What I Wore Today: Chic Moms Club

I was invited to the launch of Bounty Fresh's new website dedicated to all the chic moms out there and naturally called "The Chic Moms Club". The event was held at Salon de Ning located in the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

This is what I wore:

pink manila top, DIY necklace, zebra maxi dress used as a skirt, vintage pierre cardin clutch, jessica simpson danys

Upon arriving at Salon de Ning, I was escorted to their infamous "Shoe Room".
I love it there! It is undeniably bohemian with all the frou frou embelishments, velvet curtains, gilded frames and beaded curtains. I'd love for my house to look like this.

The most gorgeous, gigantic light fixtures I have ever seen!

Fellow "chic mom" blogger Mikka Padua of Chicify.com and a Mischmashed Life was also there to grace the event. We had a little discussion that day and decided to team up to give you all a surprise! Watch out for that! :)
Mikka later on won a bag from Aranaz and RIIR for being the Chic Mom of the Day!

Also met Enzo of Juan Manila who is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He later won a cooler full of chicken! lol :)

Some of our country's most respected chefs were also invited to the event to share some tips, ideas and why they prefer Bounty Fresh chicken. Below is a photo of my favorite celebrity chef, Bruce Lim, discussing his favorite part of the chicken...WINGS! lol, I'm not surprised.
my date for the day, the lovely, Mr. D! hehe :)

During the event 5 lucky moms were awarded 5 bags from Louis Vuitton and Gucci for having the most number of referrals to the chic moms club site. I wanted this Gucci carry-all sooo bad!

And the main highlight of the event, Bounty Fresh Chic Mom ambassador and my idol since I was 5 (for her role in Annie), Leah Salonga! Her voice was beautiful. The hair on my arms were standing on end when she whipped out her own rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Lovely!

After the event, were given these cute purses from Rajo Laurel's RIIR porject :)

The Chic Moms Club (www.chicmomsclub.com) is a one stop venue to help chic moms manage their time while providing entertainment and information at the same time. Visit their website for tips and recipes from our country's top chefs, be informed of their latest promos and get the chance to be invited to their events. They also have a lot of fantastic giveaways like the designer bag spree I mentioned earlier. WOW!


Chyrel Gomez said…
OMG! you are one HOT momma! love the hot pink top and maxi skirt! very trendy and the shoegasm! love,love,love!!

if i can recall, you had pms at this time of the event. i mean before this blog post is published. rosy cheeks kung rosy cheeks! :D

we girls bloom daw before the big event. haha!

lea salonga for president. haha! :)
hahaha! yup, can you believe im so delayed??? my period hasn't arrived yet. thanks for helping me choose my outfit :)
i get the same feeling when i hear lea sing live! :))
wow the event looks fun! and wow leo salonga!!:D cute bag! you're definitely a chic mom!!
iamjillyace said…
i love your outfit <3
Aki No Yuutsu said…
super stunning combination!!!
Unknown said…
super loooove your outfit, sarah! :) and lea!!! grabe the goosebumps when she hits the high notes, i literally shivered when she sang memory in cats! :)
I love the outfit!! hhhmm..what is your secret in looking absolutely stunning all the time? :) I wish I could be like you when I have kids in the future..LOOOONG future..hehe. :)

Mxx said…
Wow.. so many chic moms in Manila! I love how you combined the pink tee with the fierce animal-striped maxi skirt!
Kookie B. said…
you look gorgeous in this ensemble! love the pieces!

Andrea said…
you look lovely!
DeBi said…
wooot! one hot momma!
nice look! love your print skirt!

Jing Ocay said…
shoot! you're a certified chic mom, Ms.Sarah! your outfit is so fab.
and Lea Salonga is such a beautiful woman.I love her since God knows when :D
Anonymous said…
beautiful pictures!!
Aileen Kim said…
oh, you're the prettiest mom!!! really!
Em said…
I loved this outfit!! The zebra dress\skirt....adorable! :)
The Perpetrator said…
fun! you really have an awesome signature look! maxi skirt master! :D
Courtney Erin said…
Wow, what a great look!

xoxo ~ Courtney
Melissa said…
What a fun event! It looks like you all had a fabulous time.

I love that zebra skirt and the pink top is such a great color on you!

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Unknown said…
chic mom indeed! and oh, chef bruce! nagugutom tuloy ako!!
What a fun event! Some of the gals definitely got lucky winning those handbags! You looked fabulous! I love that zebra print, and can't believe you made that necklace yourself! Awesome!
GretchTM said…
Nice photos!! I love your skirt. It's adorable.
Caro P. said…
Ohlala! so beautiful with that hot pink top!
looking gorgeous!
btw... i had a d.i.y. necklace just like the one ur wearing, but i gave it to my lil sister!
Caro :)
You look gorgeous! Love that top!
oomph. said…
love the outfit you wore - the neclace is so pretty! sounds like a cool club/site...will have to check it out!

Hannah said…
pink and zebra print is such a good combination, LOVE it!!!

Bow Dream Nation xx
Rebecca said…
Wow, that zebra print maxi is fantastic!
sugar sugar said…
you look absolutely beautiful! :) and it looks like you had heaps of fun at the event.
Anonymous said…
I love the clutch!
Sweet said…
OMY!!!! I love your skirt...it matches my current print on my sandals...I love it!!!!

Collections said…
Love this outfit. The pink top, the skirt. Great look. I'm now following! :)

Fashionable Collections
Issa said…
i love your outfit! lovely! And I love the "Shoe Room"!
Mary Ann said…
Lovely outfit like always! LOVE ur SKIRT. ^^
Glad you liked Salon de Ning, ^^ Our company's the contractor who did(Arch, ID, MEP) that for Pen, ^^
omg ann!! really? i wanna pattern my house after the place! help me??? hehe :)
Shasie said…
Love the hot pink top with the striped skirt

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Anonymous said…
love the zebra skirt..