What I Wore Today: Caffeinated Turban

Feels good to be blogging again. I hope blogger doesn't pull off anymore stunts like their "friday the 13th" one!

leopard top from Mango c/o Pat and is for sale. Just email me.
Vintage black beaded necklace
Dorothy Perkins wide-legged denims
Jessica Simpson Dany
Accessorize bag
DIY turban

On this day, our friend Mike, who is an instructor at the Phil. Barista Academy, asked me to be a judge for the graduation of this month's batch of students. Each student was asked to make three drinks; one espresso, one cappuccino and one signature drink. There were 7 students so that makes a total of 21 coffee's that I had to taste and judge on. NOT GOOD. Halfway thru, my head was spinning like a top. I was speedballing real bad. We started at 1pm and ended close to 6pm. There was no way I was gonna be able to get some sleep without drinking.

We were supposed to go out with some friends that night for drinks but I felt terrible. I was shaking like a mother and I felt like I had just OD'd on something like coke. The beers I had helped calm me down in a way but it also got me twitching. The following day, I had still not recovered. Still strung out like Will Farell on Kicking and Screaming. LOL. As I write this, everything is back to normal. Word of advice: Never drink 21 cups of coffee unless you wanna go on a commenting blog frenzy all day. Maybe I singlehandedly brought down blogger the other day!

Anyone going to the Heima event today? :)

And one last BIG favor, I used to do this just for fun until I found out that they were giving out free shoes from Bakers for making Look of the Week. So friends and readers, if you have time, or can make time, please register on Shoeternity.com and vote for my look. You can upload your photos too for a chance to win a pair of shoes. Any shoe you like! :)

Thank you, thank you so much in advance. Hope I make it! Have a nice day! :)


Unknown said…
oh wow, thats a lot of coffee! yesterday (when blogger was down) was traumatic, hope it doesnt happen again!
Haze said…
Great outfit, love your shirt specialy! :)Let's hope blogger never do that again, how frustrating!

Cool top. Will vote and enter. who doesn't want to win a free pair of shoes.

great outfit hun,fantastic blouse and jeans!!!:)
My Modest Mouth Blog
I can't drink more than two cups of coffee without spinning out! Love your turban! XX
Anupriya DG said…
Aha! Total 70s!!! Love! :)

Blogger really scared us all with the stunt they pulled! Glad it's back now!
Noelle Chantal said…
Love the wide trousers on you, plus the leopard top is so nice too! You look like a hippie, i love it! :)
AgataP said…
love your blouse and jeans!

wow that was a lot of coffee! JAVA JAVA JAVA!!:D What more if they had alcohol hehe.

Love your top and bag!
I get like that with just a couple of coffee's as I don't drink it very often ha ha :)love your outfit! your DIY turban is gorgeous :) good luck with making look of the week and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Love, Vanilla

i get palpitations with a venti from Starbucks and i can't imagine what you went through..whoa!

ps. turbans are LOVE, right? my bf hates it but i LOVE it..haha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
labor day sale at shopyapi.com
Ria said…
I think everyone was a little frustrated with Bloggeer yesterday lol
I love the 70's styling of your outfit though! Especially the leopard print blouse xoxo
Nettie S. said…
I really like your outfit! <3 Love the wide leg jeans!

Ayieh said…
Love your look!!! will definitely join and vote for you!!!:)
Francesca said…
Thanks so much for your comment! I love these photos :) also if you haven't already, I would love for you to enter my Dior giveaway as it helps me win this really big blogging competition :) even if you dont want to enter, i would still super appreciate your vote. if you do, let me know and i'll vote for you here! thanks dear :) xx
Flo said…
You're so cute ! Haha thanks for your comment and check out my latest post ! I love these photos so much, they are wonderful and pretty.

animal prints is love! so fab! hope to meet you soon xox
Mary Ann said…
OMG! ^^ halos 2 years n ko na d nagcocoffee, pero Nkkwindang ang experience n yan, ^^
by the way, I'll "discuss" the prices on ukay on my upcoming post about each shops, ^^stay tuned! haha radyo galore ba
wow,, this pants made u looks have more long leg
Tessa said…
omg! 21cups of coffee? that must have felt really bad. were you able to sleep well after that?

miss visiting your blog.

have a nice weekend :)
I love coffee, but 21 cups might be enough to turn me off forever! Love the jeans- super cute! Also, I "loved your look" on Baker's website!
Hazel said…
ohh yah, been reading lots of tweets about blogger's problem! :| ohh and i followed your twitter by the way haha :D
Hazel said…
ohh yah, been reading lots of tweets about blogger's problem! :| ohh and i followed your twitter by the way haha :D
hazel said…
ohh yah, been reading lots of tweets about blogger's problem! :| ohh and i followed your twitter by the way haha :D
Caro P. said…
uuuh! leopard and oxford denims! great combination! :D
Hahahaha i love coffee but 21 cups seems like TOO much! Poor u! i'll think of your advise in july when my finals at college had started!
Raquel said…
very cute 70's look!
L said…
I've been wanting to rock a turban like that..looks very cool on you!


Unknown said…
You look very boho chic! ^^ I love the wide legged pants on you :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
coffee overload! i haven't been blog hopping like i used to cause blogger and me have this separation anxiety after friday the 13th.

i still take time to visit your blog though. hehe. on a different note, i adore the top and pants. i'm coming to manila this july and i've really been overworked lately.

you look really great. :D
Kimberly said…
love your outfit the turban looks great and voted for you! i made one to but can't seem to find it

Unknown said…
Ooo I love the casual seventies vibe of your outfit :)
oomph. said…
so you were behind the blogger fiasco, lol!! now this is definitely my kind of outfit...i LOVE this! leopard + wide legs??!! perfection!

Shasie said…
Love your denim! Haha I didn't even make the connection that that was near Friday the 13th. The great shutdown of blogger! haha

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