What I Wore Today: Born Slippy

My face in these photos came out really weird and awkward. Like I have a half-smile on. These were taken really hurriedly as usual but in even a less amount of time. Wore this to meet someone from a local label for a possible collaboration. Nothing formal, just a very casual meeting in their store.
And yes, another score from the Bloggers United bazaar, a blazer by Kate Torralba for Paper Dolls. A little back story on the blazer...this is actually my second. I am wearing the khaki version in one of my first ever blog posts HERE! I wanted it in black when I bought the khaki but they were all out everywhere, or so they said, so imagine my surprise when I saw my size hanging in KTPD's corner at the bazaar. I grabbed it right away without even checking the price. But to my amazement, it was down to P499 from the P2000 I bought the khaki one for! I love this KTPD line from several seasons ago. It's so Prada-ish! :)
Recently, I am finding my Alexa a little too big and heavy :(

I couldn't resist!!!! hahaha, eye candy galore!!!! :) Chyrel, cue in shreik! hahaha
He's so perfect there has to be something wrong with him somewhere...I wonder what???

anyway, I am now accepting orders for the maxi skirts you see so frequently on my blog. If you want to see the color swatches, just email me at eggplantchronicler@gmail.com. Length is customizable.

have a great weekend!

live green.


Yna Amores said…
I love love your shoes! Love the lug sole. :)

and your daughter is so adorable. :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog!
yay! i love KT's collections! love the blazer sarah:))
Mordrian said…
super kuwaii!
Great shoes

x mordrian
Bree said…
your shoes are awesome! I love the color and texture!

socialitedreams said…
gah, i adore those shoes! so cute

and he is HOT, i agree, yummmmy
I like the blazer! Lucky you to find it at the bazaar!!!
oomph. said…
i love the cuffs on the blazer! i have been loving blazers over everything lately!

roberto syrious said…
totally love them!!!
hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same

Syriously in Fashion
Hollie said…
Love this outfit! so casual looking even though its black... and those shoes are just ugh! lovet!
ChiccaStyle said…
Lovely outfit!!!Nice shoes!
disco in moscow said…
you look so lovely, i adore your shoes and bag! <3


Valerie said…
Love, love your shoes! Thanks for letting me know where you got them. I've yet to find them but I'm hoping I will soon! :) Your title just reminded me of how obsessed I was with Underworld. Gorgeous outfit! xx
Arianne said…
How do those shoes feel? They look awesome but I don't know how well I'd walk in them.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea
@arnique: they're the comfiest! comfy enough for travelling :)
Style With K said…
i like your shoes so much!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )
Unknown said…
Cute outfit!!! I love your bag & your shoes!! You look great :)


Kirstin Marie
Mrs Vintage said…
Love yr shoes!!

Unknown said…
I love your bag and the blazer! Little details like the lining on the inside of the cuffs really gets me :)
Angelic said…
Your blog is so cute & so is Ed Westwick!
Julian said…
Thanks for your comment! :) Those shoes are amazing! And I think I need to visit Penshoppe more often. haha!
Nadia said…
Love the blazer and the shoes, very classy! :) xx
Layered Black said…
this outfit is perfection! Love it!
Unknown said…
argh, its those shoes again! I WANT!!
Shasie said…
Love the cuffs on the jacket

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Steph said…
hi! where did you buy your shoes? :)
Elbertine Lau said…
I'm absolutely digging this androgynous look of yours. Casual but stylish!

Drop by if you have the time:)