What I Wore Today: Baci x Make Your Own Havaianas

Our plans for mother's day were foiled the moment it started pouring like crazy outside yesterday. Initially, we were supposed to pick up Mamita in Antipolo for dinner but as you know, it gets crazy flooded around the Cainta area and the visibility was really poor so we decided to reschedule instead.

I was happily being lazy around the house in my pajamas and enjoying the cold weather and we decided to just order pizza in. Towards the evening though, the rain let up and Dennis decided to take me to my favorite little Italian restaurant instead.

I didn't really feel like dressing up anymore so I wore a dressier version of my earlier pajamas...

love this kimono robe I bought last year from ilaya :), paired with one of my diy cami's, topshop wide leg denims, parisian sandals, some accessories + red lips by NARS vesuvio (you must try this, buy it, the color is amazing!)
I needed something loose and roomy to make room for all the pasta I was planning to eat ,and eat we did. We feasted on spinach ravioli with a truffle cream sauce, fresh fettucini with a pomodoro basilico sauce, foccacia bread with dip,pizza napoletana, and I finally got my Gnocchi fix. I used to make Gnocchi at home but I get the kitchen really messy so I stopped.

We went to Bellini's in Cubao X, a must try place if you haven't been there yet. There happened to be a Janylin there ( I'm guessing their first branch ever?) and look what I got for mother's day:
Weeeeeee! hahaha, wanna see what's inside? :)
I have only had a total of five mother's days to celebrate but yesterday was the best by far thanks to my super awesome little family. I just love them to bits!

How'd you spend your mudra's day?

before I forget again...hahaha

You! yes you, don't be like me, you must not forget to attend this year's Travel Inspired, Make Your Own Havaianas event to be held at the Rockwell Tent from May 12-16 beginning at 10am. This year you get the chance to mix and match your straps and soles with pins and buttons from capitals from around the world. Perfect time to colorblock ladies! :)

Make Your Own Havaianas is your passport to mixing and matching travel-inspired limited edition soles, straps, and pins. Be a jetsetter and a trendsetter at the same time and travel in personalized style with Make Your Own Havaianas 2011, May 12 to 16 at the Rockwell Tent, event starts at 10am. Visit www.makeyourownhavaianas.com.ph for more details.

Chuvaness has this giant inflatable slipper in her house, I wish Havaianas would send me one too. They're so cute!

So don't forget okay? I'm gonna put this on my reminders list now with an alarm. Save the date: May 12-16, 2011 10am. See you all at the Rockwell Tent :)


Caro P. said…
hahahaha... loose clothes for a nice feast!
I just read "fresh fetuccini with pomodoro basilico sauce" and my mouth water instantly! One of my all time favorite dishes!
If u like italian food, u should consider visiting Buenos Aires! There is a big italian legacy in this city and the food is DELICIOUS!
Glad u had a great mommie's day! And of course, u looked beautiful as always!
Big kiss!
yum i love italian food! that is the best!
i'm glad you had a good mommy day.
i would love to see whats inside, looks like shoes :)

i love the outfit, love the looseness hahah!

happy mothers day!
Camille said…
you look gorgeous! i love your laidback style!
Nekiah Torres said…
Beautiful! Some days we just feel like being loose. I am getting ready to post my mother's day outfit and it is so loose I look like I'm swimming in it....but it was oh so comfy! haha I love those jeans on you and the long robe is beautiful. All that food sounds so YUMMY!! Thank you for your lovely comment! Kiah
Shasie said…
What a fun Kimono robe. Sucks about the rain

Live Life in Style
Sherry said…
I love your kimono robe! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog - I appreciate it so much!!

Anonymous said…
awesome kimono robe, looks like a really great find!

new follower here. between i absolutely love eggplant too!

cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin and on Facebook:-)
Unknown said…
new shoes again? oh my, im sooo jealous! now if only there's a daughter's day so i can have new shoes too. HAHA! happy mother's day!
The Cat Hag said…
Your red lippie is fabulous, and I love your kimono robe!! ♥

The Cat Hag
Chyrel Gomez said…
omg, i just read my sister liz comment. as if she doesn't demand for new shoes every month.

anyhow, i would love to see what you bought in janylin and you just gave me an idea of wearing loose clothing when making room for food. i usually wear belts and anything that highlights the stomach to control food intake but what the hell! haha!
Oh I love kimonos and this one is just gorgeous! Glad you had a Happy mother's Day! XX
Claire said…
great kimono robe and love the wide leg jeans. looks so comfy and cute!

fashion doctor said…
you look gorgeous!like your outfit!xoxo
Unknown said…
Lovely! I recently fell for kimono jackets and wide-leg jeans are an all-time fave!
Have a sweet week!
oomph. said…
looks like your mother's day turned out well (although i have no complaints about ordering pizza!). that havaianas event sounds so fun!! i want a mix n match pair!!

Unknown said…
love your Topshop wide-leg denims!!!!! Looks good on youuuu!!
Michelle Lee said…
i love your kimono robe and jeans so much! :)
Andrea said…
love your kimono jacket!

Carys said…
You always look so cute!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue
D said…
Hope to see you at the MYOH event. :)
Love the cover up and I'm dying to see what's inside the janilyn boxes!!:D

Too bad I'm going to miss the make your own havianas event :((
Oooh I love that robe!! It looks so comfy :D
A Fine Balance said…
I really like the jeans...looking for a pair with a bit of a flare...
Hazel said…
wow you made me hungry kahit walang pics yung food..:)) and i want to see what's inside the shoe boxes ;)

happy mother's day!! :)
Love the look! Glad you had a fabulous Mother's Day! Gnocchi sounds so good- definitely one of my favorite Italian dishes!
Love the long cardi and the trouser pants! So fabulous.
My weekend was amazing and hope you had a lovely one too!

noone said…
haha when I go to buffets I never wear jeans too just leggings and comfy stuff for room! the cardigan's print looks so fun
Anonymous said…
♥oh. so nice post.)) i love your blog.))♥
Anupriya DG said…
Loving those wide-legged denims!! Can't wait to see what's inside those exciting Mother's Day prezzies!! :)
Renee said…
beautiful outfit:)
Glad to hear you had a great Mother's Day weekend. Loving the necklace you're wearing. I wish I could pull off big bold pieces like that. It's fab!
soo pretty as always! love this kimono robe!! what a great print.. im obsessed with kimonos with just about anything!

Natali said…
Love the long cardi!
Unknown said…
I love it...the way you mixed prints is perfect. Great look.

Laura said…
Really relaxed and lovely!!!! The robe is fabulous! I love the print.
Ma Vie said…
Italian food is the best, great dishes, your outfit is just pretty and comfy