What I Wore Today: H. Hughes

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of you out there who continue to support my blog. Second, I would like to apologize if I haven't been able to visit your blogs as often. My schedule has been really crazy, add to that a really really bad broadband connection which makes it almost impossible to do anything online. Word of advice, if you're in the San Juan area, do not, by all means, get Sun Broadband. They used to be alright but for the past two months, their service has been REALLY bad. I'm switching to Sky Broadband but I need to buy a wifi router first, hopefully this weekend. So til then, I ask much patience from you.

Anyway, this is what I wore a few days ago when we took our daughter to see Kung Fu Panda in Rockwell. Have you seen it? It's sooo funny! :)
I bought this blazer from Rosanna Aranaz at the Bloggers United bazaar for only P150! I love it, it's gonna be a travelling staple for me since it doesn't wrinkle and it looks really good with everything. Dennis said this look kinda reminds him of Katherine Hepburn's tomboy-ish style hence the title H. Hughes (Howard Hughes).
vintage jacket, vintage scarf, vintage top, sass and bide jeans, juan lace up wedges

I'll be featuring more of what I bought at the BU bazaar in the next couple of posts. I wasn't able to take a "haul style" photo cause I wore them right away. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

ps. I'm accepting orders for maxi skirts in a plethora of colors. Email me at eggplantchronicler@gmail.com for fabric swatches and other info.

live green.


Shasie said…
I totally love that jacket!

niknok said…
i love ur scarf!!

Aya said…
Nice find! :DDD Will be seeing Kungfu panda this weekend :D
lala said…
nice outfit!! :)

Michelle said…
I love Kung Fu Panda 2! So funneh!
I love your outfit!!
I love Rosanna Aranaz!

So much love!
i like your shoes...
Anonymous said…
totally love your look <3

sweet and sugars,
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love those lace up wedges! :)

Unknown said…
love the blazer..that shoes are yummy..thanks for visiting my blog.

I love love love the scarf and the jacket! How is Kung Fu panda?
Follow you back!
really love the shoes ! we have similar ones
xx the cookies
share the feeling <3 visit
What Sadie Did said…
Great blazer, I can see why it will be a staple!! and i love your lace up wedges too :)

Sadie x
Divina Joy said…
Love that outfit. Lovely blazer you have there.
I hope to watch Kung Fu Panda this weekend. I'm using Sun Broadband and it works for me.
The Perpetrator said…
your shoes are so cute and look super comfy! :D
The Cat Hag said…
I wanna watch Kung Fu Panda 2!!

Hehe, I watched the first one, and it was hilarious!

You look so gorgeous yet comfy sweetie. :)

The Cat Hag
Well... You have a lovely smile that goes with your lovely outfit {:

Sun Broadband is sucky so you're switching to Sky Broadband? LOL! Oh the irony of Internet providers. Thank God that my Internet connection is descent enough!

Wait, so I'm guessing that you live i the Philippines? Grrr! I want to go there to buy clothes! I was informed that it was pretty thrifty over there.

Love the blazer! It looks great with your outfit! I hope you get better broadband soon- how frustrating! Enjoy the weekend and good luck with the maxi skirt orders!
Laura said…
amazing outfit! you look beautiful!

I love your jacket!! You're totally right, it goes with everything! :)

Anonymous said…
Those shoes are adorable!!!
That blazer is fantastic---you look so effortlessly chic!
Unknown said…
now that i've seen you in person all i can ever think was how tiny all your clothes must be. hahahaha. supah cute!
Anonymous said…
You look fantastic.. I really love your style.
take care,
Ria Stein said…
Great shoes!! xx http://www.indie-and-fashion.blogspot.com/
@denise: lol, crazy! :)
Caro P. said…
Hi Sarah!
sorry my lack of comments lately... had a big marketing test this week!
So happy to visit your blog again! Love that blazer, i would wear it 24/7!
Big kiss!
Iris said…
love the shoes. where did you get them?