What I Wore Today; JC Fix

Who was able to see the lunar eclipse last night? I was so excited, remember the telescope we got Nikola for her birthday? So we set that up, got everything ready, then towards evening, we looked for a perfect spot to view the moon from our windows...no moon. It was on the other side of the building. Perfect, so we just looked at the stars. haha. But this got me all stimulated. Add to the excitement a text message I got from SM saying that my LITAS, yes my LITAS are going to be ready for pick up today at Fashion Forum. They shouldn'e text people with shoe addictions about shoes just before bedtime. More so anything JC!

Needless to say, a had a hard time sleeping. I couldn't stop thinking about black or taupe, black or taupe. So what do you guys think? A black Lita or a taupe Lita? I even had a dream about the bloody shoe and I woke around 5:30 am sweating.

The dream? Despite my reservation, they sold both pairs by the time I got there. As I was about to leave, the salesgirl called my attention and told me they had new stocks that were being released just right that moment. When I looked, it was a sort of hybrid snakeskin+fur lita with a sculpted heel. I think I can design shoes in my dreams. Hahahaha!

I just hope they're worth all the hype cause I am seriously going broke already.

And my machine's getting fixed today :) They're just changing the belt which is only like P20 but I have to pay an extra P300 for labor!

Another necklace I got from Shang, my favorite I think, it's a faux lacquer black elephant with gold and "diamonds".

I leave you guys with this question: Black or Taupe?

I'm leaning towards taupe cause I'm short and I was thinking that it might elongate my legs more. The black ones kinda remind me of my Dany's but they are still just really gorgeous in their own right. What do you think? :)

See you all later at Fashion Forum! I think it's gonna be like a blogger meet. Hahaha!


Unknown said…
Taupe! Since it's nude it'll go with everything as well. I like the heel too. :)

xo Nicole
Chyrel Gomez said…
love the black lita's since i'm a loyalista naman talaga for black. i really want a pair of this shoes but i have no such luck in ordering in solestruck cause it's always sold out.

i haven't been blogging again as usual pero i always get to visit your blog first everytime. haha! :)
HEHE! They're called Lita's over there in the Philippines? I like the black one since I like how it goes with everything. Anyway... I think you didn't get to see the moon... right? I was so excited that there was going to be another eclipse, but to find out that it was going to be on the other side of the world :[ so... i was bummed out about it. hahah!

@chyrel: i know, you're so sweet! if you want, you can send me the money and i can ship it to you if they have stocks pa, it's only P5995 in SM :)
Meri said…
sexy shoes! I vote taupe but thats because I love that color for a shoe :)
Caro P. said…
Tell me about it... we had the crappiest of the weather today, all stormy and foggy! i was so excited about the eclipse but at the end i couldn't even see the building in front of mine!
U made me laugh so hard with your lita's dream... im sure i would have gone through the same thing! And yeah... it sounds like your are a badass shoe designer back in Morpheo's Land!
Go for the taupe ones! i can imagine those with some black leather pants! awesome! :D
Kookie B. said…
I saw the lunar eclipse! But it wasn't red as I expected it to be. It was actually bright....unusually blindingly bright. But the cloud surrounding the moon looked like it was "bleeding"!

As for the Litas, you can never go wrong with black. :)
D said…
Hmmmm... That is one hard decision to make. I'll go for black but the taupe one is kinda cute too!!! Oh my!

Btw, I bought a maxi skirt at f21 yesterday and it reminded me of you and your maxi outfits, so I'm calling it my Ms. eggplant skirt. LOL. Will post it on my blog soon! :)
sugar sugar said…
taupe! :) you probably have a collection of black shoes by now so go for taupe since it's also very wearable. ;)
@kookie: wow, that must've been awesome, did you take a pic? :)
@daphne: lol, so cute of you! i can't wait to see :)
Very cool skirt and necklace.
I vote for taupe for sure. They will go with everything.


Michelle said…
Definitely taupe! :-)
i love what you're wearing.
Aileen Kim said…
lol...the shoe dream made me laugh! I am partial to the taupe one.
Anonymous said…
You look beautiful... as always!
Take care,
Aya said…
The labor fee is WAAAAY MORE expensive than the actual thing na kailangan ipagawa eh no? Hahaha tsk tsk

And now I'm broke too! And I go for taupe! :)
hope the fashion forum was fun!!:) and i personally love the black one..but taupe..para maiba :)

gorgeous skirt!
Maeve Rachel said…
Love your outfit! The colour of your top is gorgeous =)
Becky said…
I love the pattern on your maxi skirt! Super cute!
Unknown said…
I love the taupe! They are so gorgeous and I definitely agree that they would help elongate your legs :)

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