What I Wore Today: Preview

No, I wasn't featured! (for international readers:Preview is the name of a local fashion magazine)LOL! There's just a little story behind these photos...

So usually, the story everyday is that I get dressed and Dennis takes a couple of quick snapshots before we head out the door for our respective appointments. We are most of the time in such a hurry that I don't get to screen the photos 'til it's time to upload them, usually the following morning.
When I put this outfit on, it immediately had me feeling like a nonchalant fashion editor or fashion buyer who meant all business but still manages to remain chic. Like in the Jan-Feb issue of Preview with Liz Uy on the cover, they featured a few editors and some other people in fashion sporting a similar look which is what they called "borrowing from the boys". The mag also said to keep your hands in your pockets most of the time for that added effect. So I did. Haha!
And then I saw the photos this morning and because of the angle of the shots (naks because of the angle daw! lol) I look like my hips are a mile wide! But Dennis said, I looked good but Dennis loves me and he's not allowed to say anything else for fear of not having a warm meal, so I don't really know. I like the side view shot:
This is one of the pairs of shoes I got for Mum's Day. They're really comfortable and I reckon they'll be great for travelling too. Score and score.
Hope you liked my little story! :) You can still vote for me on Shoeternity.com if you have time. I really wanna win a pair of shoes cause I don't wanna spend on any more. You can also upload your pics for a chance to win any pair from Bakers! :)

Have a nice Sunday! :)



D said…
Your husband is right. You look really good! :)
Smolder Me said…
i love this look..casual chic!
Katie said…
This outfit is sooo to die for! I love everything about it! The colors, the relaxed shirt and cuffed pants...
ProprPostur said…
Loving the fit of the trousers :)

Unknown said…
oh my, youre wearing the shoes that ive been meaning to buy but cant due to money and practicability concerns! i really am jealous! ;( also, sayang naman at wala akong issue na yun ng preview. nevertheless, you look good! nvm the hips! :)
Aileen Kim said…
fashion buyer/fashion editor....yes indeed!!! This ensemble look so comfortable plus the shoes are just so appropriate!!! Love your little story darling and you do look beautiful...hips or no hips!!!
Haze said…
YOu look amazing! I love this outfit!

is there any photo that you don't look fab girl? u always look so awesome :))

http:// geishcharles.blogspot.com
Valerie said…
Really nice outfit! Love the shoes especially, can I ask where you got them? thanks! :D xx

Mrs Vintage said…
Yr pants are great!!

Aya said…
LOL at the cold meal! Will vote for you :)

BTW, I'm having a giveaway right now. Check it out if you're interested:D http://bit.ly/iDkwNQ
Anonymous said…
thanks for the comment, this outfit is gorgeous! especially those shoes x

Laura SD said…
Oh, I like your boats! Thanks for your comment! Now I follow you..
besos guapa
Anonymous said…
i just love your trousers!

Perfumed Red Shoes
Anonymous said…
A great easy outfit! Love the borrowing!
Anupriya DG said…
Like the whole look - very casual chic! And those shoes look absolutely drool-worthy! Great gifts, I must say!! :)
I really like this look. I don't think your hips look big- you can totally tell is the material and not actually you. Looks cute and super comfy as well!
mistytewest said…
gorgeous dear...you never fail to look amazing...and your shoes...those are just pretty!!!!

I love the simplicity of your outfit :0 I wish I felt comfy in trousers :( I would love a pair like these :)

Love, Vanilla

Vera Liane Rea said…
Your husband's right, you look amazing. Well the angle of the shot, does that to a woman's hips but then again, I bet if he changed the angle, you'd still look amazing. Only few people can pull off pants like that, so wow, sexy woman :D Ufff so true, you do look like those editors out for an errand. Probably fab sunglasses to top off the look? :D Lovely blog! Definitely following :)
Caro P. said…
Denni's is right! he's not saying it just because he wants a warm meal!
I like this look so much... it is like i said once your style was...so fresh and wearable!
Big kiss!
Lisa said…
Hehe cute story!! I think you look gorgeous though the paints look very stylish and chic on you!
Nekiah Torres said…
You look awesome! I love those pants!! WOW! Your cute wedge boots are perfect with them!! Thank you for your comment my sweet friend! Kiah
Jackie said…
I love your cool chic outfit! I want pants like yours :)

Don't be silly. You look great and you do not look hippy. I love those pants.

LOVE those shoes. And those pants look so comfy and yet are so elegant. :)
Anonymous said…
it's a nice casual outfit! love the pants!
Hazel said…
ohh you still look gorgeous in that angle!! :) and funny little story about the photos :P
Jeanne Khe said…
I love your trousers and your top? Where's you get them? So pretty! I love this outfitttt! :)

Btw, I dropped by SM yesterday, and their pumps are already out!!! :))
cryskay said…
i adore the simplicity of this outfit. white top, khaki pants, boots. i would totally wear this! xx
Issa said…
i really love that white top! and that pants!
Shasie said…
Cute pants, I love the fit

Live Life in Style
Loving the fit of the trousers :)

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