What I Wore Today: Color Block Sunday

Such an eventful Sunday yesterday. Got so much to share with you!
Here's the more regular stuff: Went to Browhaus, Greenbelt to get my eyebrows re-sculpted because I've neglected them so much they've lost their shape. It hurt a little more this time, maybe because I let it grow out too much between visits. Love the finished results though.
Afterwards, we went around bit and I found the bag of my dreams! A 70's style shoulder bag with embossed leather :)

Have you tried the fries at Bon Chon? It's sooo good I tell ya! Make sure you ask for some spicy mayo dipping sauce.

Now to the more exciting events ( this all happened in a span of 2 hours)...
Went back home to pick up Dennis for Sunday mass and dinner. He felt like having Thai food so we drove over to Soms and realized they were closed on Sundays. So we made a detour and headed towards Thai Dara instead. Somewhere along Kalentong there was this crazed jeepney driver obviously high-strung on something who kept on cutting into our lane. He almost hit us a couple of times.

Near the corner of Kalentong, across JRC, we were supposed to make a right but two guys running after each other blocked our path. Good thing our horn malfunctioned so Dennis flashed his headlights instead to tell them to get out of the way. As he was doing this, I noticed something shiny in the other man's hand. It was a gun!!! And he was pointing at at this other guy that he had by the collar. They were both in civilian clothing. It was so rattling. I was so scared to hear a gunshot, good thing we were able to get away from that street before we could be witness to anything more severe.

After that very eventful drive, we finally got to Thai Dara which was way more packed than usual and noisy. While waiting for our orders to arrive. We noticed loud crying that sounded like it was coming from a grown man. It was but this man apparently had something like a really bad case of ADHD or autism. He was huge and my daughter started to get really bothered with the loud crying. I was scared that his tantrums would worsen because he was sitting right behind us and he was a really big person, like 4 times my size. Good thing he calmed down after awhile and we all got to enjoy our meal in peace.

WHEW! Anyway, this is what I wore the entire day:
Another colorblock ensemble. I tend to shy away from color-blocking because although I love the way the colors look in photos, wearing all that color at the same time sometimes makes me feel like a paint color palette. However, I feel quite comfortable with the "mini-color-blocking" I did with this outfit. Just dark jeans and colorful accessories. It's a little bit cheating, is it? But I think it gets the job done.

It's Monday again...hope you all have a good, relaxed work week ahead. :)



Caro P. said…
Wow, u guys were very lucky to get out of there! Thank God it did not turn worse!
Your mini-colorblocking looks awesome, i think im definitely going to check my wardrobe and pick some clothes to try out this on me!
Have a great start of the week!
Chyrel Gomez said…
sounds like you had a really eventful sunday. so much for labor day. :)

if you come to cebu, you should really dine in simply j. it's a showroom/novely shop and has a resto at the back. everything's for sale in simply j's.

if my work allows, i'd be in manila for the world cup pre-qualifier this june and i'm 100% sure for july to watch incubus and 30 secs to mars. haha! we can surely meet and i hope may money pa ako for shopping after all the money spent on the concert tickets. mamumulubi talaga ako. :D
Maan Munoa said…
yay!!! good thing you guys got out....i miss you guys dearly.... let me know when you're in makati....
GretchTM said…
Nice color block look!!

Sounds like you all had quite the adventure!
Make Mommy Chic said…
I love that blue clutch, it really makes your outfit pop!
Shasie said…
WOW! You guys were lucky! Sheesh that's scary! I love your colorblock. Also I have neglected my eyebrows for some months now too, so I'm hoping to go this week to get them fixed!

Live Life in Style
Aya said…
Scary! Good thing nothing bad happened...

And I love the color of your top! :D
@chyrel: don't worry, putting a curb on my spending! haha, just coffee or a spa date will do para tipid. can't wait :)
Unknown said…
Love the colorblocking! The blue clutch looks great paired with the blouse :) Wow I can't believe you almost witnessed a crime in action - that's really scary. Glad to hear you are both safe.
D said…
Wow what a day! But I'm glad you were able to eat Thai. hehe. I love your top, it looks so comfortable. :)
Kimberly said…
love the colors together great outfit! and i should be expecting mine wednesday the earliest which i hate waiting!

Love your top! Grabe, what a day for you! Parang movie lang. :)


i miss you more maan!!! :)
lala said…
loove the pink top!! :)

love the color block!:) love yout top!

and i tend to neglect my eye brows too!~ haha will get them done when i get back to manila!=P
Anonymous said…
I love this pochette!!
Hen said…
Seems like an eventful day! Cute outfit, love the ring :)
Teenage Daydreams
You have great figure! I really enjoy blue bag accent. It's popping nice!
love love your blue clutch!
I LOVE your clutch! Pefect color, shape and size!

XO Charlotte
Yvette said…
love the clutch!

New updates online! come check them out!
Anonymous said…
hello darling!
I really like Yout set!
kisses from Poland :*
Wow, sounds like you had a very intense day! but at least you can say you looked great the whole day :)

Thank you for commenting on my blog, hope you can stop by again and follow if you'd like ?? I'll follow in return ;)

Very cute photos!! Sounds like en exciting day. I love the colors in your outfit! The pink, yellow, and turquoise clutch are all so fun together! =)
Camille said…
look at you! so wonderfully dressed in color blocking! love the color scheme!
Oh dear, good that you were inside a protecting car :/ Poor thing that the streets in the Philippines are quite dangerous...

I know Greenbelt as a huge shopping complex but i have not been there. For some reason i did not get where exactly it is located (is it in Malati?). Maybe i will be there this year ^^.
Hazel said…
woah that was such an eventful (and creepy) day you had! Luckily, no harm was done to you and your family :) But I feel sorry for the victim!

anyway, love the pink and blue combo :) and i'd like to see the bag you bought! :D
Khlaren said…
Oh my that's scary!! I had a similar experience once. I was with my family and we saw this two men running and the other one was wounded and the knife wasn't removed from his abdomen as he was running! Good thing we were in the car and just passed by them!

Hope that never happens again! :)
Bonnie said…
ohmygosh. You had quite the eventful day! I'm glad that you guys are okay. It is scary to witness such intense things, especially such as the guy holding a gun. I mean, holy crap. That's freaky deaky.
At least you looked cute all day!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Unknown said…
oh my, para ka lang nasa pelikula! hardcore naman ng mga kaganapan! anyway, bet ko ang color block sunday!
Lini Trinh said…
cute color blocking <3
Christine said…
i love how you styled everything, you look beautiful :)

Xoxo Christine
Sara said…
Love those pants! I really like the color of the top and that purse together :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Yay! Love the new comment form! Pop out FTW!!

BTW, I awarded you the versatile,stylish, blogger luxury and one lovely blog award. This one's circulated amongst the blogger world but it doesn't hurt to pay it forward. :)
Roma is Love said…
indeed, a very eventful sunday for you. I'm happy you were able to end the day safe and with a good meal with the family!

I personally love color blocking...before I was miss matchy-matchy but eventually, I got the hang of contrasting prints and competing BRIGHT colors :) I just love how it seems non-scripted. I feel 'cool' also! haha...if that even makes sense... :D
thanks chyrel! :) had to change it cause some people couldn't comment daw with the old format :)
Anonymous said…
great clutch!!! thanks for stopping by my blog, AGAIN!! love yours!!! XOXO

What a crazy day! I'm glad everything turned out ok! Love the look- I wore a mini-color blocking outfit today, too!
Sara SHOEmaker said…
I really like the colors in this outfit. simple yet chic!

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