DIY Ombre Hair Tutorial

I have searched numerous online tutorials for ombre hair but I only chanced upon girls doing ombre to their Caucasian hair. Asian hair reacts very differently to hair products so I thought I'd post my "Asian Version".

Since we live in the P.I., it is quite difficult to come across highlighting kits but this Hair Bleach Powder from HBC does the job and if you read the back label, it is also used for highlighting.
What you'll need for this tutorial:
  1. old t-shirt you don't mind getting ruined.
  2. plastic mixing bowl
  3. applicator brush
  4. hair bleach powder
  5. oxidizing lotion
  6. hair clips
-you can find everything at HBC for less than P200 total.

Combine bleach powder and oxidizing lotion in a plastic bowl. Mix thoroughly with the other end of your applicator brush or a disposable plastic spoon. The end product will look like this:
light blue with a grainy texture similar to plaster of paris

Next, part your hair in the middle and secure with clips:
Give yourself a hard look in the mirror and eyeball where you want your ombre highlights to start. I suggest around the chin area. Grab the ends of your hair by section and paint on the bleach:
I suggest wearing gloves cause the bleach will hurt your hands, trust me!

The packet says leave on for 30 minutes. I left mine on for an hour but it still wasn't that light. If you're going after platinum, you must leave it for over an hour at your own risk. You may re-apply bleach during this waiting period in intervals. Let it process like so, being careful to keep away from the eye area.
After an hour, rinse thoroughly in the shower, shampoo then apply an intensive conditioner (I suggest doing this everyday for at least a week after dyeing). Blow dry and enjoy! :)
If you already have light color treated hair before doing ombre (like mine, I think my shade is Light Ash Blonde), the contrast will be more gradient and not as striking but I think it definitely still adds interest to the hair.

Follow my tips to the T and don't experiment with something else (like I did), I can't guarantee it'll work. I've already emitted and edited the mistakes I made on my hair in this tutorial so your results will pretty much be positive. Hope this was helpful to you :)


Baya Casar-Sy said…
hi! can you do a close up pic? so we could see the effect clearer. Tnx a bunch!
Mary Ann said…
i really wanna try it. How high do u think should be my ombre if my hair is upto my lower back/spine?
Estelle said…
Thank you for this tutorial! Very helpful....I think I will try get my hair ombre one last time using your tips :)

x x x
A N A G O N said…
Nagpapa ombre ako ngayon, wah galing! Though im not surr i ill get ombre na ombre talaga, but twotone hair is cool nadin ;) yey to fun hair!!:)
oomph. said…
i'm still afraid to try the bleach because my hair is already damaged! nice job!!

ghoent said…
bookmarked for future reference! thank youuuuu! =)
Issa said…
please post a closeup picture of the hair.. thanks for sharing your DIY Ombre :)
Unknown said…
Cool, I didn't want to do it by myself... Ngayon, medyo parang gusto ko na :D
Sam said…
I don't color my hair, but this is a great tutorial! Your hair came out great!
Unknown said…
you did well with your diy, sarah! kudos! when my hair grows i'll definitely do this look. maybe keep my intense red hair and have blonde tips. swak!

chic in the tropics
Janelle said…
wow, ombre-ing seems so complicated, it's so hard to do it properly and it looks weird if you don't do it right. can you post a head shot so we can see it better? :)
Honey Andrade said…
Ahlavet!! Cant wait to see your other pics with your new hair!! :D
krissy ♥ said…
I miss you Sarah! Can't wait to see your hair in person! ♥
Unknown said…
ohhhh love it. ako rin. wait! pahabain ko naman muna hair ko and still waiting na tumubo ulit mga buhok ko. you looked so pretty. love the new color.
Anonymous said…
NIce.i was thing about doing this to my hair..thx for the comment im following hope u do the same :)
t said…
Cool post!
You really did well on your hair, Ms. Sarah! :) You look beautiful!

Hzl said…
What kind of hairstyle is that on the second to the last photo? I want a haircut like that :D