What I Wore Today: Same Shorts

Wore these shorts one last time before sticking them in the laundry...
That stain is from my wet hair:
Wore it with Mamita's old shirt that has polished hands printed all over it.

Woke up at around 5am from whistling winds and a really strong downpour. I saw a few sheets of metal from some roofs flying in the wind and the trees looked like they were going to be split in half. Definitely a sight to behold. I couldn't sleep well anymore after that. Good thing the weather has calmed down now. I hope everybody out there is safe and dry. Take care everyone!


JanandJill.com said…
These shorts look amazing on you. I really like distressed denim and you def have the legs to pull it off. Your shoes are great too!

Have a nice weekend

too cute!

-robots in trouble
Aya said…
I like the design of the shirt! :DDD
lovely shoes!!!

thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

looking forward to your posts! :) hope you could come visit again. :) thanks a lot! :)

*maybe you could follow me too if you find my blog interesting!:) thanks Pinay! Suportado! :)
Anonymous said…
hello beautiful.. tnx for visiting me.. nice to meet you.
Michelle said…
You're never taking your Litas off aren't you?
Michelle said…
You're never taking your Litas off aren't you?
Unknown said…
i love how you styled your Lita's!
Cherie said…
omg, your shoes! i want them!