What I Wore Today: Woke Up With My Eyes Closed

I tried dressing up "blind" yesterday for fun. And for me, it was fun because I like being able to wear clothes out that feel like houseclothes and second, I know how to sew shorts now :D I made this pair from an old skirt. It's the first one I ever made and I was really excited about it. Loved the print and colors of this fabric but I wasn't really digging it as a skirt anymore so hello new tropical shorts! hehe

And the mystery shoe from my last post are still these Lita's. Been wearing them everyday since I got them. They are the comfiest pair of heels I own, too bad I'm too broke to return for a second pair. Maybe next re-order, hopefully.

So lately, I've just been working and working and working again to pay off all my debts. It's a vicious cycle and I've already accepted the fact that I will die with credit card debt! lol :P

Night Peeps! :)


Michelle said…
I want those shorts and I'm not even kidding. :|

Mary Ann said…
love the shorts! ^^

I've been looking for leather shorts...but zero results...will it be easy to DIY/sew from a pair of leather pants? can i just glue the hem?=)
the stamp short are so great!

You're hilarious! Yes it is a vicious cycle indeed :( Oh well, at least it gets you inspired to sew and sew and sew and just sew away! And before you know it, you can sew shorts!! Good one Ms. E!
belle said…
congrats on your first shorts! I wish I could wear my lita everyday...I've already scratch my other one after wearing it for only a couple of hours. hahaha..
ghoent said…
how i wish i could sew my own shorts/clothes too. but first, i think i need a sewing machine. lolwhatamisaying. =P
that's what i call a fashion statement !

-Robots in Trouble
Baya Casar-Sy said…
lovely! i wish I could really wear heels!!! :)

Anonymous said…
Too cute... and very creative. Awesome job!
take care,
Caro P. said…
Hey! love those mixing prints, look awesome! :D
I'd love to learn using a sewing machine and made my own clothes instead of having them made by a tailor!
oomph. said…
great idea to re-work that skirt into something useable! love the bright bag!

Janelle said…
accessories like nice shoes and a good bag make any outfit, even "pambahay" look stylish :)
A Fine Balance said…
I love your orange clutch!
i'm dying with my credit cards too hahahha...thanks for the tips in sewing my deary, expect for more bugging from me ha hehhe..kisses! btw:love your shorts!
Mxx said…
I love the title ... and I love your shorts. So cool and relaxed.
i get that happy vibe too! :) wow, you sew? aaw, jealous! :) did you learn by yourself? Great job with the shorts! :)

thanks for visiting by the way, I followed you! Hope you could come visit again. :)
The Cat Hag said…
I love your shorts, they are so cute and such a stand-out!

And they match your happy smile too. :)

The Cat Hag
Marcia B. said…
wow your shoes are so sickkkk! I love it. I am now following you! Love the blog name, so catchy!
ann: i guess you could try but i wouldn't 100% suggest it. i tried "no sew" to glue back together the under part of my leather couch, didn't exactly work like a dream, it kept coming off. maybe mighty bond? but the hardened glue might show through the surface. :S
Oh My! I love your shorts! :)

Love, Vanilla

Love the print on print look! And your shorts are fab, congrats on making them!


Fashnlvr said…
I love that orange handbag you have there! Adorable! Very cool that you reconstructed your skirt into shorts > that is an awesome skill!
Wish I looked that good dressing with MY eyes closed!!
I can't wait to see what you do with the Traveling Scarf!!
Shasie said…
I love the stripes and the print together

Live Life in Style
Anonymous said…
hi hun! how do i order JC Litas? Ive been looking over the net and can't find an info! Please getr back to me!