What I Wore Today: Vanilla Sky

None of the photos I took this day turned out right, it was terribly windy and I was afraid my hat was gonna be blown away. Speaking of hats, I've been wearing hats everyday lately. The sun has been really harsh and I'm afraid of pre-mature aging plus I think it really compliments the dandy bohemian in me. :)
I haven't really been in the mood to dress up so much because of the extreme humidity we've been experiencing lately. It's not hot but it's not cold either, just really damp and sweaty. Everything has a tendency to stick to your skin like glue made out of sweat.

Anyway, has anybody else noticed the recent changes in the sky's appearance? I've never seen it looking this way before. It seems so vivid, as if on HD, and the colors are getting really weird (though beautiful, but quite alarming). I think there's a tornado or hurricane waiting to happen in the near future. I'm seeing a lot of rain clouds amidst the heat and bright, clear sky. I think that's a recipe for disaster. I hope not.

I've been documenting the sky daily thru my window...
On to a lighter note, for those of you interested in ordering maxi skirts, here are the fabric swatches for the colors I can make them in:
just email your orders to: eggplantchronicler@gmail.com
they're P900, freesize, but I can customize length and waist as per your request. Plus sizes are also available :)

Thanks for reading, Have a nice day :)

live green.


Honey Andrade said…
I waaaaaanttt!!! Babe how much is it? Please email me!! honeyandrade@yahoo.com

Mary Ann said…
I love the shades of Blue! ^^ am almost tempted to order one,^^ d ko nmn kc carry ang maxis,=((.
Shasie said…
I love these colors, what are your pricing options?

Live Life in Style
Michelle said…
I really really want the missoni but I don't have it in the budget yet. Soon, soon. =))

I loooove the skirt you're wearing! Did you make that too? :)
oomph. said…
our weather has been so weird...thunderstorms, then HOT. i can't stand to put anything on...i've resorted to basics like tees. great necklace!

Unknown said…
you do have awesome skirts!
Hi shasie, they're $20 each :)
Haze said…
You look amazing! I love the prints!

i love the leopard! how bout boho top using the leopard fab?
Anonymous said…
You look so fresh and beautiful--as always. That skirt style matches your personality: vivid and delightful.
Cherie said…
i thought i was the only one experiencing the humidity but you look fresh and very bohme with the maxi!
Unknown said…
i want!! your maxiskirts are soooo pretty:)

Hello Naka said…
i love your dress and hat :)
Anonymous said…
YOU look beautiful! Love it!
paislea said…
oooh! yes! how much do you charge for your skirts?!??!

allister bee blog
Divina Joy said…
Love your outfit... I like the "wind" effect, lovely..

I did not notice the sky though.. But I think that's a beutiful picture you have there.
Helen said…
This is a great summer look. I do love maxi skirts but don't feel like I can pull them off!
Caro P. said…
Love that skirt combined with that red tee, makes a very vibrant contrast!
btw... u say u r not in the mood of dressing up but your style is so effortless... u always look fresh and cool!
Caro :)
Hi Paislea: skirts are $20 +shipping :)
Alexa said…
pre-mature aging my butt! you look great :)

love the skirt, too! maxi skirts are a must over here.. it's waaaay too humid to wear skinny jeans!

alexa: LOL!!!! you made me smile, thanks! :)
Cai Sio said…
walang printed na colorful? :) I want one. I will email you.
Meream said…
Very summer-y boho chic! Haha
Best of luck with the orders, luv. :)