Small Fingers are not an Issue

I've been meaning to share this with you for quite some time but I keep forgetting. Since I do a lot of DIY's, I've managed to collect a multitude of accessories over the years. It became such a pain looking for a certain necklace and finally untangling them from the bunch so I came up with a very cheap and easy DIY to manage them better:
Just buy an inexpensive cork board from your local book store or craft store, attach it to the inside of your closet or anywhere else you'd like and stick your necklaces to them with tacks. Fully customizable for your pleasure. :)

And lastly, I have really thin fingers and I always get frustrated because most of the rings selling in the market are usually a size 7/8 which I am far from. I have passed on a lot of beautiful rings because they wouldn't fit and now, I don't have to cause I found Ring Snuggies!
I love the check out counter at True Value. I've found a lot of very useful things there like my amazing light up tweezer and stylists tape. :)
Ring Snuggies are very easy to use. They are clear tubes in different shapes to suit the shape of your ring band; ie: circular or rectangular. The tube has a slit that you can easily slip your ring into for a perfectly snug fit like this:
Also works great for people with enlarged knuckles. Trust me, they are worth every penny/centavo! :)


Aya said…
Cool DIY! Thanks for sharing Sarah :)
A N A G O N said…
Ang cool mo talaga :)) <3 I love the DIY and ring snuggies...I should also sell that para sa hindi adjustable rings ko hihi :)) Thank you for the idea!!
Thanks for sharing this! True Value is such a weird place to find ring snuggies! hahaha!

Valerie said…
Thanks for the tip on ring snuggies, will be on the lookout for them. =)
Mana said…
o0o0o0o that is a very creative way to detangle your necklaces and I need that ring snuggie! I have no idea what ring size I am but nothing seems to fit! I wonder where I can find that're so lucky you ran upon these! =D
Anonymous said…
i need ring snuggies! im a size 4 and its such a pain to wa;l away from really pretty pieces! will drop by true value later! thanks for sharing ;)

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Anonymous said…
oh how neat i had no idea such a product existed! i could definitely use these, there are some cute rings i've seen out there that just dont fit me, this would help! thanks!

Caro P. said…
OOH! I want those ring snuggies! i have the same problem, i've had to pass on a lot of beautiful rings cause i dont find a smaller size... or even worst, i have lost them cause i wear'em to big and end up dropping them anywhere!
I wish i could find these here in Argentina!
Unknown said…
WOW thanks for the idea. You're a life saver!!! I am always frustrated coz my fingers are too small.. rings are always too big!!!
Anonymous said…
great idea!! I have small fingers too so this is the solution!!
Tricia said…
I want those ring snuggies! Great post! :)
Stacey Kay said…
Omg ring snuggies! What a great idea, I wonder where to find them in my town.
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Tria Zaluska said…
wow! that's amazing.. you are very creative!

I'm following your blog
oomph. said…
i need me some of those snuggies! my biggest finger is a size 5, so i always hav trouble buying rings that fit.
Thank you for sharing this- The snuggies are just what I have been looking for!

Unknown said…
those ring snuggies are AWESOME!
Hazel said…
where is true value?? :D and nice DIY of your necklace holder!

btw, super nice meeting you awhile ago!! :)
Melody said…
Ring snuggies?! I need to find these!
KC said…
this is genius. i need some.. my fingers are quite skinny so most of my rings are too big for me.
Aya said…
This is so fabulous! I'm thinking about making one as well! xoxo
Gillian Uang said…
Wow! This is Genius! I never knew this existed! Getting myself one tomorrow ASAP! hahaha thank you! :)
Love the cork board idea! I did something similar with my necklaces until I got a huge jewelry armoire last year! Also, thanks for the info about the ring snuggies! I have larger fingers (size 6 1/2), but as you noted, many rings come in 7 or 8, so they are still sometimes a little loose on me!
@hazel: true value in shang plaza :)
wow!gonna make use with this stock cork board here! Thanks for that info! :) and yay i love those necklaces!
Shasie said…
The ring snuggies are a very good idea! I hate when I want rings but they are out of my size!!! Also I like your corkboard idea for the necklaces. I actually have a row of 3M hooks on each side of the mirror, but every now and then they still get tangled, so I'll have to try this approach. I imagine doing something artsy to the corkboard too.