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I'm sure you all know who Jane Aldridge is. She's the pretty face and wonder blogger behind Sea of Shoes.

Anyway, yes, I love her so much and I have always been a fan of her blog even before I started blogging myself. But this post is more about her new boots! I just have to have them in my life. Sooooo nice! Check them out:
ack, gorgeous!

all photos taken from Sea of Shoes
all Barbara Bui Boots
This is just a short post. Just wanted to share. I got so excited I couldn't keep it to myself :P

I updated this post with a little window shopping I did on Asian Vogue. There a a few similar pairs but none that really made my heart skip a beat. What do you think? I kinda fancy the second one though...

Thank god cheap versions are available to us by these awesome online shops!
hmmm...I also wonder if Mark R can create a custom pair for me. Does anyone know someone who does made to order boots? Real leather preferably :)


Pammy said…
I'm not into shoes or boots but that pair looks fab! I like the wedge shoes more though. :P
niknok said…
I love all those boots you've posted! i want the one with studded belt-looking thing around it! So badass! :P

The Niknok Style
Hollie said…
those are pretty. But I've never ever worn one of those. I've always been a flats girl..hehe
Michelle said…
The peep toe one is epic as well as the one below it! :-)
I love that first image, really beautiful.
Unknown said…
I love Jane Aldridge's blog! Sea of Shoes is so inspirational!

Agreed, her boots are too fab ;)

E said…
I wish! What I would do with such an option...that could be dangerous...
Jody said…
What a great selection!

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