What I Wore Today: La Capre

Hey guys, sorry for the barrage of photos, I just didn't know which ones to pick. I hope it doesn't take too long loading. Btw, I've had several requests for bigger photos, I have always set my upload settings to large but they all come out this size. If you want a larger view, you can just click on the photo and open it in a new tab where you can zoom it in and out all you want :)
It was another quite chilly and rainy day yesterday and we were bit by the college bug. Meaning we decided to have drinks at 3 in the afternoon. LOL! :)
We finished around 9pm, just in time to tuck the kids into bed.
I think my PMS is coming on again because I had a terrible episode of not knowing what to wear. Ugh, it's annoying when this happens and my blog suffers a lot from my lack of inspiration. Wish I could find a way around this.
I've never been a big fan of skinny jeans but on days when it's raining, I think it's the only way to go. I hate getting the hems of my trousers wet.

I'm going back to my sewing now, looking forward to your sweet comments. Hope you all have a nice day.



Buky said…
WHY do you have my dream shoes?
I love those shoes.
I want them so bad!
Of course, your outfit is awesome.
Thanks for the Inspiration! :D
Looking good! I love the scarf with that jacket- they pair so well! Even if you don't have the inspiration you hope for, you still look amazing!
Metisse said…
I love the shoes! and the scarf! Thanks for leading me to your blog. I likey ;) Stay in touch!
Ann said…
your post reminded me that's it's time to take out those blazers and jackets again for a spin, ^^ here' to hoping the cool weather continues, ^^
YUI said…
love your simple outfit! <3
beautiful pics! :)

This doesn't look uninspired at all! I love your jacket!


cryskay said…
love this look. i adore your boots and scarf. xx
Aya said…
I was like "WHOA!" at your shoes! :D
Hannah said…
Gosh! loving those boots girl!
Polka Princess said…
Aaahhhhh!! Those shoes - bliss!
You are so beautiful in this outfit! I adore it. Those boots are FABULOUS and that scarf is just lovely. :)

And drinks in the afternoon sounds great to me! xoxo
your outfit is perfect ....the shoes ...I could die for .....

Daphne said…
I have the same scarf! :) Cute rainy day outfit! :)
Issa said…
wow, i like your shoes! and the blazer! gorgeous!
Burning Skies said…
I love your scarf! And your shoes are super perfect for the rain! :)

Btw, tagged you in an award!
Grace said…
I love skinny jeans! Your blog is so cute, I'm definitely following!

facebook, twitter, bloglovin'..haha all of them!

love your scarf ;)

xo Grace

ishna said…
Your shoes are TDF!

Idk, but I think you look quite laidback (despite the killer shoes). I love it. :)
The shoes leave me speechless.
I would not dare ... but they look great on you!
Joey said…
Urgggh I absolutely hate it when the hem of my jeans get wet, too. Love your scarf! Love the crowns. Mad awesome shoes!!
LiezyL said…
now i know what to wear in the rainy seasons. you might not know it, but your outfit choices does inspire your readers!
Melody said…
Those shoes are crazyy! (in a good way! lol) I don't think I would be able to walk in them but they are def. hot!
Florence said…
its so chic!

Pammy said…
I love your outfit! :P
Lisa and Kirana said…
hey, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :D OMG, AMAZING SHOES!!! AAA CRAVE FOR IT!!

Cylia said…
ahh your scarf.. beautiful:) I need one of those.
Anonymous said…
cristina petre said…
those shoes are so interesting! love the look!
you look so hot on the second photo! :D love your shoes geez! :D
Jonna said…
Love the shoes! x
Harija said…
i am in love with your shoes!

Cute outfit!

My Lyfe ; My Story

@MyLyfeMyStory on twitter
aki! said…
Lovely scarf and stunning lip color!

It-Blogirls said…
Such an amazing style
you look perfect!
Grande Jewelry said…
Love your outfit. Those shoes are so nice!

Following your blog now =) Hope u follow me too!!!
Kym said…
those shoes are badass, i love it! i know what you mean - i hate hate hateeee getting the bottom of my pants wet when it's raining. Especially when you take your shoes off when you get home and the wet part of your pants touches your socks. *cringe* haha!
Andrea Reh said…
Those boots are INSANE.

Just discovered your blog and will be following from now on - would be great if you stopped by mine sometime (and followed me too!).

Andrea x
Dee said…
This outfit ROCKS!
You look great in skinny jeans! I love those shoes girl and that army green jacket is fabulous! Kiah
KC said…
oh love the shoes! fierce fierce shoes!

Ida said…
Those shoes are insane! I was at Nordies once when a girl near me was trying them on. She said they were comfortable...

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