What I Wore Today: Missoni

Well, not really, cause I can't afford and I totally suck at thrifting! Intsead, I'm wearing one of my DIY maxi's in a print that reminds me a lot of Missoni. So, who's been loving the weather lately? Raise your hands, can I hear a hell yeah? lol, I'm loving the recent bed weather and this outfit is just what I need to help me get my butt out of my bed cause it feels like an extension of my comforter! Just really warm, cozy and loose.

oversized textured top from summersault layered with a white tank, DIY "missoni" maxi, Mphosis bag

Another thing I love about maxi's they're so long, you never know what surprises may be hidden underneath:

I just thought I'd have fun with the bright red striped socks!

Guys, allow me a little shameless self promotion, somebody's gotta work to put the clothes on my back :)

Maxi skirts now available for sale at P900 each/$20. Choose from the myriad of colors below:

now also available in gray and baby pink :)

Interested parties may email their orders and inquiries to eggplantchronicler@gmail.com. I can customise length and waist according to your needs.

Have a nice day folks, today is the best day to snuggle! :)

live green.


Flo said…
super chic shoes ! love your dress

check out my new post dear

Michelle said…
Omg! How cute are those socks????

And actually, we came across the missoni inspired fabric as well and we use it to make bracelets at the online store! LOL

Check it out if you want something to match your skirt! LOL

D said…
Yay! I love you talaga!!! I'll order one soon!!! :)
@michelle; lol, we really are neighbors, might bump into you one of these days :)

@daphne: you always make me smile, you're such a darling :)
Ashley Rae said…
Great skirt! I'm totally in need of a new maxi skirt.

Super cute "Missoni" maxi! Thanks for stopping by! :)
looking fab as always!! love the print of this skirt!! i have way too many maxis ..but maybe i need one in a fun color.. hmm

Mary Ann said…
Lovely prints! ^^
As usual I envy the Maxi, ^^
Btw, get Cammie (from Shoe Etiquette) na Ms. Sarah, just got mine and super in-love n ako, ^^
sugar sugar said…
your socks are so cute! :) i love your outfit too! <3

i wonder if i can get away with maxi skirts? hmmm... you have such a tempting offer! :)
mestizay said…
ganduh your skirt! very MISSONI inspired talaga!

Ayis said…
Love maxi skirts!...and cute surprise underneath :-)

Roxanne said…
hi miss eggplant i love your DIY projects and you maxi skirt :)

it would really mean a lot to me if you could also come visit/follow my blog

btw: linked done :)

A Fine Balance said…
Just absolutely fabulous and what fierce shoes :)
Sloperation said…
Love the shoes and the skirt! great outfit :D
What a great pattern! Definitely Missoni inspired!
janie said…
Love the patterns. You look so effortless in your maxi outfits...have to try wearing them too!
Gosia said…
Shoes are amazing, and you look great in maxi skirt!
amy b.s. said…
so cute! i love the pattern!
Aya said…
I first heard about Missoni when it was featured sa ANTM. Hihi

I agree with Janie's comment! :D
Kat said…
beautiful skirt! :)

Caro P. said…
Oooh! those maxi skirts of yours! this missoni one is beautiful!
So sad we live so far from each other... shipping from Phillipines to Argentina most cost like 80$!
Those shoes are so cool btw!
Great look! I love it!
Jadore-Fashion said…
Fabulous shoes! You look great!


Leovi said…
What a fun, never expected to see below that these cocetines elegant skirt and those shoes platform.
Khlaren said…
I love your skirt omg <333 I don't think I can pull off wearing a maxi skirt lol but I gotta try soon!
Harija said…
cute outfit!

Neat post!

My Lyfe ; My Story

@MyLyfeMyStory on twitter
Valerie said…
I love that skirt! Will save up so I can order it. :) xx

theversastyle said…
nice skirt! love missoni or missoni inspired anything!

raising my hands ans screaming 'hell yeah' hahah yay for bed weather lol!

wanna order sis!! how now brown cow?:))

danda ng socks ang kyoot mo lang.
i love, love, love this outfit! i definitely get the missoni vibes from the skirt.
Shasie said…
I love this skirt! This might be one that I have to order!!

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