What I Wore Today: The Recycled Fashion Show

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine asked if I would be available to judge the annual fashion show of their company which would feature recycled fashion. Green + Fashion = Big enthusiastic yes from me.

This was one of those, "s*#t, I have nothing to wear as a judge moments", so I decided to keep it as low-key as possible so as not to steal the spotlight away from the catwalk but still exude a serious yet chic vibe...being a judge and all. (naks, feel na feel ang pagk- judge!)

and it was quite chilly that day, also had to kill time in Shang because I was color coding that day and you all know how cold it can get there
faux diamond dangling earrings, mens watch, old sweater, DIY black maxi, vintage clutch and Dany platforms
I have really been abusing my maxi skirts! I just love them sooo much and can't imagine life without them anymore!!!LOL! Good news, I am now accepting orders for my maxi skirts in all the colors you can imagine. Cheap too! If you wanna see the color swatches, just send me an email or tweet me :)
Here I am as a proud judge! :)
and on to some highlights of the show....
Honestly, I wasn't expecting much but when the first models came out, I was in awe of their creativity! They used trash found around the office to create these looks.
You'll see a lot of old re-fashioned bubble wrap, cd's, juice boxes, soda can tabs, trash bags and grocery bags. It's amazing what they were able to come up with!
There was a budding milliner in her group who created this headpiece made out of tin foil and leftovers from a broomstick!
Her accessories were made out of soda can tabs. This sweetheart gave me her cuff at the end of the show which I continue to use. It's cute :)
And the fairest "Becky"(gay) of them all...
actually, he/she was the only one, but he/she totally stole the show in his ensemble made out of three sacks of rice, vintage floral cut-outs from an old table cloth, a parasol made out of recycled grocery bags and a whole lot of attitude!
Needless to say, it was a hell of a fun experience and I look forward to next year! :)

For maxi skirt orders, just email: eggplantchronicler@gmail.com
I can customize the length according to your needs :)


Flo said…
You look great. We had a show like this in my old school and it was great. Beautiful.

Do check out my new post!
Chyrel Gomez said…
They're so creative! And, I love those dany shoes of yours. Haha! Your outfit is the winning moment. I really wanna try this kind of look but I would look like a potato sack.
Sloperation said…
Loved your outfit so laid back! The shows creations are so imaginative! I enjoyed the post a lot :)
Hautepot said…
Hey! This is Johncy's company right? Did he tell you I nominated you as a judge? If he didn't I'm gonna kick his ass! Nyahaha! I'm glad you were able to go!
Shasie said…
Wow looks like a cool show! I like how you didnt' want to outshine the looks, kind of like going to a wedding where you want to be fashionable, but not outdo the bride. LOL

Live Life in Style
Aya said…
Wow I like the tiara and the earrings made of soda can tabs!!! :D Very nice:)
lala said…
lovely outfit! <3
adorable top :)

Issa said…
this is cool! fun experience! nice outfit you got there! and the contestants are very creative indeed!
Claire M. said…
I love your outfit ;)
Michelle said…
Oh wow! In awe of the creativity!

And I loooove your outfit too! Simple chic! :)
simply chic, sarah!:) and wow you're getting a lot of judging gigs ah..love this though :)
Anonymous said…
I love your shoes!!
How much do you sell maxi skirts for?
niknok said…
i love the skirt!!! thatnks so much for dropping by my blog!


hi anonymous! :) maxi skirts are P900 :)
Andrea said…
you look great! love the pics :)
Becky said…
Love your outfit - especially the shoes!
The event looked like so much fun :)
Helen said…
What a fun experience for you! I think your outfit is perfect
Vanessa Mercado said…
great outfit! why do you look sooo good in a plain, old sweatshirt? i love the cuff made of soda can tabs! very creative!lol..anyway i loooove your blog! following you now..hope you visit my page too! pinay blogger here! kisses!

Janelle Moran said…
thank u for visiting my blog... I love your grey top and the long skirt... :D and the fashion show's really cool. :D
Unknown said…
one of the PE classes at school had a similar fashion show, so COOL!
Interesting !! Like it and share blog.