What I Wore Today: Good Morning Sunshine!

I'm sorry if my outfit posts have been quite predictable lately. I just noticed while going through my photos that I often blog in this trend: skirt, skirt skirt, pants, pants, pants, shorts, shorts, shorts. But lately it's been shorts, shorts, shoooorts. Blame it on the Lita's. They just go so well with shorts and I love looking at them so I still don't feel like hiding it under a maxi. I'm not a fan of skinny jeans either and I feel uncomfortable in dresses but I might just give the latter a try so you guys get a much deserved break from my shorts posts. :D
Wore this to do some errands yesterday. It was really hot and humid while I was dressing up so I decided to go with a lightweight tee and shorts, but during mid-day, the rain just started pouring down in sheets! Good thing I had my trusty cargo jacket with me cause it got COLD!

My bag has been redundant too and my shoes :( So sorry, will try to mix things up a little bit more in my next few posts. I just love the brightness of the yellow in my shirt. There's something about this shade that makes me feel instantly happy when I put it on :)

So here I go again, I'm rolling in debt right now due to excessive spending...(of course right? why else?:S) If anyone there wants to order any more maxi skirts or turbans, I'm still selling them. Help keep me off the streets! Email: eggplantchronicler@gmail.com

That's it for now, good night :-x


Flo said…
very nice stripes!

Sam said…
Love love looove your shoes and just your whole outfit! I'm sure you'll be able to sell those skirts and turbans in no time! :)

Michelle said…
Khlaren said…
Your top is so cute! And I love your shoes! I'd wear them over and over again if I had a pair hahahha too bad I don't. :( =))))
DeBi said…
your outfit is loove
niknok said…
im so in love with this! love the top, shorts and shoes!!!
Loveee the stripes! SO cute <33
Janelle said…
so cute! i would wear this :)
Roma is Love said…
I will not blame you for showing off that pair of shoes! They're gorge! And that bright orange purse, just the right pop of color to brighten up even your so called 'predictable' outfits.
ninasayshello said…
JC litas can really add spice to any laid back outfit. wish i had your shoes! hahaha great outfit!
Love the clutch!

Thx again for stopping by my blog...hope to see you back again soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog
Janelle Moran said…
so sunny... nice shoes and necklace, :D
Janelle Moran said…
so sunny... nice shoes and necklace, :D
don't worry you lokk great in shorts. :) and i'l' be definitely waiting for your dress post. :)

hope you could visit my blog again. :)
you look great in shorts, dont worry. :) i'll be waiting for your dress post! :)

hope you could visit my blog again. :) thanks!
Shasie said…
i need to get a bold bright colored shirt

Live Life in Style
Cute shorts dear! Don't worry, I'd totally show off those Litas too if I had one! :)


Anonymous said…
great outfit!!
Ysh ♥ said…
Love your top!
Thu Nguyen said…
Love your shoes to the max!!! x
Jadore-Fashion said…
Love the strip and colors!


Your outfit spells S U N S H I N E! I love it! -Mar
PAPS said…
Thanks for stopping by in my blog. Lovely shoes and clutch.
minnja said…
You're looking lovely :)


Hope you like to enter my giveaway!

Hazel said…
you're a sight to behold on this kind of weather.. anyone will instantly feel a dash of light when they see you because of that bright yellow top ;) anyway, i miss your posts sarah!! :)

Love the taupe and yellow combination!:)
Aya said…
The outfit is great, & I'm loving the shoes :) xoxo
Nicola said…
i like your look!
janie said…
love the yellow stripes and the clutch! :)
Emily said…
This is such a cheerful-looking outfit! I adore the yellow and white stripes. The color looks great paired with that amazing clutch!