What I Wore Today: DIY Casino

My rainy day solution:

I wish there was a cheaper option, but this was the best solution I could come up with :P And besides, I've been losing sleep over these and I just couldn't resist the temptation any longer...I finally gave in. I'm such a shoe whore!

Wore this for some adult time among friends last Saturday night. We went to Salon de Ning which was brimming with ex-pats and half their age pinays all looking to score that night. It was still fun but we had to leave after a few hours to prevent our wallets from further getting sucked dry. Beer is P200 each you know... :S

Afterwards, we tried Robot but it was just too full for our old asses so we headed to Dillinger's instead for a couple more drinks before finally calling it a night.
While at Salon de Ning, Dennis noticed a table of guys constantly checking me out, he was getting pissed already when he realized that they were gay and were actually checking out my outfit and not me! LOL :)

DIY gold kimono coat(?), DIY cami, DIY Bandage Skirt, stockings from landmark, JC Lita's vintage Pierre Cardin clutch

my new friend :D
I just have to shoot a few more pairs of shoes and bags 'til I open up my closet sale on FB, if you want to be updated as to when this closet sale is happening, just "Like" my FB page.

Thanks guys, have a nice day! :)

maxi skirts, camisoles and turbans still for sale, email eggplantchronicler@gmail.com or click on appropriate right rail box.


Mxx said…
Ha ha! Love your outfit. Definitely something our gay friends would appreciate! =)
Jing Ocay said…
that cardi is a DIY?galing!i understand why those guys are staring at you.hot ng outfit eh! ;)
Mary Ann said…
waaahhhhhhhhhh ^^ Buti ka pa! ^^ 2 n sila, lols.

Btw, our company did the construction of Salon De Ning,=) I think some design were too gaudy for my taste, lols but anyway, it's what they wanted. & 200 each?lols, mahal kc nagastos nila jan, promise! ^^
@Ann: i love the interiors of Salon de Ning, I find it so bohemian! I want my bedroom to be reminiscent of the place. Help me out? hehe :D
@mariel: lol, ikr? basta anything flashy na diva-ish! hahaha
✿Sie✿ said…
as always naman ms.eggplant you look pretty..but this outfit really fits you..ganda :)
Wow, congrats on your second pair of Litas! You definitely look irresistable kaya pati gays hooked sayo. Hehehe!


A N A G O N said…
I love it! And benta ang mga beckys a, checking out on your outfitey hehehe :D Ok nga sa dillingers, medyo naaayon na sa edad ko hehehe ;)
Excited for your clothing shop Sarah! :)
Shasie said…
Great shoes!! I love all your DIYs in this outfit

Live Life in Style
Unknown said…
the gold coverup is DIY?!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
AS said…
wait i want to know more about this gold kimono it is AMAZING!!
lav said…
you look fabulous with that outfit! no wonder people are checking you out :)
DIY? you did it? woww! amazing girl. :) and hey, here's your dress post! :) you look great. no wonder gays were checking you out! :) Gays do really have a great sense of style! :)


Suporta sa Pinay Bloggers. :)
Anupriya DG said…
LOVE that gold number you have on! And all that stuff are DIY??? You are one talented seamstress I must say... :)
Toni Rose said…
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know what to say so ill just leave a

<3 <3

Issa said…
wow! this is indeed a hot outfit! i love your gold coat and your shoes are to die for! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi sarah! You look absolutely stunning in that gold cover up of yours. In any case, are you gonna make some of those and sell it? I really love it. =)
ghoent said…
haha cute! that's probably because of your beautiful shoes too, kaya di nila mapigilang tignan ka. =P
Ag said…
really loving that gold jacket!
wow, love your shoes!!

belle said…
well hello there fellow Lita lover...now I don't feel too insane for buying two. :D

I love the flashy gold kimono! and thumbs up for the being a DIY genius.
Unknown said…
OMG! my jaw really dropped! IKAW NA TALAGA!! THE SHOES!!!!

p.s i love the DIY kimono. natawa lang din ako sa story of the gay guys.
Anonymous said…
one word for that sequined jacket ... stunning! perfect accessories!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries
MommyRo said…
You go girl! Love the boots ... and the DIY cardigan is awesome!!!
Thanks for visiting my site! Returning the follow!
Ro :)
Mimi said…
This kimono coat is so cute. I love that it adds fun and sparkle to the outfit;)

Many Layers Monday
Brigita said…
That jacket is so cool. I really like it. And of course the jeffreys.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Come back for more @
X Brigita
Romina said…
Generally I don't like this kind of shoes, but on you look simply gorgeous, even because you have a great taste in fashion :)

Pieter said…
Fabulous outfit!
Lovely clutch and heels :) x

Laura Tenshi said…
Love those Litas, I don't blame you for buying two pairs.
I wish I could find such a great gold jacket like yours.
ninasayshello said…
ahhhh a new baby!! good for youuuu :)) great DIYs love your kimono, cami, and skirt!
t said…
Great outfit!

theversastyle said…
oooo lita vs. lita!!
haha! love it

Michelle said…
I absolutely loooooove the coat!!!!
Gellie Abogado said…
i love your shoes! it goes really well with your outfit. just followed your blog. will surely anticipate for your next outfits. :D

much love,
Wow these shoes are amazing! I love chunky heels (I need some!). Thanks for visitng my blog xx
Unknown said…
Love the coat/coverup!!! :)
Shopgirl Jen said…
super love the whole outfit! congrats on the two litas!! :)
DailyGlamour said…
ta veste est parfaite !