What I Wore Today: Sushi

Wore this for lunch out in a nearby Japanese restaurant, it was a little windy outside but still very, very hot. I ordered a Chirashi Don which is really good, refreshing and light for hot days. Just in case you don't know what a Chirashi Don is, it's a raw sushi rice topping on sushi rice which usually consists of raw tuna, salmon, squid, crab sticks and egg. Really, really good :)

I wasn't supposed to include this photo but I thought it was funny...
  1. I kinda remind me of Cousin It from the Addams Family ( is that his name? the hairy uncle?)
  2. I just realized that my shoes match my hair! I think they're almost the exact same color. hehe :)

Bought me a beautiful pair of color block wedges from Possibility yesterday. I love them sooo much. Will show you in a couple days. And I hope this is the last shoe purchase I make in 3 months. Wanna bet on it??? :)

Have a nice day! I just wanna give a shout out to Tara of Haute Lunch, she just got engaged! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :)

Later peeps!



iamjillyace said…
Oooh, love this combo! wanna see the colorblocked wedges!
Mary Ann said…
excited to see the shoes, ^^
and I love ur pants! I can't seem to pull off that look, ^^
Hautepot said…
Yo sarah...this is so not helping but I found the Jeffrey Campbell Litas in your size! Check out http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-lita-black-distressed-leather/index.html

Solestruck offers free shipping worldwide too :)) Good luck!

P.S. I don't want to spend any more too!!! Where'd you get your bag? It's nice
lana naman e!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha! i know they ship worldwide free but i have to buy two pairs!!!! hahaha, ive been spending so much, di ko na kerry! hahaha! kakainis, you got the wheels in my head turning again! the bag is my mom's, borrowed it lang. sell some of your stuff to me! love your things.

ps. i can't comment on your blog, the form doesn't appear :(
Jonessa said…
I looove your wedges and trousers!:)
Chyrel Gomez said…
yeah, your shoes and hair does have the same color. haven't received your email, yet. :)
Unknown said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! You have a really cute blog! I think it would be better if you would make the pics larger, but still just my opinion!
have an idea: follow each-other?:
xoxo Kiki
D said…
I'm inlove with your whole outfit!!!! :)

I bet you WILL purchase another pair within 3 months! haha
The Cat Hag said…
Hey Sweetie,

You look beautiful in this ensemble. :)

I love Japanese food, but can't get to eating the raw stuff, haha unless eating raw seaweed and jelly fish count?

The Cat Hag
Aie Corpuz said…
lovely colors!!!
Unknown said…
Sweet - love the color of the top!
Have a lovely weekend!
Valerie said…
Adore the shoes and wedge! Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Been a fan of yours for awhile now. =)

Grace said…
These wedges are awesome, love your trousers too you rock them so well. Yay! : )
Tessa said…
love the orange and blue going on ^__^ and as always... the shoes! :)

have a nice day :)
Roma is Love said…
I won't bet on that! I don't want you feeling guilty for buying stuff that'll make you happy. (haha...perfectly explained by another shoe addict)
Roma is Love said…
I won't bet on that! I don't want you feeling guilty for buying stuff that'll make you happy. (haha...perfectly explained by another shoe addict)
Unknown said…
awesome color combo! i like the color of you hair too! and oh, good luck on the shoe diet!
Roma is Love said…
I won't bet on that! I don't like you feeling guilty for buying stuff that'll make you happy. (haha..perfectly explained by a true shoe addict)
Leah said…
It's the orange tote that got me! Haha I wants it!! :P
Burning Skies said…
I love the color of your top! And your shoes are so nice! Are they comfy? I'm thinking of buying the same pair but in black :)
Mrs Vintage said…
Hello, Ms effplant's chronicles, thanks so much for yr comments on my blog, I love yr blog :)

I have just followed you, just wondering will u follow mine as well?

Love the colour blocking of this outfit!
A Fine Balance said…
I love the shoes! will see if it is the last pair you purchase in three months haha :)

Ioana Liliana said…
Love the color combination, and the shoes are to die for :)

Nekiah Torres said…
There's my "BESTIE"!! lol I am totally loving these colors on you girl! You look fabulous in teal! WOW! That yellow skinny belt is a wonderful contrast with it and I love that you paired it with neutral colors. The orange bag is a lovely bold accent! You look marvelous darling!! Kiah
Y said…
I love the look! Your heels are so gorgeous!

Check my blog. :) http://fallingfromthestarss.blogspot.com
i love the outfit and the color combo, great shoes too..:) thanks for the comment hope you visit me again..:D

your new follower,
Chiara said…
I LOVE THE WEDGES!!! ( sorry for the caps! it's just, i really want them)

AnnKiins'♥ said…
Awesome outfit, I'm loving the brightness of the shirt in comparision to the pants c:
Great outfit, loving those trousers :D
Unknown said…
I just found your blog through Tinfoils Tiaras. I love every single outfit on your main page so deciding to follow was a no-brainer. I especially like the wide-legged jeans with tan accessories and a striped skirt, and your 'toned-down' colourblock ensemble.
- Kat

Anupriya DG said…
Loving the whole color blocked outfit!!! :)
noone said…
aww I love those pants very much, and they go so well with your wedges
Anne said…
love this outfit! the bag is very pretty.
Bonnie said…
I noticed that your shoes basically match your hair, and I think that is totally flippin' rad.
It makes me love you that much more.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
The shoes and the bag are great x
Hi there ! Thanks for dropping by :), I totally agree with your comment :) haha
By the way, you look gorgeous !
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE those wedges :)
Kimberly said…
great outfit love the colors and adore the shoes!

Joey said…
Love the colour blocking! Great wedges, too!
Love the color combination! I can't wait to see your new wedges! Thanks so much for the shout out- my fiance and I really appreciate the warm wishes! :)
cristina petre said…
love the outfit! the color combination is gorgeous and those shoes are amazing!
Lloyda said…
i super love the outfit! :)
Sarah said…
I adore the vibrant color of your top!
Jadore-Fashion said…
Love your shoes, cute outfit!


MariloĆ© said…
This is really great and your shoes are awesome!
Shall we follow each other (via google friends)? Would mean a lot to me :) . Let me know
Dee said…
You have such wonderful taste in shoes! I love almost everything you've worn! And your outfits, as always, are amazing!