What I Wore Today: Knits

I was pleasantly surprised at how well these photos came out considering the state I was in last Saturday. I just pulled things out of my closet with similar colors. Sometimes things work out best when you least expect them to. :)
One of the necklaces I scored during my recent shopping trip in Shang, I have 2 more to show you :) Also wearing a ring from that haul but I forgot to take a close-up photo, oops!

I have been neglecting my blog lately more so than usual and I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't been able to visit yours as much. I have been sewing day in and day out. Gotta pay for those bills. I guess my machine got tired cause last night at around 1 am, the belt finally snapped while I was sewing another skirt :(

I called already to have it serviced but they're not coming 'til tomorrow. Which I guess is okay, since maybe if my machine broke down on me, it means, I need a break too. Gotta clean up the house and get Nikola school-ready since it's her first day today.

It was spewing orange speckles all over me and the floor. The belt around the round white thing is supposed to be all orange rubber, see how bare it got? hehe. Dennis has been telling me to slow down and have it checked first but the typical Sarah wanted to wait for it to conk out and see what happens.

Hi ho hi ho hi ho hum...have a great work week :)

live green.


Missy said…
OMG! I love your shorts!
Anonymous said…
Love your crotchet shorts! Scalloped hem as well, so cute xx
JanandJill.com said…
Those shorts are so cute and I really like the necklace it's so unique. You look so cute, hopefully that gets fixed soon, that sucks :) Have a nice week

D said…
WOW! The shorts I love. Oh and I saw your bag at Accessorize, It's on sale 30% off. I want it so bad!!!! :)
@daphne: really? now i feel bad... should've waited! hehe, was afraid it was gonna be sold out and not go on sale. go get it na, sayang :)
Pammy said…
Such a cute outfit. The shorts are really cute. :P
D said…
I'll be going back tomorrow for it. :) Now I know why you fell in love with that bag. It's just precious! :)
Unknown said…
is your short crochet? and your cardi. its awesome! xx

refreshing saaarrraahhh weee :))
Michelle said…
Looove your outfit!! :-D

And I agree you seem like you really deserve that break. :-)
Yna Amores said…
I love the necklace! It's from yhansy right? I always visit that shop too they have a lot of cute accessories! I just want to ask where did you get those shoes? I've been planning to buy a lug-soled wedge boots. :)
Hautepot said…
Those shorts are so cool :) where'd you get them?
Issa said…
nice outfit! love the shorts!
@ynaamores; yup yhansy, super love that place. almost all my accessories are from there. i got the shoes in janylin. they're the most comfortable ever! cheap lang, i think less than 2k by juan :)
daphne: ikr?? im still in love with it even now :)
@wickermoss: hahaha, purga na ba sa maxi skirts??? lol :)
@liya: yup, they're both crochet :)
@lana: i got them on sale in summersault for only P250 can you believe??? i should've gotten the ones in black too ages ago but i thought it made my pubic area bakat. hahaha! then i realized, i could just pull them down a bit! stupid!!! hahaha
wow! its nice to see you in shorts this time. :) I love how you combined different styles,texture,and colors of knits! :) its totally unexpected and its works so well on you! :)

Love this easy weekend ensemble of yours. You're right, sometimes things fall into place when we least expect it :) Go easy on the sewing and the sewing machine hahahaha!
@mikka: i know! it's absorbed a lot of my frustrations these past few days! hahaha :)
I love these shorts and the necklace!
It's a pity for the sewing machine hope it works now!
Janelle said…
very cute outfit!

hope your machine gets fixed soon...
AlbeeLucky said…
I love the different shades of grey to this outfit + the crochet shorts rock.
Hollie said…
thumbs up for this outfit! I really love your knitted blazer.
Helen said…
The shorts are seriously fabulous!
Gertrude said…
The cardi is so cute :)
ghoent said…
beautiful shoes you have! =) hope your machine gets fixed asap! but for the mean time, yes have a well deserved break. =)
that cardigan is lovely! xx
Courtney Erin said…
Love the outfit - the shoes are great!

xoxo ~ Courtney
Anupriya DG said…
I want those shorts! I want those shorts!! I want those shorts!!!

AND I've got my eyes on that necklace too! :)
Your shorts are so adorable! I hope everything is alright with you now, and hope Nikola had a great first day of school! That's always so exciting :)

sorelle in style
Susan said…
lovely shorts! :)
t said…
Super cute outfit!

Stacey said…
Love your outfit :) Looks so pretty, especially liking the shorts!

Stacey xx
ohsuzy said…
I love your shorts & shoes! :)
laura said…
This is a great outfit. I love the subtle difference in tones :) and those shorts! they're just lovely!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Andrea said…
you look fab..love the shorts!
Anonymous said…
I'm absolutely dying over your shorts! Love love love!



How adorable are those shorts. Love them. Also loving the geometric necklaces.
oomph. said…
those shorts are so cute...love the whole mix of textures. good luck with all that sewing!!

ninasayshello said…
im love your shorts! whered you get
GretchTM said…
Your outfit is really cute! It looks so comfy too!
@ninasayshello: got them on sale in summersault :)
yOka said…
lovely shorts

Chyrel Gomez said…
Sometimes things work out best when you least expect them to.

ahh! which means, we shouldn't really put a lot of effort or expect too much cause sometimes things just fall into place.

love the wisdom in this entry and you got great maxi's. :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
btw, i really love your shorts! :)
Caro P. said…
I think there is nothing in your outfit i dont like... im loving every single piece!
Looks incredibly comfy but chic at the same time!
btw... those light blue tones look great on u!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your nice words on my blog!

I LOVE your blog and I'm definitely a follower now!

Those knit shorts you are wearing are so adorable! In fact, the whole outfit is so adorable!

Good luck getting your sewing machine fixed :) I know now how that feels!
Unknown said…
i love your shorts!
Shasie said…
I love those shorts girl! So cute

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