Upcoming Fashion DIY Projects

Hi everyone, I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts the past couple of days. There's been a camera mix up and I can't upload my photos because I have to get the usb wire thing back. Also, I've been a little miserable lately and often too tired to take an outfit photo. If you follow me on twitter, you would already know that our maid had to leave a few days ago with such short notice. As luck would have it, these past few weeks and coming few more are the busiest I have ever had in awhile. So, perfect timing right? Ugh.

Also, to add to the already perfect mix, I'm having a serious bout of PMS. You all know how it feels to wake up to legs that feel like lead right? I take my coffee, try to relax but can't because I know I'll have to be vacuuming and cleaning up after my daughter right after.

So anyway, instead of an outfit post, I thought I'd share a few DIY projects that I plan to get started on soon...

like this ruffled clutch...
a robe, but I'm planning to reinvent it into a kimono using lightweight sheer fabric and altogether disregarding the trims and belt.
and my favorite of all, a giant pom pom boa scarf! so cute right??? :)
also planning to make me several pairs of pants for lounging and maybe doing quick errands and grocery shopping...
and lastly, several foldover clutches that i'm planning to do in summer brights (this stems from my longing for a celine clutch)
So there, hope I didn't bore you so much! Let me know if you want the link for the instructions. :)

I know some of you already did and I'd really like to extend a big virtual hug to you guys. You know who you are, big big thanks :)
lastly, don't forget my current giveaway! just click on the button at the right rail :)

Sweet Dreams Everyone!


Hazel said…
wooww so many future diy projects!! this is why you're busy the coming weeks?? GOODLUCK! post instructions especially on the ruffled clutch :D
oh wow!!!! these are amazing....<3 i'm looking forward to how the colored cluthes go...and the scarf! i might make one for our S Korea trip on november..hihi.

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I can't wait for this! always nice to see DYI projects!
Wow, I'm excited to see your DIYs! Maybe you should start selling them! :)


Nekiah Torres said…
OOOOO I can't wait to see all your DIYs!! Kiah
Anonymous said…
I love the clutch!!
Anupriya DG said…
Can't wait to see you make all this stuff!!! I know you're gonna do it brilliantly! :)

Your life seems quite hectic right now.......but don't worry, am sure things will sort out soon.....till then, hang on there....& take care!! :)

P.S.: Can you share the links for the clutches please?
Aya said…
I'm excited about the clutch! :DDD
wow this is interesting! :D i cant wait for the clutch! hope you can include the instructions :D
you are right, the ruffled clutch is simple divine. love the flower pants too, so full of color
Sick by Trend said…
wow! great future projects honey!


sugar sugar said…
i love the clutch! :D i will prolly fail miserably if i try to do it myself though LOL!

i hope you can get a new maid soon and get your usb cable back too.
The ruffle clutch is so cute! I look forward to your DIYs! They look so exciting! xoxoxoo
These are great ideas! I really love the scarf idea - you should do a tutorial to show us how they turned out??
A Fine Balance said…
youre one amazing chica!

Ready to learn from you. :)
Caro P. said…
Awww the pants and the foldover clutch!
Can't wait for it! Im sure it's gonna be awesome and creative coming from u! :)
Big Kiss!
Roma is Love said…
I try to be adventurous with my choice of outfits lately because my mantra: life is short so better standout. haha :D that pom pom boa scarf, i think , will give all my friends a heart attack!
Roma is Love said…
I try to be adventurous with my choice of outfits lately because my mantra: life is short so better standout. haha :D that pom pom boa scarf, i think , will give all my friends a heart attack!
Unknown said…
nice blog!
if you want follow me on blogger I will do the same!

Unknown said…
ill be waiting for thse DIY's! and i hope you feel better soon!