What I Wore Today: The Smirk

None of my photos came out right this time around. I was half expecting them to be quite alright but after uploading them, I realized that I had this smirk in all of them instead of a normal smile. So just try not to mind the ugly face for now. :P

My multiply page is more or less done, you can visit it here: http://sarahtirona.multiply.com/. Hope this makes it simpler for you guys to order the maxi's, turbans etc. :)

That's all for now. My back is really killing me. Good Night :)


ghoent said…
your footwear's a mystery! =P
AVA T.♥ said…
yes, i agree, the footwear is a mystery! hehe love the bag and cover up!
Daphne said…
What ugly face? Still very pretty!!!
Aya said…
modniza said…
chic! love your clutch!xoxo
sugar sugar said…
the clutch is beautiful! where is it from?

i usually crop my head from pictures when i have a weird smirk on my face or just put a smiley LOL! x)
Love your clutch, its so cute :)

Love Christine ♥
you're not ugly. you're crazy :) that cardigan is so rad. very cool with the orange clutch!
Caro P. said…
C'mon! U r still pretty no matter the weird face in the pic! hahaha
Love the touch of bright colors u r giving to your looks lately!
@sugar sugar: i got it from sm when i picked up my JC's. i think it was only P499 :)
Rinny said…
I love your wide legged pants and the bright clutch! :)
Mikimoto Angel said…
You definitely rocked your outfit! I love the vest. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph
Sandy Joe said…
Collecting rocks! What a genius idea. I love your orange clutch, it is such a beautiful shade and shape.

x The Pretty Secrets
k come karolina said…
looove the bag!

xoxo from rome
And, I am wondering what shoes you are wearing???!!!
Reese Milania said…
I want that clutch! It's gorgeous!!!
Michelle said…
Where'd you get the cardigan!!! :-D
annette said…
ooo like the pop of color from the clutch!

@michelle: i made it :)
Lini Trinh said…
this look is just cool <3
Noelle Chantal said…
Love the pants so much! Suits your style. And the pop of color with that orange clutch, great contrast with the leopard top! :)

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