What I Wore Today: Maroon 5

Sorry for lack of better photos, I was alone when I was getting ready. So yup, I got to watch Maroon 5 at the last minute. I am not a super fan of Maroon 5 but I like their music. We were contemplating for the last month or so wether or not to purchase tickets but since me and C. have credit card debts needing to be paid, we decided to skip it. Fortunately, at around 5pm, the same day of the concert, I received a call from my best friend asking if I wanted to watch the concert with her for free. They managed to score some tickets through valuable connections. Of course, I said yes!

There was a storm that day and I was pretty sure we were going to have to trek from the parking lot to the events place so I decided to wear my Doc Martens. If there's one thing I hate, it's wet feet! This is what I wore:
Mustard Motorcycle Jacket - Croft and Barrow
Floral Dress - Glamour Studio
Sheer Stockings - Landmark
Bag- Accessorize
and Doc Martens
The concert was held in SMX which was basically something resembling a giant warehouse inside. No seats, no elevation. Since we only had bronze tickets, we were pretty far back from the stage (this made me wish I wore a pair of comfortable wedges instead). I could only catch a glimpse of the drummer's head the entire time. Good thing they had projectors so I could see what was going on on stage.
there's something about this photo that makes us both look really fat/wide! hehe

Before the concert started, there were these foam images floating in the air which said Fox. I guess Fox TV was their sponsor. They were quite interesting since it was the first time I have ever seen giant foam bubbles resembling words.

They're called Flogos. My over-all impression of Flogos? Yes, they're a new advertising/marketing tool. Anything new should cause quite a stir but I also think, just by looking at it, that they are terribly bad for the environment and tacky. So utterly "common" if you will (hehe).
These are the best shots of the concert I can share with you given my location:
The highlight of the concert for me other than when he sang old favorites from their first two albums was when Adam Levine performed their own rendition of the Alicia Keys hit, "If I Ain't Got You". The crowd went wild and his vocal range is amazing.
Overall, the Maroon 5 concert was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. And even if I didn't pay to get in this time, if I could turn back time, I would get a better ticket.
It was a no frills, pure talent concert and their rapport with the crowd was amazing. They really made an effort to communicate with their audience which their fans were more than happy to reciprocate with thunderous applause and shrieks from the fan girls. They sang more than 10 songs (I lost count after 11) and the entire concert lasted over an hour without an opening act. I am a big fan again! :)

The concert ended early since there was no opening act so we got to hang out in Chili's before heading home to knock back a few beers and a plate of fries and eggrolls. Yum!

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Have A Nice Day!



DeBi said…
your jacket is love!

wasnt able to watch it cause i dont like them too, but their music is okay.
Unknown said…
oh my, thanks for this! i really love their music and im such a sucker for not going. boo!
Dee said…
Love the outfit! The first thing I thought of when I saw it was London. ♥
Yay for free tickets! Having wet feet is one of my pet peeves as well. Haha! Love your boots and jacket!


Yay for free tickets! Having wet feet is one of my pet peeves as well. Haha! Love your boots and jacket!


Mihaela said…
Lovely outfit.I love your jacket!

I have new post on my blog and I need your opinion :]
What a chic outfit! ^___^
Sounds like a fun night! I haven't been to a concert in a long time- definitely need to go to at least one over the summer!
Michelle said…
Ohmygosh! You're so lucky! I would have killed for free tickets! Huge fan of theirs. But concert tickets never seem to be in the budget for me.
Anonymous said…
Free tickets are the best... great music... Looks like you guys had a blast... Good times! Great photo's!...Priceless!

Take care.
Anupriya DG said…
Love your mustard jacket!!! And that last pic looks like such fun! :)
You´re so lucky you got a free ticket! I love the songs of Maroon 5 specially those from the 1st album.

Oh and that pop of color from your mustard yellow jacket made the whole outfit standout! ;)
cherry arceo said…
Lucky you!!! I really wanted to see them but I have work that night. :(
Sam said…
Love your jacket (but isn't it hot? haha!) So jealous you got to watch Maroon 5!!

Shasie said…
I like old school Maroon 5 when they first were becoming popular

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Hazel said…
wow such fun night! lucky for your bestfriend to get free tix for you guys :) i'm a huge fan of maroon 5 and sucks that i wasn't able to watch their 2nd concert here in manila :(
Chyrel Gomez said…
aww! i wish i could have come with you for this one. maybe third time's the charm. :)