Hi! I made an entry for the Celeteque + Forever21 giveaway:
Full Name: Mary Angeli Cruz
Email address: marauder_08@yahoo.com
Blog link: http://thecuriouszealot.blogspot.com/2011/05/product-review-celeteque-advanced-anti.html

Could you check if I'm missing a requirement? Thanks! :D
Hi guys! Thanks for entering, make sure you email your entries to unilab. Good Luck! :)
torque15 said…
hi! i read about your celeteque giveaway, and also read about it from bec's blog. just wanted to ask if there will be 2 winners per hosting blog or 2 winners from all entries participating? thanks!
rochelle said…
Hi, Torque. Two winners from all the entries (not two winners per blog).

Hi, Curious Zealot. Can you also email your details to info@unilab.com.ph. I think Gmail is having problems since your entry is not the first time that encountered problems.