What I Wore Today: Celeteque Event DIY Outfit

So today, I went to my first ever blog event which was for Celeteque. I usually shy away from events because I can be a little agoraphobic at times but I decided to go to this one since the invite stated that it was going to be an intimate gathering among bloggers.

A couple days ago, I was figuring out what I wanted to wear to the event. Since it was my first, I wanted it to have something special; I also really wanted to project the whole image and style philosophy of my blog through my outfit. So it dawned upon me to create and sew my own outfit. And this is how it came out:
DIY cami, maxi skirt and coin necklace
vintage belt
scarf from greenhills
bag from accessorize

I'll tell you more about the event in another blog post because I don't have the cable of the camera I used to document the event. I had to borrow my mom's digicam cause I didn't feel like lugging around our heavy dslr with me.

It was quite a tiring day for me since I was out since morning, but meeting fellow bloggers made it worthwhile. Can't wait to talk about the new friends I made in my next post. Looking forward to seeing you all again! BIG BIG kisses! :)

Gonna have some tea to unwind and relax now. Have a good night. Sweet Dreams...


Anonymous said…
Great DIYs! Your maxi skirt is awesome, maxi skirts in general are awesome! So transeasonal, xx
Unknown said…
youre a DIY genius!
Nisha said…
I love the color of the skirt! It looks absolutely fantastic!
Tessa said…
you're good with your DIYs. I admire you for that.

you look so pretty in this... and I love the colors. you have that summer indie vibe going on here.

it's really fun joining blog events ^__^

have a nice day.
A N A G O N said…
Wow this is just genius! Di ko alam na DIY sila, super galing! :)) And it was great to finally see you in person ;) It was a fun event! :)
Anonymous said…
that skirt! i LOVE!

Perfumed Red Shoes
Aki No Yuutsu said…
Love your skirt!!! followin' ya!
krissy ♥ said…
It was great to meet you Sarah! :)
Kim said…
wow you really made that outfit? galing! Love it btw and it was nice meeting you Sarah :)
Anonymous said…
I also started a blog, speaks of my greatest passions:

I'll wait if you want to take a look!
Alex said…
love the scarf!

Hazel said…
are you selling your DIY clothes?? you really should! galing :D and nice meeting you kanina, sarah! You look reaaaalllly young :)
You are SO talented! Can't believe you made basically the entire outfit! Love the skirt! You make me wish I would have asked my mom and grandmother how to sew when I was young!
Lisa said…
Love your orange maxi it's such gorgeous color and love the material too it looks shiny!!
It's very classy! :)))) Two thumbs up!
Nice to meet you!
See you again!
Mary Ann said…
iamjillyace said…
that skirt is so niiiiice!! <3
Claire M. said…
Nice skirt I like it :)

Claire M.
Christine B said…
thank you so much for the loevly comment on my blog! I simple love this DIY outfit, you look so beautiful in it, amazzzzzing job! :D

Jennifer S. said…
I am loving that bright orange skirt....

Anonymous said…
in fairness, hindi mukhang DIY! i liked your look. parang bohemian-feel. :)
i love your blog, you're very fashionable

Unknown said…
Love the maxi skirt. The color is great!


Britt + Whit
Jadore-Fashion said…
Love the skirt over the print!

Haze said…
wow! you have so much talent! What a fab outfit! you have a great blog, following you now :)Thanks for your comment on my blog.

El said…
This maxi skirt is so beautiful and bright! :)

classy & fabulous

Kezia Mariska said…
Really love your orange maxi skirt, so so stunning.

p.s Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

Unknown said…
omg the maxi skirt! i super love it!!
Burning Skies said…
Your DIY maxi skirt is awesome! I wish I had your DIY chops :) Anyway, can't wait to see your photos from the event.
nice outfit :) cute red skirty
xx the cookies
share the feeling dear & visit <3
have a nice day ;)
Angela said…
Galing! I love the outfit dear! :) Sayang, I was supposed to go to that event!
Noelle Chantal said…
Love the color of the maxi and the floral vest, very pretty against the bold skirt. The bag is very unique too, great style! Looking forward to see the vent post. :)
to my new blogger friends, i had so much fun and it was great to finally meet you guys in person. hope i get to see all of you again soon! :)
thank you all for liking my DIY outfit :)

@rochelle: thanks for having me. you all were really nice and very accomodating. the event was handled very well. i had lots of fun, hope you invite me again next time when you decide to hold another event. thanks again it was nice meeting you! :)
@angela:nsyang, it was lots of fun. hope i get to meet you next time :)
i was nice meeting you sarah! :D i had so much fun with you all! :D
that is a nice outfit, you are very talented! I wish my skills are good enough to sew my own outfit. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following you!

Unknown said…
that skirt is sooo cute and i love it with the vest/bag!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons
Grysh Co said…
I love your outfit! It looks so sumeer-y.

I remember the last time I attended a Bloggers' event. But I wasn't able to really meet a lot of people. :(

Tiffiefum said…
Love the outfit, most especially the fact that you did it yourself! so stylish and unique!<3
Sarah said…
I'm loving the color scheme!! such a cute skirt, and the simple tank with the scarf is perfect!!!

Anupriya DG said…
The color of the skirt is so rich & gorgeous!!! Hats off to you - you actually made that whole outfit by yourself! :)
paislea said…
cute cute cute outfit!! i looooove it!!

allister bee blog
Alicia said…
What a beautiful outfit, I'm obsessed with maxi skirts for the moment :) It's so fun to meet fellow bloggers..look forward to your next post! Following you now :)

Thanks for visiting :)
sugar sugar said…
can't believe the cami is DIY! great job! you looks fab! =)
joei ♥ said…
I love the eye popping color! :)

Definitely, Maybe
I love the colors! That skirt looks gorgeous on you. I really need to get a maxi skirt. At first, I was unsure, but after seeing so many awesome stylings, I'm pretty sure I can handle one haha.
Astrid Storm said…
this is so inspirational and great! I heart you're blog.
Maybe you'll pass by mine and follow too?
Great colour! The bright orange screams at you in a good way xoxo

theversastyle said…
love orange! ... great outfit!

Unknown said…
This outfit rocks...especially since you sew this yourself! Awesome girl! Blogger Meetups are super cool, glad to hear you had fun!
Jessica said…
ooooo the color of your skirt is soooo gorgeous! It's so awesome that you made it all yourself, you are super talented girl! :)
Änglamark said…
The color is gorgeous!! I do not think everyone can acctually wear orange, but you certainly pull it off great:)
Love Änglamark.
Raquel said…
I love the red skirt! It's super chic
Shasie said…
I love this outfit! The orange skirt is so bright and fun, but toned down with the blues in the scarf and the white top. Great look

Live Life in Style
trisha_cm said…
what sewing machine do you use? im looking for something thats user friendly as im just going to start out.