What I Wore Today: Lazy Ass

I haven't been in the mood to dress up lately, I just feel like veggin out on the couch. I couldn't even put down this tub of ice cream for my outfit post cause we were in a rush to head out and I wanted to finish my ice cream before leaving and there was no time to do both separately. Have you tried Big Scoop's Strawberry Ice Cream? It's really good, reminds me of Coney Island's.

Anyway, this is what I wore to go fabric shopping....
my 2nd favorite hat from Payless, (my ultimate favorite is my "freddy kreuger hat from topman), old t shirt, old shorts and cowboy boots from topshop.

Sorry about the really short posts lately, so busy sewing and cleaning. We still haven't found a replacement maid/yaya :(
Good news! I was so surprised and elated when I received a tweet about being featured on Shopcrazy.com. Love you Mikka and Leona. I'm soooo grateful. I must buy a round of drinks! :)
To view the entire article click this LINK or copy and paste this: http://www.shopcrazy.com.ph/2011/06/fun-fab-find-maxi-skirts-by-sarah-tirona/#more-11340

Thank you Jesus for all the blessings! :)

Hope you all have a nice day, great bed weather we're having today. Such a relief from all the humidity.

live green.


Aya said…
Hahaha I like it still! the shorts + the boots! :))
Shasie said…
Haha you are too cute and funny! Love the ice cream added in the picture and cute moccasin esk booties. Congrats on your feature

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✿Sie✿ said…
Nice Ms. Eggplant..pretty and trendy..I love to eat coney island ice cream when I was still on my high school days in Baguio City..but it was closed when the U.S. bases said bye bye hehehe..
APOL said…
ah the boots! *swoon.
Michelle said…
That is NOT what I look like when I am at my Lazy Ass mode! LOL

You still look very well-dressed!


Congratulations on the feature! :)
theversastyle said…
congrats on the feature! my lazy day outfit is a loose sweater or tee , shorts and cowboy booties =)

Lazy? Okay maybe a little but I love it either way! It works!


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D said…
I love it! The boots is love!!! :)
love the boots and the hat suits you so well x
DeBi said…
love the boots and shorts!
SunnyToast said…
Love the boots:)


your new follower hope you follow back:)
Hollie said…
I love this effortless look on you. so cool! and oh love the boots too!
Janelle said…
your outfit looks so comfortable and stylish too!
Unknown said…
love those boots x
Love the laid back outfit!


Anonymous said…
OMG...YOu look fantastic... I want all of your shoes!
Take care,
Bar said…
Ohh the boots are perfect. Love it:)
forever love your bag, sarah! and I dig the boots look with shorts!
Unknown said…
so casual and cool!

p.s ill be relying on your outfit posts for daily inspirations on what ill wear to school. :)
awww, thanks liezyl! that's so flattering and ka-pressure! hahaha :)
noone said…
soo cool that you were featured! congrats! and those are cute boots :D
Anonymous said…
sooo effortlessly chic! love your boots!

and congrats on the feature!

perfumed red shoes
Love your short boots and yey for strawberry ice cream, one of my fave flavors. :)
Hanna said…
you look so cute!! Love your outfit! the hat looks awesome on you!

Love your lazy vibe..boots are cool..xo

Cute outfit! Congrats on the article as well!
sugar sugar said…
love the boots! you always have amazing foot wear. :) the hat is also very stylish!
Claire M. said…
outfit! I love it ;)