What I Wore Today: Zombie Apocalypse + Armageddon

Finally, an outfit post. :) I'm still PMS-ing and waiting for my period to arrive while I endure terrible bouts of sluggishness, stomach cramps, hot flushes and migraines. According to my pinkpad, I'm scheduled to get it tomorrow. Same day the world is supposed to end?

Today, I just have on a very simple outfit. Maxi skirts are fast becoming my daily uniform. They're so easy and comfortable plus when you pair it with a loose top, they're very (PMS) bloat-friendly :):

Top - Summersault
Maxi - DIY
Shoes - SM Parisian
Bag - Mom's

Are you guys a little freaked out about all this talk about the world ending on May 21, 2012? There are so many theories from one as absurd as a zombie apocalypse, a ginormous worldwide quake and some asteroids or a planet called X that will collide with ours. I was laughing it all off this morning but throughout the day, I was confronted by the issue several times and although I'm not really freaked out, I started to get a little bothered...and the humidity of the day was really getting to me too. Anyway, if you have heard about these rumors and are a little worried, maybe you should try reading this article: http://coupmedia.org/christianity/armageddon-may-21-2011-judgement-day-1501
Made me feel much better afterwards. :)

May 21 can't be the end of the world, my daughter and my best friend's birthday is on May 22 and we've already got plans nothing that involves evacuation! :)

I honestly don't think the world will end tomorrow so if you're not busy hoarding groceries and buying bullets for your shotguns to ward off zombies...( maybe it's time to invest in some pea shooters!)

Thanks guys! Hope you all have a nice, armageddon-free weekend! :)



ice pandora said…
I'm abit scared of the idea of world end somewhere in 2012 :'D
Even i'm not sure if its real.. altho there has been alot of tragidy happening in the world right now...

anyways Love the shoes! Very nice ^__^

Hazel said…
there's even a time indicated... at 6pm!!! gahh instead of being freaked out, i'm annoyed! :| anyway, i love the pattern of your maxi skirt:)
Unknown said…
funny thing is, im not bothered if the world ends today or on 2012. oh well...
Caro P. said…
Yaaayy an outfit post again! i was missing them 'cause your style is incredbly inspiring!
Im a little sick of the whole Judgement Day thing... it's no possible for me, im turning 25 in July and i was planning to celebrate it big time, i cant reschedule that! hehe
Beside.... zombies!? c'mmon! that freaking twisted!
Big kiss!
Caro :)
Ayieh said…
Voted for your fab look!!! Check out mine too=)

D said…
Your shoes are wicked!!! I love it. :)
Sam said…
I honestly think it's just a hoax of some sort. I really believe that no one can predict the end of the world. But aside from that, I am in love with your shoes!

potpie du monde said…
As usual- you look gorgeous! the shoes & skirt is so chic!
Unknown said…
awwwwww--seeing these shoes in this color made me regret getting the black one!!

overall, a chic look:)

Stella said…
ahhh absolutely loving the print on your maxi dress and the flawless pairing of the sweater over it! you look amazing!!

Hollie said…
Dang! Killer shoes!
oomph. said…
haha, my bday is the 21st, so that would REALLY be sad!!

again, amazeballs shoes!! love that they are a neutral color and go with probably evvrything!

Shasie said…
The last time I heard about the world ending it was December 12, 2012, or December 21, 2012. Even though the documentaries on the history channel are cool, I like to believe that we will never know when the end is coming as predicted in Revelations, but I believe there will be signs.

Great skirt too! Love the print

Live Life in Style
jess said…
I love the print on your skirt.
Anonymous said…
hi!:) im a huge fan! i love your blog!!.. you have such lovely style.. and i love your looks! very chic! love that shoes so much.. ;) i followed your blog.. ;)

hope we could follow each other.. that would be a pleasure :)

gorgeous outfit and awesome shoes. PMS sucks but thank God it's not forever.

Anonymous said…
- i love busy pattern of your maxi.

- i dont know why topics about apocalypse or end of the world has been circulating in the net ever since the y2k started. maybe theres a reason, though i am not an advocate about making people freak out about this matter. i have heard that the earth is shifting. the north pole is now at the position of where russia is located.
Mary Ann said…
peashooters! ^^w/c reminds me to play P vs. Z later today lols
^^ loving ur outfit, as usual! ^^
Harija said…
love your outfit - it's extremely cute=)
Ashley said…
You look beautiful! xx
Great skirt and booties.

simplychic said…
cool print and fancy shoes! love it :)
Emma said…
fantastic print on your skirt and i love those shoes
Anonymous said…
amazing shoes!
Unknown said…
I love your shoes and the fun print on the dress! Yeah I don't buy any of that "the world is ending" nonsense either. 2000 was suppose to be a big deal with Y2k and all, but nothing happened then either!
ari said…
your shoes are amazing!!
Your skirt and shoes are so fab! ;)
Issa said…
i love that shoes! so fab!
Anonymous said…
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