What I Wore Today: Mixed Prints + Feature

Great reason to celebrate, I finally learned how to do a stupid screenshot! Hahaha! I don't know if my keyboard is weird or my mind is, but I found it really difficult to learn. Wasted a couple features cause of my ignorance! So yey, +10 techie points for me.

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!!! :)

outfit: diy coin necklace, elephant necklace, striped shirt worn "kriss-kross" style but with a knot, nava skirt, accessorize bag, possiblity color block wedges

At my workstation, working on a maxi skirt :)

I got featured for a Mom's Day special on style bible along with a few other very stylish blogger moms. The feature is accompanied by an interview, if you'd like to see the full article, you can click this link: http://www.stylebible.ph/fashion/trendspotting/blogger-challenge-moms-in-fashion

Also, I was chosen as Look of the Day on shoeternity again but this time, I got to take a screenshot! Woohoo! If you have time, it would be really cool if you could vote for me so I can make look of the week, just go to shoeternity.com

It's "Pacquiao Day" today but I'm not really as excited as I used to be, his fights are becoming a little too predictable for my taste. He always wins, but I'm still watching the replay. No more pay per view for this family!

Happy Mum's Day again!

ps. it's tradition, I always talk about the weather, can I just say that I woke up to lovely weather today? :)



Shasie said…
Love you maxi skirt! So fun!

Live Life in Style
Unknown said…
super love your outfit, sarah! :) happy mother's day to you<3

Gillian Uang said…
Those wedges are adorable! Congrats on the feature!

Natalie Suarez said…
super cute! i love ur style! :)

Chyrel Gomez said…
yay! love that you know how to do the print screen na! manny won and omg! that only means more money for the family. haha! i can only imagine mommy d and her new hermes bag.
Ar-Ar Malalis said…
OMG I looove the Maxi Skirt! bagay kaya sa akin yan?? lol lookin good!
Mary Ann said…
wow-love what u did with the shirt! ^^ congrats on the feature! ^^ Happy Mom's day! ^^
Leia said…
I love your slouchy top! And congrats on the feature :)

The maxi skirt is gorgeous! And congrats on all of your features :) xxx
Kristie said…
Congrats on the feature! And what a pretty pair of wedges those are. :)
joei ♥ said…
Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. You're pretty & I love your outfits! ;) follow each other?

Happy Mother's Day!

Definitely, Maybe
Hollie said…
Gosh! those are the most gorgeous platform sandals I've ever seen!
Unknown said…
love the shoessss! :))
Juseneide said…
hi,tks for your visit :D
nice wedghes!!
00000 said…
Waaaaaaa I LOVE YOUR WEDGES! They are to die for! I love your skirt too, I must try wearing a maxi skirt habang summer pa!

Congratulations on the feature and Happy Mother's Day! :)

PS: I tagged you HERE!

Lee of [Caffeinated Epiphanies]
Anonymous said…
Great skirt !

Lucía said…
So original! Thanks for you comment :)
Pau Villafuerte said…
Your such a stylish mum! Happy Mother's Day to you!

<3 Paulyn
Unknown said…
awesome outfit and color combo! you really are one fashionable momma! nacurios lang ako, ano ba yung "kriss-kross" style? and huzzah for the screenshots and the features!

mikenbecca said…
I love your sandals, so cute naman!!!
Aki No Yuutsu said…
I love your wedges!!!
Hazel said…
you forgot this: http://www.stylebible.ph/mystyle/look-of-the-day/gallery/825 :D that's you right?? and congrats for being able to figure out how to screenshot HAHA! happy mother's day :D
Lisa and Kirana said…
happy mothers daaaay :) xo

visit mine?
thanks for all the compliments, well wishes and greetings! today was the best mother's day i've ever had :)
@liezyl: im wearing my shirt baliktad!! hehe :)
Raquel said…
Congrats on your features! I like how you're wearing horizontal stripes on both pieces of your outfit!
Caro P. said…
Happy Mother's Day to this fashionable mommy! Hope u enjoyed your day!
Love your wedges and the crazy mixing prints, looks cool! :D
Kisses from Buenos Aires
Unknown said…
Congrats on the features!
I didnt know you're a mom! you look so young! :)

GretchTM said…
Congrats on the feature. Your maxi skirt is adorable. Happy Mother's day to you!
Melody said…
Love the colors and mixed prints!

Happy Mother's Day!!
caise said…
you looked gorgeous!
and I love your shoes! :))
Anonymous said…
That outfit is SUPPERRRR fun!


Fashionistable said…
Great happy outfit. Wonderful shoes. Xxxx
Love this outfit and those shoes are to die for!
Anupriya DG said…
Congratulations on the features dear......you deserve to be on both of 'em! :)

Loving the way you've mixed the stripes & florals.....& those shoes are wow!!
Ramona said…
Congrats on feature!
OMG! You look so amazing , so bohemian chic! Love this look from head to toe!

xoxo Ra
Emily said…
I would never have thought of mixing that skirt with stripes, but you totally make it look effortless.

Anonymous said…
Those shoes are great! Really loving open platforms as of late.
Now following you :)
Mia E said…
i love your shoes! where did you get them? :) so nice! :)

nice outfit! btw, happy mothers day :)
oomph. said…
small kine drooling over those shoes!! they are FAB! love the maxi, too!

cristina petre said…
love your top!
and congrats!
KC said…
you're the second fashion mom i've encountered on the internet. i admire moms who have the time to keep their selves pretty and stylish.

Haze said…
I love your outfit, specially the skirt!