What I Wore Today: Gray Gypsy + Dream Bag

Another blistering hot day...I'm not surprised anymore. One of these days, I'm just gonna drop dead on the pavement from heat exhaustion. I really pity my bulldogs, they seem to be suffering a lot from the heat :(

In these photos, I am wearing the necklace I bought in Shangri-la which I mentioned in one of my previous posts and my dream bag(!) which I mentioned in my last post. I love it so much! Before the Balenciagas, Chanels, and Mulberrys, I've always wanted a bag like this, since 7th grade in fact. So imagine how enthralled I was when I saw it hanging in Accessorize (love that store)! Even if I'm already broke, I just HAD to have it. I have been scouring thrift store after thrift store and the highlands of Baguio for something like this and finally I've found it, couldn't fathom the fact of not getting it! Sooooo happy :)

and here's the necklace which I got on sale (50%) for only P380 :)
Hope you like my post for the day. :)



JanandJill.com said…
Very cute outfit, I love the length of your skirt and your nails are great too. Nice purse!
Enjoy the rest of your day

Chyrel Gomez said…
you look very bohemian and chic. love this entire look. i'm not sure i can rock this one though. love that necklace of yours. i saw one in penshoppe and i didn't really like the quality of it.
lala said…
Nice outfit <3
lovely bag ;)

Miss Bias said…
Oh, I love this gypsy look on you.

Miss Bias
Burkha said…
This outfit is perfection! I love the boho vibe!
Aie Corpuz said…
the midi's look great on you! =)
D said…
I super love your outfit! :) And the bag... super cute! Naku parang I want one narin tuloy. haha. Pero I want your shoes more! hahaha. :)
Anne Garais said…
the turban really looks good on you! ;0 and great shoes btw.

Mary Ann said…
THIS is may FAVE of all your OOTD posts, ^^ love ur style, super! ^^
i love the gypsy outfit! :)

much love,
The Cat Hag said…
Awww my heart goes out to your hot bulldogs. :(

And that bag you just bought, reminds me of Chloe's Poya Satchel, it looks just as cute but in a dusty rose color.

Love your nails!

The Cat Hag
Very cool outfit. The colors and the styles just work great.
Love those platforms too.

Jenelle Witty said…
hey thanks for your comment on my blog, following you now, would love for you to follow me to. Love the bag in this post!
Love the outfit, the hippie vibe suits you! Congrats on finding the bag of your dreams! hehe :)


valerierbrems said…
Looks like that skirt was made for you...
oomph. said…
cute, cute, cute! love that skirt! it's been super hot here, then the past couple days thunderstorms!

Christine said…
You look so cute, love this outfit :)

Xoxo Christine
so cute, the outfit is beautiful!

H&C from Amsterdam
WOw! so boho-chic! Love it!

Following you from Portugal!

Anupriya DG said…
What a pretty bag!!! Trust Accessorize to stock something like this! :)

And that necklace looks nice too!
You look lovely Sarah!<3
Nekiah Torres said…
Love your outfit and your necklace is so cute. What is the color of your nail polish....so pretty! Kiah
Sherin said…
I can see why that's your dream bag. It is amazing. And love the rest of your outfit as well!
Hazel said…
you're look of the day at stylebible! lovely :D
Gela said…
I LOVE THIS! something i would totally wear. :D

boat ride through the sky
Zarna said…
you look so great - i love the flowiness of this outfit!
Caro P. said…
Hey gypsy you! looking awesome!
Those accesories are lovely and i still can believe how u manage to do your errands in those platforms!
Unknown said…
You look lovely!! Your outfit is great and loving your rings!!

Just like your facebook page hope you can add me too as friend to connect there too!

Emma said…
Lovely bag, definitely feeling the gypsy vibe x
i'm loving the look.
Monica said…
Half of my closet is filled with gray articles, I love the shade!
I like how the red nails are a pop of color, too.

Melody said…
love all of your accessories!! I've been searching thrift stores for a similar bag, no luck yet. For now I'm holding on to the one I "borrowed" from my sister lol
Raissa said…
Your necklace is great! It can definetely light up an outfit!
Love the color of your skirt!
Thanks for commenting in my blog!
Take Care!
tessa said…
Oh I just love your accessories. I love it when accessories appear like they're doing the talking. lol. I usually stack bracelets and rings. I love it.
You look beautiful. As always. I just adore how fresh you look.
have a nice day ^__^
Hautepot said…
The boho/hippie look really suits you and that bag is so YOU :) glad you found it!

P.S. the veggies haven't really been part of my normal food intake but I'm staying away from preservatives and too much salt :))
Unknown said…
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