What I Wore Today: 7x7

Are you guys familiar with Kandi Everyday's 30x30 remix? When I first came across it, I was really tempted to join the challenge but I got lazy and didn't feel like putting myself on such a strict shopping ban for 30 days plus documenting all 30 items of clothing I was planning to use for that month and taking individual photos of them. Lately however, I find myself doing my own kind of remix. A 7x7 if you mainly because of our laziness to pick up our laundry at the laundromat. LOL :) Good thing the weather has been cooperating with my recent change in outfitting myself. So yes, that is the same shirt and the same pair of shorts from a couple of days ago. I only wore them for a couple of hours in an airconditioned setting so don't worry. I still don't smell. :P

Look, my LITA's :D (I just feel like such a proud parent beaming with pride. I really, really want to go back and get another pair if they still have any in my size). They are the comfiest pair of heels ever! You sometimes tend to forget you're in 5 inch platforms and start running all over the place until oops, you loose your balance and it's not a very pretty sight.

From day to night. After doing so and so, we met up with some friends for a few drinks. I didn't have the chance to dress up anymore so I just put on my favorite cargo jacket over it since it was a bit chilly. Hooray! My first street shot! (thanks Pat :)) Can you guess what street I'm standing in?

That's it for now. I've been fixing my multiply page again after such a long time! I'm thinking it might be easier to manage my maxi skirt and turban orders there. It'll be up and runningin a couple of days (I hope). Plus, I have a new surprise that I've been working on and hope you like. Will post it tom so stay tuned. Good Night :)

You can view my multiply page here: http://sarahtirona.multiply.com/


D said…
I love your Lita's!!!! :)
Smolder Me said…
envy your lita's...:) i lost my balance thru wearing a platform recently, and broke my arm..augh! but seeing those lita's is just too tempting - cheryl
Alicia said…
I absolutely ADORE your outfit!!The shoes, parka, lace & top...just great!
Alicia Mi Mundo
The lita's look gorgeous on you!! love it! too bad i still can't afford them and my mom isn't really a fan of JC's :( But lookin good!!

Yes, try gong cha!! its really good!:D
Pretty Glitters said…
OMG! nice outfit! love the shoes!

Carys said…
This outfit is so pretty, awesome shoes too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue
Anupriya DG said…
Love your shorts & the over-sized clutch! :)
Emily said…
You look so pretty! I really like those shorts; they're super cute. And that clutch is perfect! It's a great size and I love the color.

sugar sugar said…
love your shoes! x) i also like your whole outfit. =)
joei ♥ said…
You look great! :)

Follow each other?

Definitely, Maybe
love it! such nice colours x

Shasie said…
Those shorts are so adorable!

Live Life in Style
Janelle said…
i love how you put your outfit together! you could be in the sartoriaLIST :)
GretchTM said…
I still adore your shorts and those shoes are really cute. You look great!
Anonymous said…
Those shoes are amazing! You always put such nice outfits together!
Roxanne said…
everything looks nice in your outfit.. stay pretty :)

Unknown said…
im so excited over your lita's!
Roma is Love said…
I miss you fashioneggplant! :) you haven't changed one bit..your shoes still rock! :) happy fathers' day to your hubby :D mmmwah! :)
ahhh those are the cutest shoes! ii remember when you blogged about getting them! they look awesome on you :]

and thanks for the comment! im kinda happy that we have a console at home, so i wont get bored. then again, i should do something a bit more productive too.

Cucu said…
Love that outfit! Looks amazing. :)

Michelle said…
Jealous of the shoes. :( LOL

You look great though!
hazel said…
i sometimes do that as well, repeating clothes i mean. especially if i've worn them for like, a couple of hours max only. :))
That clutch is so gorgeous! Perfect for the all cream/biege ensemble. ;)
Anonymous said…

oh.. so nice post.)
Love your blog.))

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1. Why did you create a blog?
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3. How long will it keep going?
Unknown said…
I'm so in love with your outfit is super feminine and chic and your clutch and shoes are absolutely fabulous.

I noticed that I'm following you on Facebook but don't think we're following each other's blogs. Come visit me and maybe we can follow each other if you like.

<3 Marina
Hollie said…
lovely outfit! your shoes are stunning!
chic styling!!:-) lovely Lita's!! I want them in all colors!!!!!! huhu!:-)
Shopgirl Jen said…
love the shoes! i was able to try them on when i went to fashion forum over the weekend. love it! too bad it's too high for me :( oh well. but, u look great!love the whole outfit! :)
Caro P. said…
Yayyy! the first outfit with the Lita's! i wish i could find them here in BA!
Love that look, it looks comfy and fresh... the orange touch was like the cherry on the top!
carinamodella said…
a crochet skirt? that was nice and sexy :)
belle said…
you've braved the rain with your lita? I admire you!!! :)