What I Wore Today: The King

I love Elvis Presley so when I saw this men's shirt with an Elvis logo printed across the front, I immediately grabbed it, more so because it was in gold :)

This was taken last Sunday. Nikola has been sleeping over my mom's house since Friday, all me and Dennis were supposed to do last Sunday was to exchange some faulty e-cigarette cartridges then pick up Nikola from mum's. When we got there though, she wanted to sleep another night so we decided to take advantage of the situation and go out. Again. Since we have fully recovered from the baddest of the bad hangover yesterday, we were ready to go at it again.

But first, I had to get me some "bad-ass" accessories from Shangri-La, which I forgot to take photos of, nevermind, you'll see them here sooner or later. :) After a little shopping and dinner in Shang we decided to have a few drinks in Fat Mike's but our friends were watching The Hangover 2 in Rockwell so it was just the two of us (D didn't feel like watching a film). After awhile we got bored and decided to check out Irie Sundays at the collective where I had a nice chat with Papa Dom's wife. I really like her a lot. Also caught up with some other friends there. After watching a few bands, we transfered to Handle Bar for more drinks and some Chili Fries (have you tried it?) SO GOOD! Our "Hangover" friends met up with us there too. Had some more drinks, played a little billiards (which I totally suck at) and just hung out. Then, (I'm already tired just writing about it again) we headed back to Fat Mike's for more drinks and that's where we finally called it a night. Whew!

very, very casual. good thing I had a black blazer with me which I wore over this at some of the bars.


Michelle said…
The last photo is soo cute! I love your outfit!! Especially the shorts! :-)
I agree..cute last photo!:) And your look is effortless chic!:)
Caro P. said…
So happy im back visiting your blog again! I was away for a few days...
Looks like u had an awesome weekend! Love that fucsia short, the color is beautiful!
Unknown said…
im not a fan of pink but i like your shorts!
DeBi said…
im not a fan of pink also but your shorts are cute
Anonymous said…
You look so cute!
Have a wonderful Monday!
Take care,
Marella said…
Loooove the sorts! <3
Helen said…
Love the uber heels! And the pink shorts are super cute and cool
Roxanne said…
LOve your look, very very casual and effortlessly chic :)

ninasayshello said…
i love your look! the last photo is so cute!
The Cat Hag said…
Sounds like it has been a fabulous few days!

Love the outfit, especially the shorts. :)

The Cat Hag
Bel said…
Oh wow you look gorgeous!! Love those hot pink shorts :)

<3 Belly B
theversastyle said…
I love the leopard bag!

Wow, what a busy night! Love your shorts dear!


Sweet said…
I love your pink shorts...and you look so hot...looks like you enjoyed with your big smile my dear!!!

Aya said…
Love the outfit, your shoes are fabulous! xoxo
Mommy Jes said…
i love the outfit sis! hope you visit my fashion blog too here www.mameeandmefashion.com

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Anonymous said…
I love your shoes! ...and yes, I agree with the above commenters, the last photo is so cute! :)

Unknown said…
I loooove your shoes! They make your legs look super long :D And ditto to all the other comments - the last photo is really cute!
you are effortlessly beautiful! i love this outfit. cute and chic!!
Anonymous said…
I love Elvis too! He was as dreamboat :) Cute outfit!!
Shasie said…
Aww you guys are adorable, love the pink shorts

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