What I Wore Today: Half A Dozen

We just reached the half dozen mark. Last June 7, me and Dennis celebrated 6 years as a couple. Due to our schedules, we didn't get to celebrate 'til last Friday. We're not big on dates (the calendar type) so we always miss our anniversary and only realize it's passing the month after. We haven't been able to celebrate for the past 4 years! Thankfully, this year, we both remembered. Time flies so quickly when you're having fun!

This year, we decided to have dinner in Gulliver's since we haven't been back in so many years and their prime rib is really to die for. Dennis ordered a steak bigger than his face and I ordered the Sea Bass which is a favorite steak alternative of mine since I don't eat beef but unfortunately, they totally butchered it and it was really hard to swallow. Good thing I had some Clam Chowder before my main because I would've been extra disappointed and hungry have I not.

After dinner, we headed over to the Backdoor Blues Cafe to show some support for our friend who was having a gig their that night and afterwards, to Route 196 to meet more friends. This is what I wore for "date night":

Thanks for the lovely photos JB! Too bad I forgot to take photos with the Route crowd that night.

mesh top from summersault layered over black DIY camisole paired with black DIY maxi skirt
(to order maxi's email: eggplantchronicler@gmail.com)
Jessica Simpson Dany's and really old Balenciaga motorcycle bag.
I just realized that I need a lot more "bad-ass" accessories in my life...shopping alert! hehe :)

"What I Wore" photos taken in Route 196, the rest are at the Backdoor Blues Cafe

Dennis and Lana's Niko :)

Yes, blogger's unite! My super stylish friend and blogger, Lana of Hautepot. Visit her page, it's their on my right rail :)

Our friend's playing their set. Lovely music from the Stones, the Doors, etc.

Me and Donya Ga:

Donya Ga and her beau, Pat:

Nino and long fellow, Russ Davis:
russ davis, nino mendoza
We ended up heading home at about 5:30am and woke up with a really bad hangover but a happy realization that six years was a cinch and a blast. Now, it's time to look forward to forever and always which shouldn't be a problem at all.

Have a great Sunday!

still accepting orders for my maxi skirts, please trackback for color swatches or email: eggplantchronicler@gmail.com


Michelle said…
Happy Anniversary you guys!!!

What fun way to celebrate your annivesary too!! :D
Christine B said…
congrats on your anniversary! :) so sweet! thanks for commenting on my blog :) i love how chic your outfit is! :)

Catch said…
thanks. you look great too!

Unknown said…
happy anniversary to you lovebirds! you both are so bad-ass!
DeBi said…
Happy Anniversary!!

cheers to 6 years and counting!
mestizay said…
Happy Anniversary!!!!:)
oomph. said…
happy anniversary! i love the look with the sheer top over the maxi. i recognize lana :)

Aki No Yuutsu said…
happy anniversary! love your top!
Anonymous said…
happy 6th anniversary :)

im sorry about what happened to your sea bass. its my favorite fancy thing to order too and i hate it when its served un-fabulous!

you look great! i love the sheer top.
Unknown said…
Happy Anniversary! I love your top!
Anupriya DG said…
Hey! Happy Anniversary you guys!! It's great to know that you've so effortlessly sailed through 6 years of togetherness.......wish you many more such wonderful years together!!! :)
waah happy anniversary!! belated! my hubby and I just celebrated our 4th year yesterday :) Love how you and your husband have been together for 6 years! wow..amazing :) stay strong!!

Always love loose outfits on you!:D
Mary Ann said…
Congrats to u both,=)
thank you so much for the well wishes! :)
@ava: we're always like a few weeks apart, athan and nikola's birthday and our anniversaries! hehe :)
✿Sie✿ said…
hello Ms.eggplant galing galing naman and you always look stunning..Happy anniversary po :)
Haha, my parents ALWAYS forget about their anniversary! (And it's been 18 years - sheesh!)

You look AMAZING. Love the shape of your top.

Shopgirl Jen said…
happy anniversary! love the whole outfit! new follower here! :)
Issa said…
happy anniversary! :)
Estelle said…
You look beautiful and really pull off that maxi skirt! Congratulations on your anniversary- what a testement to your relationship. All the best guys!

x x x

Kristie said…
Happy Anniversary!! I wish you two the best! :)
mikenbecca said…
Congrats to you guys! Kami, 7 years namin this year :-)
Love this look! That handbag is fabulous, and it definitely looks like you had a fun time!