What I Wore Today: 0 Cents

Uhmmm...all of a sudden, I'm at a loss for words...
Let's just talk about the outfit shall we? :)
I'm wearing another DIY turban, in blue this time, with mamita's top and a pair of vintage brown leather shorts + an inexpensive scarf I bought ages ago in Greenhills for added drama and panache! lol :)

Really loving this peacock feather necklace I got from Trinkets Royale. It's now one of my favorite pieces. It's so unique!
I went to fabric warehouse yesterday and got carried away. I bought quite a bit of fabric and I have been sewing like crazy since yesterday. I made me and my daughter matching printed turbans (she's so cute, looks like a mushroom when she wears it), I sewed a couple of tank tops and some maxi skirts which I am so excited to wear!

In the future, I would really like to dedicate a part of my page for DIY's since most of what I wear are DIY's. I wish I wasn't so lost when it comes to technology so I can do the things I want. I can't even share my features with you cause I don't know how to capture the image and stuff, Chyrel taught me but I can't seem to do it. :( Dinosaur much? hahaha!




Unknown said…
I love your shoes! They are such a pretty nude color and they make your legs look a mile long :D The feather necklace is really pretty as well!
Roma is Love said…
That's always been my dream...to sew my own clothes...you should really pursue that project...a DIY site would be awesome!
Where do you buy your shoes? All of your shoes are very lovely!
Shasie said…
Where did you get the shoes. They are chic

Live Life in Style
I love that necklace! It's amazing! You are so crafty- it would be great to see some DIY posts!
Monica Kosasih said…
love your platform,you look so stunning :D
Lisa said…
Adore your platforms they make your legs look a mile long!! Super cute necklace too!
Hazel said…
yeah please make DIY entries!! i noticed you're into DIY nga e..shareee :)
@vim: i get them everywhere! lol :) let me know which ones you like so i can send you links or info to where i bought them :)
thanks for the comments everyone, i'm so excited about the diy thing. i just have to convince dennis to take the videos or photos! :)
GretchTM said…
Beautiful look! Those shoes are amazing!
Pau Villafuerte said…
So afraid to try the turban look here in the Philippines but you make it look like it's very popular here!

<3 Paulyn
Kristie said…
Oh my, the shoes are gorgeous! Nude shoes are so pretty. :)
OMG lovely necklace! i love the whole outfit! geeez! ure GORGEOUS!
Kate L. said…
Love your platforms and necklace!!

Fashion Cat
D said…
I want your shoes badly. haha. Can't wait to see you're new maxi skirts. :)
Anupriya DG said…
That necklace is so so so pretty!!! Can't wait to see your DIY stuff... :)
Anonymous said…
- sometimes i also had my moments of limbo when it comes to post titles. i thought, should i really care? when most blog readers are "photo readers" only? haha.

- yeah, you should post diy. its beneficial to those who need diy.

- by the way, i love the color of your scarf and your feather necklace, they're awesome.
jezmacmania said…
you are so so pretty! i love your shoes!! absolutely gorgeous! i'm a new follower =D great blog!!

Giovanna said…
oh babe you look great . I like so much your shorts anda your shoes
those are the shoes i want!! looks gorgeous!! love the necklace too! happy mom's day!
cristina petre said…
that's a great outfit, the leather shorts are may fav! and they look so goon on you! nice shoes, too!
Laura said…
Love that necklace too!!! I wish I could sew... You look fabulous!!
Melina said…
love the shoes and the nechlace, so beautiful.. xx
Sassy said…
You are so chic in these pictures ^^.
If you like my blog, you follow me. I'll follow you too :D
Alla moda e con stile
candyjzel said…
love your whole outfit. :)

Unknown said…
i love the peacock necklace? and oh, where;s you got your platforms! they are GORGEOUS!

p.s i really do feel bad that i cant watch maroon5 :(
Aya said…
I WANT THOSE SHOOOOOOOOOES! <3 Can't stop looking at them O_O
Caro P. said…
Love your top, looks so fresh!
A lot of my clothes is DIY too, it is so cool to know that someone shares the same liking with me! :)
Very simple but cute. I love the necklace and those heels with it.

wow i love the necklace well done! but the shoes are so amazing as well! x
Can´t describe how much I love your shoes!
Thanks for passing by my blog!
I´m a new follower!

Nisha said…
I am so obsessed with your shoes!! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love your shoes! :)

I saw my officemate wear something black but the nude one's a better color.

I'll teach you better when we meet soon. Hopefully! :)
ah cute, great shoes and necklage!

H&C from Amsterdam
Tonya said…
I adore those shoes!! I want a pair like them so bad. And I loveee your shorts as well :)

C said…
Cute outfit and fabulous shoes! I'm so jealous the weather is so nice where you are.
i love your shoes!!!

following your blog :-)
Becca said…
love love love your shoes!
Hey honey :) thank you for visinting and your commen!

Lovely greets from Munich
Sara B said…
Wow you have such cool shoes!! Love it!!
Dee said…
Those shoes, they're gorgeous!
Haze said…
love your shoes!