What I Wore Today: Aye Crop!

Went to Rockwell yesterday for some family time. It was another hot day and I couldn't even bear to keep my hair down. I didn't buy anything and I haven't for a week already. Yay! :)
I'm wearing a cropped tee from Ash, high-waist bell bottoms from Topshop, sandals from parisian, and my favorite bag from accessorize plus red lips by NARS :)

I just got Pur mineral latest offering: Exotic Rocks. You can use it on your cheeks, lips and eyes!!! So excited to try it out. Will write a review on it soon. Watch out for that!

And this proves that I have the most awesome readers of all! I love you guys! :)
"look of the day" again on shoeternity! please continue voting for me so I can make "look of the week" and win a pair of shoes! please? You can also upload your own looks for a chance to win any pair of shoes from their website. Let me know if you've uploaded yours so I can return the favor and vote for you too! :)

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thank you thank you thank you!

have a nice day! :)



Haze said…
Another great outfit! Love everything!

fashion doctor said…
so stylish!love your outfit!have a nice week!xoxo
oomph. said…
great look...i love the sleeves on this cropped top!

Apple said…
thanks for visiting my blog. i love your cropped tee. so fab.
Kim said…
red lips nice!
love the outfit and bracelets! and congrats on controlling the shopping urges!!
Christine said…
You look beautiful ^^

Love Christine ♥
Michelle Lee said…
love your both outfits :)

Flo said…
OMG great and chic outfit! Love the shoes so much, makes you look really tall.

visit me and check out my newest post!

Aki No Yuutsu said…
yay for the bell bottoms!
AlbeeLucky said…
Oh I really like the crop tee w/a high waisted pant. Great outfit.
lala said…
love your top dear!! <3

keep on blogging!

beautiful stripes,and so lovely jewelry!!:)
DeBi said…
I love your pants!!!
can I have it? Just kiddin... :)
jess said…
I love that top.
Rosie Savage said…
I love a simple outfit like this - especially if there's stripes :)

Rosie x
Love the stripes and the wide leg jeans!!! <3

Love the pants!


Unknown said…
nice cropped tee, im a sucker for those!
Sassi said…
your pants are gorgeous! I love those flare pants so much.
mary louise said…
lovely! great bracelets and top

Love the outfit! Wish we had TopShop here! Those pants are fabulous! Also, congrats on the look of the day! I would vote for you again, but it says you can only vote for a look once. Boo.
Bonnie said…
I love cropped tees. Mainly I just love showing off my stomach because I swear that I am a slut at heart.
I kid.
Seriously, though, cropped tees are ultra chic when done the right way. You look fantastic. Not at all like a slut. That was a dig at me, not you.
I'm so awkward.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
you were a vegan for six years? i give you respect for that! I don't think I would ever consider doing that. I think it's one of the most difficult things to do in the world ! haha! I think I'll stick with just being a vegetarian. Ohhh, being pregnant makes you crave so many things! It's amazing! But did you go back to being a vegan after?

Nice shirt! and I'm totally lusting on that bag! I want something of the like!!!! ^__^
Sid said…
cute outfit x
Zoë Kate said…
Thanks for the comment! I did indeed make the necklaces! Looks like you do lots of DIY stuff yourself! Awesome!

This is a great look, love the wide pants with the cropped top. So cute.

Thu Nguyen said…
Those pants looks rocking on you! x
You look so chic. The wide legged jeans/pants were perfect.
Love all the arm candy as well.
Caro P. said…
hippie meets sailor! love that cropped top, great match!
Having hot weather or not, u always look great!
Big kiss!
Caro :)
Margaret said…
love those bracelets and the whole look!

Fydez said…
You look sooo groovy. Love that top! XX
Oh my Dior! said…
I like all your bracelets!

Alina said…
Great look, honey!Love the cropped top and the flare jeans!xoxo
Chyrel Gomez said…
what more can i say? :)

my mom can never rock those cropped top and even me. hahaha!

kainggit naman and i was going through my blog entry and some of my daily reads. everyone's been complaining about the heat and sobrang init talaga.

i'll try to check on shoeternity when i have more time. :)
Roma is Love said…
where do you get you wonderful pants? all your pants are to die for!
Sloperation said…
love the outfit! I really liked your turtle braclet! I have one that's pretty smilar :D
Hazel said…
voted for yah!! goodluck :D
sugar sugar said…
those exotic rocks looks interesting! will have to check them out in person. :)

love your outfit too! :D so simple yet so chic!
Unknown said…
Super cool outfit!
What a lovely blog! . love your photography and outfit poss!! Definitely following! Would love your follow too!
Catmare said…
Very stylish! love your outfit :)
Chic outfit and cute blog, love it!

Kirsty said…
Really love the way you've styled this outfit with all the little details, especially the Chanel earrings - love!