Katherine Hepburn Style: Color Block Maxi

Wore this to a dinner in HEAT a few days ago. I believe this would be a better interpretation of Katherine Hepburn's style.

I am wearing all my favorites in this post, my favorite orange maxi skirt which you can now order from me :), my julia louie aldos, mum's vintage clutch, and the blazer I bought from Rosanna ( thank you so much dear, it's getting a lot of mileage from me)!

I have been busy these past few days working on maxi skirt orders and some for myself. Really excited about a Missoni inspired skirt that I just finished last night and a convertible leopard print maxi skirt I'm planning to work on after I'm done with this post.

My favorite photo of all time, I think. New FB profile pic! haha :)
I just got a whole new bunch of color swatches for the maxi skirts, if you'd like to order one for yourself, feel free to email your inquiry to eggplantchronicler@gmail.com

Thank You! Good Day :)

live green.


Michelle said…
I love your outfit!!! It's so cute! I don't think I can sport the same outfit though. =))
Kariza Cruz said…
Oooh maxi skirt <33 i really love it! If I could wear it everyday of my life. Haha it's so comfy eh :)

and btw, nice color! :)
lala said…
love the maxi! <3

Shasie said…
Love the color of the maxi dress, fun color-block

Live Life in Style
Anonymous said…
Your maxi skirt makes you look even taller I guess :)
Andrea said…
awesome look!
Aki No Yuutsu said…
great color combination!
Unknown said…
i saw this look on your facebook fan page i think. or parang may na tag na friend ko. either way it is a very very cool look. love that pop of colour:)

hope to meet you the next time im in manila!

Anonymous said…
Crazy about maxi dresses
good choice
Anupriya DG said…
Oooh!! Loving that cobalt & burnt orange together!
riestya said…
thank you <3

love the outfit :)
esp i love the maxi <3
looks good on you :D

oomph. said…
great skirt...love orange and blues together. the last picture is a good one...def good for the profile!

Hanna said…
amazing outfit! that blazer is so fab! and love the combination of the orange and the blue!

Alina said…
Beautiful look!Love the skirt and the blazer!xoxo
ModeKarussell said…
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I like your tribute to Katherine Hepburn! Lovely outfit!
Love that maxi on u!!
Love the color combination! you look so chic!
Fashion Mom said…
you look wonderful with that long skirt and the pictures are so pretty x
disco in moscow said…
awesome look, dear! xoxo

Unknown said…
love the skirt!!! excited to see the leopard skirt :)
Gorgeous skirt! I love the colors here!
Ashley said…
You really are chanelling Katherine Hepburn in that outfit! I love your blazer, too:) xx
paislea said…
i love the color of that skirt! it's just toooo cute!!

Fede said…
lovely outfit, are you really from manila, i've been in your country in february and it's so wonderful.
following you
@fede: hi, yes im really from manila. thank you, glad you enjoyed our country. do you have relatives here? :)
Dane said…
That outfit is gorgeous. Nothing like a maxi skirt, to dress up or down. Seriously.

iryn said…
I love your outfit and that blue top / blouse.The color's poppin out really good :)
Melissa said…
I'm loving this orange maxi skirt! I want one!!! :) Following...xxx